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Peterson chooses to stay with long-time attorney

In a hearing Friday Drew Peterson stood in court like the star of The Bachelor with the two attorneys claiming to represent him eagerly awaiting Peterson’s decision of who would receive the red rose and a chance to be Peterson’s attorney going forward.

Peterson chose long-time attorney Joel Brodsky, leaving Carroll with only the thoughts of what might have been. Peterson is appealing his conviction for the 2004 murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Attorneys John Paul Carroll and Michelle Gonzales filed a motion earlier this week accusing long-time lead counsel Joel Brodsky of botching the case by forcing Peterson into pre-trial publicity, lying about his courtroom experience and making serious tactical errors in calling witnesses. Brodsky responded that Carroll did not have authority to file motions for Peterson and that he was hired solely to resolve issues relating to Peterson’s police pension. This set off a week-long battle over who actually represented Peterson, with both sides claiming former Bolingbrook police officer had chosen them.

On Friday Peterson told Judge Edward Burmila that he never authorized Carroll to file an ineffective assistance of counsel motion with the court. Burmila then suggested that Peterson consult independent counsel, to which Peterson replied that he would think about it.

Gonzales and Carroll both appeared stunned by the decision. “He seems to have a loyalty to Mr. Brodsky,” Gonzalez said. “He was concerned about Mr. Brodsky’s reputation. He’s been his attorney for years.”

Burmila also admonished Brodsky for suggesting in a motion that he filed, but later withdrew, that Burmila rule “quietly and without fanfare” whether defense attorney Steven Greenberg would remain on the defense team.

“It’s so offensive to me that it’s not even funny,” Burmila said.

Brodsky has been at the center of a very public bout with Greenberg, with both sides posting statements to Facebook accounts and writing scathing letters to the media. Brodsky had fired Greenberg from the defense team following Peterson’s conviction, accusing Greenberg of an unacceptable professional performance for losing key motions in the trial. Greenberg called Brodsky a “bully” and a “tyrant” and referred to Brodsky’s decision to call to the stand as a defense witness Stacy Peterson’s former divorce attorney Harry Smith “One of the worst mistakes in the history of jurisprudence.” Stacy Peterson is Drew Peterson’s 4th wife who has been missing since October 2007.

Currently, Greenberg will remain on the defense team at Peterson’s request. Brodsky, who has represented Peterson since 2007 was lead counsel in the murder trial.

A new sentencing date was set for Jan. 10, 2013.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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