Maine Zumba Madam

Pizza delivery guy said Alexis Wright disrobed in front of him

A local pizza shop manager said he saw alleged Zumba Madame Alexis Wright disrobe in front of him when he delivered spaghetti and meatballs to her home.

Dan Racinello, the manager of Toppings Pizza in Kennebunk, Maine, testified in York County Superior Court on Friday as a witness for the prosecution.

“She just had a towel on and I walked in, proceeded to the table and put the food down,” Racaniello said. “She was getting the money out, and off goes the towel.”

“It got a little awkward. She was just standing there in front of me, naked,” he said. “It was really awkward. She proceeded to walk over to me and handed me the money. It was $40 or $50. I told her the bill was only $8, and she told me to keep it.”

Racinello said the large tip “made my day.” He also testified that he saw clients enter the studio with blinds drawn during the day when classes were usually at night.

Strong’s attorney, Daniel Lilley, asked Justice Nancy Mills to throw out Racinello’s testimony as irrelevant but Mills said that part of Racinello’s testimony explained how he saw strange men enter the studio during off-hours.

This is just the most recent salacious story to come out in the trial of Wright’s alleged business partner Mark Strong Sr. who is accused of financing the prostitution operation she ran out of her Pura Vida fitness studio. Strong is charged with 12 counts of promotion of prostitution and one count of conspiracy to promote prostitution.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Feb. 15 upheld a decision to dismiss 46 counts of invasion of privacy against Strong, agreeing with the trial judge’s ruling that prostitution clients don’t have privacy rights under a state law that protects people from surveillance in places like dressing rooms.

The court also heard testimony from Christopher West, the landlord that rented Wright the office space across the street from her studio. He said he saw different men come in and out of the apartment and, after letting himself into her office space, he found a massage table, tripod, video camera, used condoms, a box of adult toys, and a suitcase filled with several outfits.

He also said, “I observed loud music in the entranceway of the space Alexis rented and moaning and groaning sounds.”

Trial is expected to continue Monday, Feb. 25.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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