Drew Peterson

Peterson defense team ‘in-fighting’ causes request for sentencing extension

Drew Peterson’s defense counsel appeared in court Tuesday, September 25, to ask the judge for a delay in sentencing and an extension for filing pre-sentencing motions because of bitter in-fighting within the defense team.

The judge told Brodsky to make his request in writing and scheduled a hearing for October 18, Brodsky argued that the defense had fallen behind because two attorneys recently departed from the defense team. “We want to make sure we do a sufficient job,” Brodsky told the judge, adding that recent events have been, “pointing us away from what’s important.”

Defense attorney Steve Greenberg was dismissed earlier this month after a post-verdict conflict with Brodsky. Their highly public dispute includes scathing Facebook posts by Brodsky accusing Greenberg of losing major motions in the case, after he was brought in primarily to file and win those motions. Greenberg wrote a 15-page letter where he called Brodsky a tyrant and said that he single-handedly lost the trial through his ineptitude and by calling a key witness, Kathleen Savio’s divorce attorney, whose testimony jurors said may have changed the result of the case.

Also on Monday, attorney Darryl Goldberg filed a motion to withdraw from the case.

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