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Jodi Arias Live Tweet Contest

Hey trial junkies, you’ve seen @wildabouttrial‘s take on the #jodiarias trial, now show us yours! We’ll send our favorite tweets an awesome Wild About Trial mug from now until the end of the Jodi Arias trial! All you need to do is be creative and include the hashtag #wildabouttrial in your tweet! Good luck. All winners will be announced here.

Winners for 2/14:

@zou2 “When cases is over Jurors will be making claims against AZ for PTSD and emotional abuse for having to listen to#JodiArias #Wildabouttrial”

@MichaelCapelle “totally looking into getting into law, I, definitely am #wildabouttrial”

Winners for 2/19:

@Trial__Junkie “Its amazing how much the vision of #jodiarias has deteriorated over the past 4 years but her memory remains totally intact #wildabouttrial”

@BigHutch1983 “@WildAboutTrial Would love to have a WAT mug to have coffee and watch #wildabouttrial ! Great way to start every day.”

Winner for 2/20:

@jellybean551932 “#jodiarias is so very thoughtful not wanting her blood to drip on cellmate below- awwww!! #actress #wildabouttrial”

Winner for 2/21:

@SarcasticSensei “@elizabetherwin #WildAboutTrial #JodiArias Mom more likely working a sudoku as daughter’s ship is sinking quickly”

Winner for 2/25:

@ariastrialwatch “My objection to Nurmi’s leg on the table continues to get overruled. #wildabouttrial photocredit: @WildAboutTrial

Winner for 2/27:

@Jingasaurus “In other news, the town of Yreka has been re-named YFreaka in honor of its most famous resident #jodiarias #wildabouttrial”

Winner for 2/28:

@RaiderJenn @WildAboutTrial exclusive! I just happened to snap a pic of Nurmi’s notes for today. #JodiArias #wildabouttrial

Winner for 3/4:

@CherylFlores_ Breaking News! Jodi Arias gives jury the finger…it is just as crooked as she is…follow trial @WildAboutTrial #wildabouttrial

@croftoness #wildabouttrial Somehow I don’t think Jodi Arias is Making it in America.

Winner for 3/5:

@cewerdt Coffee brewing and #JodiArias on the stand. Only one thing missing here: My #wildabouttrial coffee mug!

@azmatthews @WildAboutTrial I think you should start calling it Barely Live Streaming. These people are nearly catatonic. #JodiArias #WildAboutTrial

@kiwig1rl @WildAboutTrial yes this trial has certainly liberated the US vocab more than 50 Shades has lol. #wildabouttrial

Winner for 3/13:

@offendall Got my 3 gas cans, car full of fuel and getting ready to throttle through the #jodiarias #trial #wildabouttrial.

Winner for 3/18:

@AdamantineGirl Preoccupied w/winning a WAT mug…oh those pesky 5th grade insecurities…why cant I be clever enough!!?? #WildAboutTrial

Winner for 3/19:

@tani010668 yay look Michael I got my own WAT Mug I hope you feel a lil sorry for me :) #wildabouttrial

Winner for 3/25:

@Schnoffle1 #hln takes wayy too many breaks! I only watch trial on #wildabouttrial. Plus i like the updated tweets.

Winners for 4/2:

@SryGirl420 The only thing that would shock me now, would be if the #jodiarias Trial was an elaborate April Fools Day prank! #WildAboutTrial

@Envyblu love love loving #wildabouttrial, you are my HERO…

@keegerava come on come on, pffft, mistrial, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! #wildabouttrial #JODIARIAS

Winners for 4/3:

@BeautyGala Juror No 5 is now watching your feed and trying to win herself a WAT mug. #predictions #WildAboutTrial

@dawn22211 Don’t forget about my headstand! It gave me a #Jodiarias Headache!! LOL #WildAboutTrial

Winners for 4/8:

@flame77 Please bring this lady a WAT mug today… & make sure it’s got some coffee in it!!! #wildabouttrial

@AmericaninPerth I wonder if the #jodiarias jury went home and watched Snow White over the weekend.. Would that be against the admonition? #wildabouttrial

Winner for 4/9:

@aellertson if i were anymore #wildabouttrial about #wildabouttrial I would be put in a zoo where they keep wild #wildabouttrial people

Winners for 4/10:

@TropicalChicTx #wildabouttrial is giving away a tweet mug?! just answer YES or NO please! Judge?? Judge, not responsive!

@Just_Me1965 You know your addicted to #wildabouttrial when you have a browser window open dedicated to JUST #WildAboutTrial tweets! #jodiarias

Winner for 4/11:

@edlabarre I still think that since u r such am important part of this trial u should be allowed in chambers. #wildabouttrial

Winner for 4/12:

@NeilsenBrenda I know I’m #wildabouttrial when I wake up 5 times at night, grab pen &paper to write down tweets about #wildabouttrial!!

Winners for 4/15:

@annarritola I hope you don’t feel used. You’re so much more than a tweeter with a heartbeat to your fans! #wildabouttrial #jodiarias

@mrsstamand you can have mine #WildAboutTrial

Winner for 4/22:

@psw9259 hwell now, looks like hwild is all set! Bet you can’t hwait to hwheel into court tomorrow..#wildabouttrial #jodiarias

Winners for 4/23:

@geokaren wow, you stayed in a hotel, with a broken appendage, just to bring us the trial? I need to send YOU a mug. #wildabouttrial

@BattlestarNY I heard People Magazine is naming the Arizona Seal the sexiest seal alive in their next issue #jodiarias #wildabouttrial

Winner for 4/24:

@NiteTrain_6 thats the second story youve told about your brankle,you gonna come clean hWild? #WildAboutTrial

Winners for 4/25:

@LeanneFleischer hWild is so talented! An artist, a comedian and the best tweeter on earth! We are soooooooooooooooo lucky! #WILDABOUTTRIAL

@PlanetChrissie Chrissie knows that ‘O Wild One’ hwill deliberate hwithout bias #wildabouttrial

Winner for 4/26:

@SCainNJ ::sigh:: I guess I’ll just have to resort to this to show everyone how much I love #WildAboutTrial.

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Patricia Nelson says:


Susan Kramer says:

You should send me a mug for free, as I ordered from your store on 5/20/13 and haven’t received my merchandise — no one answers my emails either. Hwhere is my order? HWhat is customer service doing about it? HWhy is it taking so long? I am hwondering hwhat is going on over there! HWhen will my merchandise arrive?
Hwanting Salmon and Seeing Red

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Arlene Ainslie-Kennedy says:

Wilmot – will not – get Jodi Arias off or to say she is sorry! Need a wildaboutthetrial mug to remind me – I SURVIVED 4 MONTHS OF JODI ARIAS!

Arlene Ainslie-Kennedy says:

Would love to have wild about the trial mug – it will help with the withdrawal process after 4 months of Jodi, the Survivor t shirt business and power point “spare my life” program!

Paula Price says:

Got to love the way Hwild covers the trials, just remember to write it all down so you can prove it and don’t forget to wear your salmon colors.

missjocool says:

hwat hwill we do now that there isn’t a live trial? Hwill we still have tweets?


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