Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Photos from the Travis Alexander murder case (Warning: Graphic content)

Jodi Arias demonstrates how she says Travis Alexander lunged at her ‘like a linebacker’ / AP Tom Tingle

Jodi Arias Giggles as she’s trying to explain “entertrainment” to the jury.

Defense presents two images from Alexander’s computer to Lonnie Dworkin, a computer forensic examiner

Lisa Daidone, former girlfriend of Travis Alexander

Juan M. Martinez a photo that shocked everyone during cross examination.

( Caution: Extremely Graphic)

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hollie says:

My heart breaks as I look at these photos. I am so happy with the verdict. I hope that Travis and his family can now find peace. This has definitly been an emotional trial. Travis has made an impact on so many people who didn’t even know him. His memory will live on forever.

Tweety12 says:

OMG!!! I have seen some things in my life but nothing for real or on tv compares to what I just saw! The strength and anger contained in her small body to inflict those wounds is nothing short of evil! Wow! The pics of TA’s wounds will stick in my mind for life! I feel truly sorry for the JURY for having to endue this. may the Lord plz erase this from their minds!!

Courtney says:

Absolutely heartbreaking to look at these photos. Can’t imagine the amount of pain the Alexander family is going through. JUSTICE IS A MUST!! RIP TRAVIS :(

Kelly Myers says:

I am the kind of person who always needs to known why and the reason behind a murder. This case has really affected in so many levels, but at the end of all my thoughts and considerations no matter how I look at it in different views it always comes out the same. How in the hell can you say this was self defence? When she murder him so ,god I can not even find a word for it! I hope she suffers 10 times over then Travis , I know she won’t but she will have her day!

admin says:

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