Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Colorado Movie Theater Massacre: Players

James Holmes: The 24-year-old shooter, a neuroscience Ph.D. candidate from the University of Colorado-Denver who had terminated his studies about a month before the shooting. He was described by acquaintances as quiet.
Arlene Holmes and Robert Holmes: The suspect’s mother and father, residents of San Diego, California, where the suspect grew up. In a statement released through their attorney, the Holmeses have expressed sympathy for the victims.
Dr. Lynne Fenton: Holmes’ treating psychiatrist, who in 2005 was disciplined by the Colorado State Medical Board for prescribing herself Vicodin, Ambien, Lorezepam and Xanax in the late 1990s. Holmes mailed notebooks in which he detailed his plans for the shooting to her office. It was found in the mailroom following the attack.


Carlos A. Samour Jr.: Carlos A. Samour Jr. became a district court judge in 2007 after working as a private defense attorney, then a Denver prosecutor.

Samour moved to the United States from El Salvador in 1979, when he was 13. He received his law degree from the University of Denver.

This is Samour’s first death penalty case.


Tamara Brady: Brady represented a man who killed his girlfriend by dragging her behind a car with a tow strap around her neck. The man pleaded guilty in exchange for life in prison.
Daniel King: King, a law graduate of the University of Denver, defended Sir Mario Owens, one of three people now on Colorado’s death row. Owens fatally shot a man and his fiancee as the man prepared to testify against him in a murder case.


George Brauchler: District Attorney George Brauchler leads the prosecution team. Brauchler graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s law school, then joined the U.S. Army Reserve.

He’s served two tours of duty, including one in Iraq shortly after he successfully prosecuted a Fort Carson, Colorado, soldier who shot and killed a Taliban leader in an Afghan jail cell.

Some Colorado Republicans hoped Brauchler would run for governor last year, but he said it would be impossible to run with the Holmes case looming.


Back Row – from left to right: 
A) Female – Dirty blonde hair, thick black frame glasses, Caucasian

B) Female – Short brown hair, glasses, Caucasian
C) Female – Brown hair usually pulled up in a bun, dark framed glasses, bright pink t-shirt, dark skin, mid 20’s

D) Female – Shorter blonde hair, red frame glasses which she usually wears on the tip of her nose, Caucasian, upper 50’s

E) Female – Brown hair about shoulder length, bangs, Caucasian, 50’s

F) Female – Curly brown hair just below the shoulders, thin glasses, Caucasian, 50’s

G) Female – Long straight reddish hair, Caucasian, 40’s

H) Female – Curly light brown hair, glasses, Caucasian, 20’s

Middle Row – from left to right: 
A) Female – Brown mid-length hair, Caucasian, 40’s

B) Female – Long wavy brown hair, Caucasian, early 30’s

C) Female – Blonde / grey hair, Caucasian, 40’s

D) Male – Short brown hair, Jim Rome style beard, Caucasian, 40’s
E) Female – Short grey hair, glasses she usually wears on her head, Caucasian, 70’s

F) Male – Grey hair, balding on top, Caucasian, 60’s

G) Male – Short brown hair, Caucasian, early 30’s

H) Female – Long dark hair, darker complexion, early to mid 20’s

Front Row – from left to right: 
A) Female – Short grey bob haircut, Caucasian, glasses, 60’s

B) Male – Short brown hair, glasses, Caucasian, 30’s

C) Female – Long blonde hair, darker complexion, seems to be always rocking in her chair, 50’s

D) Female – Short brown hair with blonde highlights, often wears bright colored clothing, Caucasian, 60’s

E) Female – Mid-length brown hair, darker complexion

F) Female – Mid-length blonde hair, glasses, Caucasian, 30’s

G) Female – Mid-length grey hair, Caucasian, 60’s

H) Male – Grey hair, balding on top, Caucasian, 60’s


Jonathan Blunk, 26: After serving three tours in the Persian Gulf and the North Arabian Sea, Jonathan Blunk was looking forward to re-enlisting in the Navy and becoming a Navy SEAL. Devoted to protecting others, Blunk was also a firefighter and emergency medical technician.

