Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Philly Rapper Writes Song Defending Jodi Arias

jodiPhiladelphia Hip Hop artist Lefty is receiving national press after releasing a new song called Jodi Ann Arias, where he defends the convicted murderer and sheds light on issues previously ignored by mainstream media.

After being convicted of slitting her boyfriend’s throat and stabbing him more than 30 times, Jodi Arias became one of the most hated women in the world. Despite her conviction, rapper Lefty believes that Arias did not receive a fair trial due to public scrutiny and character villainization by the press. In his song he humanizes the convicted killer; exploring the depth of her story and insight into the unforeseen problems that may have led to her tragic outcome.

“I do think it was second degree manslaughter. I feel like it was not premeditated,” said the Lefty recently in an interview with the Phoenix News Times.

Listen to the song here

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SharingALaugh says:

I guess this idiot missed that her “PTSD” was from the imaginary intruders that she made up to cover her butt and her last minute dig to the family that Travis was still alive when she slit his throat? Dumazz, hope Jodi’s fan enjoys this crap.

Brandee says:

He is just an attention whore!!
Why reward him for being a nit wit? As an American he has the right to voice whatever opinion he wants, That being said, we do NOT have to listen to his rambling nonsense!
If TRAVIS (THE REAL VICTIM) had been his brother, he would be sining (horribly “rapping”) and entirely different tune (and perhaps on that doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard!!)

Angela says:

Lefty is drinkin his own kool-aid. WOW. Apparently he didn’t listen to the trial and hear all of her lies.

Carol Benita says:

My guess, ah, shouldn’t we start with her mental issues first? Isn’t that where “guilty as hell” starts?

Regina Carr says:

“Second degree manslaughter”? Lefty out in left field on that one.

Nicole says:

This has to be the worst I’ve heard. He’s just looking to make a name for himself and money from this tragedy.


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