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Wild interviews ‘The Manicurist’ Tara Kelley, juror in the Jodi Arias Trial

First ever “Twinterview” (Twitter interview) with special guest Tara Kelley, Juror 17 from the Jodi Arias Trial aka “The Manicurist.”

This interview was presented in the WAT Courtroom on May 29, at 2pm MST.

Wild: Soo Tara, how tasty is that tasty court water after all? I noticed it was getting huge pours.

Tara Kelley: I had to drink it once after forgetting my water:/ it is disgusting!!!!

Wild: Did you think in your wildest dreams that you would be chosen for this jury?

Tara Kelley: Out of 375 people..no way!! However the day of selections I had a feeling I would b/c I was the youngest female there

Wild: Did you believe there was any abuse by Travis, either emotional or physical?

Tara Kelley: No!!! I thought at times he said some mean things but I never thought she was abused!

Wild: How was the foreman chosen? Was he elected, or did he volunteer?

Tara Kelley: We had talked before about putting names in a hat and picking that way but idk if that is how they did it!

Wild: If prosecution was able to prove that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires, how would that have changed the jury’s perspective?

Tara Kelley: Can’t say that it would have! I believe the people that voted life did so b/c the felt some sort of abuse happened!

Wild: When do you think the the premeditation began?

Tara Kelley: May 26, 2008!

Wild: What is your opinion of that last text sent by Travis where he was so angry?

Tara Kelley: It’s part of my theory! I believe he found out about the sex tape and she threatened to blackmail him!

Wild: Do you want to tell us more about your theory now? Take a few tweets and expand upon it if you would like.

Tara Kelley: I believe on May 26, Travis was trying to break it off completely with Jodi! She got mad and threatened him with the sex tape! He started calling her those names b/c he thought if he did she would finally leave him alone, especially when he said u r the worst thing that ever happened to me! He was hoping that would make her stop! It only made her really mad knowing he no longer wanted her! She couldn’t take it! She planned the burglary and started planning his death! She wanted to make sure she was the last he ever had sexually! She wanted that power of knowing she was his last

Wild: Great multi-tweet answer Tara! Very twitter savvy. In your mind, does Jodi have any redeeming qualities?

Tara Kelley: I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but when she sat up there and lied constantly, it was hard to believe she did

Wild: Did the juror room have billiards, darts, xbox with a 60 inch screen and a fireplace as I envisioned it having?

Tara Kelley: I wish!! We did puzzles , played UNO, cribbage, and that’s about it lol!

Wild: Is there anything that your have heard or seen since trial has ended that stands out to you as a game changer?

Tara Kelley: I think those parent interrogation videos could have been a game changer! Shows they weren’t shocked she did it

Wild: What did u think of Kirk Nurmi when he said “9 days out of 10 I don’t like Jodi Arias”

Tara Kelley: I believed it! There was never interaction b/w him and Jodi at the table! He never looked happy by her

Wild: Did you think Alyce’s analysis of domestic abuse applied to Jodi?

Tara Kelley: No! I feel she is an advocate and truly believed Jodi was abused! However there was NO proof only her word

Wild: What was the most damning piece of evidence against Jodi?

Tara Kelley: Wow that’s a hard one!! Probably the camera! Showed a timeline of how quickly things happened!

Wild: How nice would it have been to drink court water out of a sweet WAT mug instead of those tiny styrofoam shot cups? ?

Tara Kelley: Would have made it ALL Better! Valerie just emailed me and said we can’t make fun of her water and she wants her mug!

Wild: Did you find Nurmi very hard to listen to with all the sex talk day after day after day?

Tara Kelley: It was hard listening to the sex talk over and over and Nurmi liked to talk about sex over and over again

Wild: Last few ?’s. What is your opinion of Juan’s style towards Dr. Samuels and LaViolette?

Tara Kelley: He was good, a little over the top at times but it worked! They were very flustered on that stand with him!

Wild: So, does the system work? Are you happy that you were a juror?

Tara Kelley: Yes the system works! It was a very long, emotional process but I am happy I got to do this! Met a lot of great people

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Robert parker says:

Do you have a son????

Jason says:

I respect Wild About Trial for the fact that they do their best to remain neutral and impartial. Although they have a keen interest in trials, they don’t seem to be a part of the media lynch-mobbing that has engulfed our nation and, de facto, altered our constitution.

Yes, I’m the founder of Occupy HLN — http://www.occupyhln.org — and I respect Wild for remaining objective and not asking Tara Harris Kelley “leading” questions (which are misleading) and seeking the truth as to what really happened, and what one is really thinking.

Patricia Nelson says:


Jack McCoy says:

It’s encouraging to know Wild About Trial supports and promotes the First Amendment.

TJ Wooster says:

my question to Tara, do you think sitting there for months on end made it difficult for some of the jurors to put her to death ? Maybe bc they somehow felt connected to Jodi bc they saw her everyday? I think that was the defenses strategy, drag thisout for as long as they could to wear down the jury and also get you familiar with her as a person, seeing her and hearing her …

TJ Wooster says:

I also watched the trial , I agree with most comments, what I’d like to know is how many Mormons were on the Jury? I dont think the Mormon religeon had as much to play in it, I’m sure it only intensified Jodis hate and wanting to inact punishment to Travis for using her and her going through all the lessons and joining the LDS faith for Travis. I’m sure she thought that would further their relationship to marriage and kids. It takes 2 to get this deep into a relationship, Travis as most men would do said what he had to say , act as he did bc the sex was easy and Jodi willing participant. He didnt deserve this ending but once he had her out of his life he should of taken precautions against her, knowing how delusional and the stalker she was. Jodi for sure had this premeditated , renting a car, the gas cans, stealing the gun, turning off her phone so she can’t be traced, taking off the license plates and then all the fake calls into Travis VM acting like she didnt know he was dead in his shower! I don’t see how they couldnt agree on death!

mechtild,jd (@mechtild5) says:

I think because Jodi knew Travis had bought the camera to take sex videos of other women she purposely dropped the camera. Then he went all Jodi on her.

