Lights, Camera, Arrest

Justin Bieber Arrest Affidavit

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Annabel Murillo says:

Any immigrant who was charged with DUI would have been senteced to jail time deported immediately without questions. If Justin Bieber doesn’t get deported and go through some jail time, than this is injustice for our nation. No one should be above the law. He put himself and inocent Americans at risk when driving under the influence. Justice needs to be served in America. Rules are rules and everyone should pay the consequences no matter who she/he maybe.

Noreen says:

When an immigrant is convicted of a violation it cannot be a misdomeanor. Considered a felony. Deport him. We dont need his antics.

Vesna says:

I use to like him ,but I don’t like him anymore.He is so pathetic the way he behaves.
It was just a matter of time for Bieber to end up in prison it’s a start.


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