“It was guts or glory for him,” close friend James Gill told The Associated Press. “It always surprised me that he didn’t serve in a situation more on the front line. He wanted to be a first responder on the front line.”

Blunk died as he lived, throwing himself in front of friend Jansen Young and saving her life.

“That’s something he would do,” Gill said. “If he was going to choose a way to die, that’s how he wanted to go — defending someone from a (person) like that.”

Alexander Boik The recent high school graduate known to his friends as “A.J.” was headed to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with the dream of becoming an art teacher. He played catcher on his high school baseball team.

His family released a statement saying he was loved by everyone who knew him and that he was dating a “beautiful young lady,” with whom he had attended the movie. Boik’s girlfriend survived.

Jesse Childress, 29: An Air Force cyber-systems operator, Childress was described by his Air Force fellows as knowledgeable, experienced and respectful.
Gordon Cowden, 51: A fun-loving family man, Cowden took his two teenage daughters to the midnight showing. His children survived the shooting unharmed. Cowden’s family described him as a “true Texas gentleman,” and friends at his funeral said that he was a world traveler with a zest for life, a great sense of humor and devotion to his family.
Jessica Ghawi, 24: Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Ghawi was an aspiring sportscaster who loved hockey and came to Denver to cover the Colorado Avalanche.

In a sad twist of fate, she was also in a Toronto-area mall when a mass shooting took place only a few weeks before, though she was unharmed. In a response to that shooting on her blog, she commented on “how fragile life was.” I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath,” she wrote.

Ghawi was admired by coworkers for being hardworking and ambitious, and she was loved by family and friends for her cheerful spirit.

John Larimer, 27: A Navy sailor who worked in cryptology, he had joined the service a year ago, where he distinguished himself as intelligent, curious and resourceful. He grew up in a suburb of Chicago, Crystal Lake, Ill., the youngest of five siblings.

“We love you John, and we will miss you always,” said his parents in a prepared statement.

“A valued member of our Navy team, he will be missed by all who knew him. My heart goes out to John’s family, friends and loved ones, as well as to all the victims of this horrible tragedy,” said Cmdr. Jeffrey Jakuboski, his commanding officer, in a written statement.

Matthew McQuinn, 27:  As gunfire erupted in the theater, McQuinn dove in front of his girlfriend and her brother, saving their lives. McQuinn had recently relocated to Colorado from Ohio with his girlfriend, who is recovering from surgery after a bullet hit her knee.
Micayla Medek, 23: Known as “Cayla” to her loved ones, Medek was seeing the movie with a group of ten of her girlfriends as part of a girls night out. She was attending community college and working at a Subway restaurant, while figuring out what her next step would be. Family members think she wanted to work with computers.

Medek was a Green Bay Packers fan and watched every game religiously.

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6: The youngest victim of the attack, Moser-Sullivan was a happy six-year-old who had just learned to swim. Her mother, Ashley Moser, was critically wounded in the attack, with several gunshot wounds to her abdomen, but is expected to survive. Mrs. Moser also reportedly suffered a miscarriage due to her injuries.
Alex Sullivan, 27: Sullivan chose to celebrate his 27th birthday and his first wedding anniversary with the midnight movie screening.

Alex was a gentle giant, known and loved by so many. He always had a glowing smile on his face, and he made friends with everyone. Alex enjoyed all sorts of movies, was an avid comic book geek and loved the New York Mets,” said Sullivan’s family in a prepared statement.

Alexander Teves, 24: The native of Phoenix had just earned a Master’s degree in counseling psychology in June. He had plans to become a psychiatrist.

His relatives say he died a hero, protecting his girlfriend from the shooter with his own body. They will remember him for his intelligence, wit, and desire to help people.

Rebecca Wingo, 32: A hard working single mother to two girls, friends described Wingo as a warm, friendly person who “never met a stranger” and who set a great example of strength for her young daughters. She balanced single motherhood, school and work, and is warmly remembered by her friends as a loving mother and friend.
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