Live Stream

Brevard Bond Court Live Stream

Monday through Friday: 1:15 pm ET
Saturday-Sunday, Holidays: 9:30 am ET
Plea Court: Wednesdays: 10:00 am ET
Periodically, juvenile court proceedings take place before jail initial appearance proceedings. This will delay the start time of the video stream until after all juvenile proceedings are complete.

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JAMZ says:

Hi, Does anyone know what time the court starts? Or has it already finished today (Saturday) Thanks guys!

Raynee says:

wOW i”m just not getting anything are they showing anything yet?

George says:

Jon, camera 1 is the defendant and the public defender. Camera 2 is the defendant and the public defender as well. Camera 3 is the judge. Camera 4 is the prosecutor.

Jon says:

I wish someone would explain which camera is which??? There are 4 and it is hard to tell who is who. Thanks,

George says:

But I wanted to hear his cell number!!!

Sophia Lorensky says:

Are there any police either male or female in the USA that weigh less than 300 pounds? I don’t think most of you americans even realize how FAT you are. Its disgusting,.

Laura says:

So proud you won’t even say what country that is. That’s okay, I’m sure it’s some dirty little third world euro hole where you pay people to do drugs just so they can’t forget how terrible their lives are for 20 seconds.

Sophia Lorensky says:

Laura , I live in the Netherlands, and am Ex American who tripled my income the day I left the USA to take a job overseas. That was in 1989, The dirtiest country of fascist police and FAT morons is the USA. Now take a hike, khunt. You are clueless. Go get your food stamps, LOSER!

jeff mccuen says:

the best part of your rant is that your an ex american

George says:

It’s all up to the town on how stringent the police officer’s physical exam is. Some towns and states are definitely lax on the physical condition of their officers. That’s part of the reason why you see so many people being tasered instead of tackled or physically subdued.

Jon says:

I wish cops had to pass physical agility test every 6 months… that might weed out all the fatties who could never run a 100yd dash without passing out. Apparently civil servants have a bunch of rights you and I don’t.

Sophia Lorensky says:

This is big business in the Useless Snakes. hahaha. and they call themselves a great country. too funny.

Lin says:

SOO in other words, you were a low life prostitute in the US, and went to Amsterdam to be a scum legally? nice.. BTW, my son is an officer, he is 22, fit and a wonderful man, just as are all the others that serve with him, you are awful,

Sophia Lorensky says:

Are you kidding me? Prostituion is legal in my country. What a total sham the USA is.

Phil Sortino says:

As I watch and listen the judge seems more than fair but the state,aka Mr.Bailey, wouldn’t give his own mother a brake.

Andrea Hand says:

I see Court is in session, but keep getting an error message while attempting to watch?

Cathryn Lea says:

Brevard has problems right now. Intermittent video and audio.

marci says:

I wish Leon County had first appearances online

marci says:

I am in Tallahassee, ( at work) watching this off and on all day… love it

Superdeano says:


Mary says:

My all time favorite Judge in Brevard!

dennis says:

this is real tv forget all reality shows


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