LoveBunny says:

Tara thanks for doing the interview!

LoveBunny says:

Another theory: I think Jodi wanted to suck out Travis’s soul and devour it. She wanted his very eternal soul to keep with her as her property. . . But that is one thing she will never have.

I also think that in some sense, Jodi wished she could BE Travis because he was successful, charismatic and had a lot of friends. That was the very opposite of who she was and she deeply resented and envied him for it.

Sandi Pleva says:

I watched the trial from the beginning and this is the first time Iv’e heard my own exact theory. I was thinking exactly the same thing as you, the only thing i would add is she was probably hoping to get pregnant by him too because in Mormon beliefs you are a family for eternity!!! She no doubt wanted to trap him in for eternity too if possible!!!

Tara thank you for serving on the jury and doing such an amazing job for Travis and his family.

Cheryl says:

In the LDS faith, a forever marriage/family is only for those having been sealed in the temple. Jodi knew enough LDS teaching to understand this.

Jodi is a mentally ill psychopath who is filled with deep rage & anger that fueled her resolute plan to murder Travis. Once she had the idea to punish him, for all the wrongs SHE perceived he had done, Jodi was totally focused on ending his life.
Nothing would stop her, not even God!
Jodi lacks the normal important self checks, balances & measures.
She has a total lack of self control and had no way to keep herself from carrying out her plans.
Perhaps when Jodi was younger something snapped inside her brain or Jodi was born evil.
Repeatedly she has proved that NO ONE can control or tell Jodi what she can or can NOT do!
Not her mom, not her dad, or her siblings, or her grandparents, or the love of her life, Travis and even Jodi herself can have complete control.
and in her mind, Not even God can tell her whats right or whats wrong.
And now that she’s been found guilty, even the courts unable to tell Jodi what to do!
Jodi has had complete control every step of this trial! Lying is a form of control.
and so far, Jodi’s super-duped them all. Beginning with the judge! Wow,
unbelievable how this judge allowed Jodi complete control even over her…wow!
Behind bars, On the witless stand, all ears and eyes totally on her!
Jodi had complete control over everyone.
With her amazing super human tongue she artistically manipulated every ear with microscopic granules of her poisonous versions tainted with enough anesthesia to lull each listener into a deep coma.
f pathological except for one small detail…Juan Martinez!Jodi Arias is an epitem of the word LIE!
The mountains of lies mixed with twisted versions of HER truth is Jodi’s most treasured skill that she’s spent a life time practicing since birth.
For some, pathologically lying is a learned trait and for very few, they’re born liars.
They totally lack the inability to tell the truth.

This wasn’t about other women. This was solely about Jodi!
3 things I’d like to say what I think is Jodi Aria
#1 Jodi will NEVER admit or accept even smalled amount of blame
#2 will find a way to NOT be held accountable as she WILL find a way to escape. Either physically or mentally, Jodi will NEVER serve time given her.

#3 Jodi is a minion of satan and is completely under demonic possession.
With that said, I fully believe that Jodi isn’t finished destroying lives.
Her reign of terror and destruction began with Travis.
Yes, he was a very troubled young man who was sexually abused and he had a very poor sense of sexual boundaries because of his being abused.
He had no one to teach him or any good roll models early on in his life.
What was done to him in secret as a small child, carried over into his adult life.
Jodi is a predator and Travis was her perfect prey!
She taught and lead him deep into her sick sexually perversion.
Jodis sexual appetite scared and intrigued him.
Travis was in his sexual prime/peak, what choice did he have but to obey the commands sent him. His body robotically responded to Jodi’s sexual commands.
All Jodi had to do was lift up her skirt, bare her stink hole and the game was on!
Stronger than a heroin addict in full withdrawals being offered a syringe full of 1st grade heroin. To hell with consequences, never mind the fall out…
Is needed, Is wanted NOW!
He couldn’t help it. He needed it, she wanted it, she gave it, non stop, was unending
clear up to the last moment!
Travis was like a 3 yr old little boy being led to a bedroom to play “pee-pee’s” with a full grown woman…it felt good, was told it was good, therefore it was!.
so now she has her mother and father to finish off,
Next on her list is those who loved Travis
and last but not least, Juan Martinez….
because THIS truly is ALL HIS FAULT!…
least in Jodi Arias mentally ill mind he is!

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:

Why is she doing this? I WOULD HIDE, NOT AWSOME.

Bellacookie1212 says:

@tarakelley loved your interviews. Honest, intelligent and straightforward.Thank you

Michelle Schneider says:

Wow Tara… first time I’ve heard that theory and I’m thinking you’re probably spot-on! Wondering what you all would have thought had you know about her tweeting and interviews while it was happening – CRAZY. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Skabootch says:

Great interview!! I completely forgot yesterday :( Thanks Tara for a) you duty as a juror and b) doing this twitterview :D Much appreciated. hWild – I’m still waiting for MY WAT mug…… it’s in the mail right?

barb says:

it does take some travel time, you will get it eventually, nice little mug for sure, i was impatient as well, lol

Jen Justice says:

Awesome interview!! Thanks for taking the time, Tara. I only wish you’d been the foreman and the actual foreman was the alternate. I always felt the older aged jurors would be the ace in the pocket for the defense. Seems that might have been the case.

Cheryl says:

I’m beyond shocked by what the Jury Foreman stated…that Jodi was guilty but Travis….OMG!…He fell into Jodi’s stink hole too!


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