Dr. Martin MacNeill

Dr. Martin MacNeill: Players

Player Martin MacNeill -WildAboutTrial.com Martin MacNeill: The defendant in this case, accused of murdering his wife, Michele MacNeill. Recently released from federal prison for fraud, he has now been re-arrested for the murder of his wife.
Michele MacNeill: The former model and mother of eight children, including four adopted daughters from Ukraine. She was well-respected in her community and her church and dearly loved.
Player Gypsy Willis - WildAboutTrial.com Gypsy Willis: Gypsy Jyll Willis, aka Jillian Giselle MacNeill and Jyll Wilson, is MacNeill’s mistress, with whom he was having an affair at the time of his wife’s death. After she schemed with MacNeill to use his daughter’s identity, she was convicted of identity-theft related fraud and is currently in prison. According to Linda Cluff’s blog, Gypsy also posed as MacNeill’s wife, using Michele MacNeill’s funeral date as their wedding date.
player Alexis Somers - Player Gypsy Willis - WildAboutTrial.com Alexis Somers: Alexis is one of Martin and Michele MacNeill’s daughters, and along with her sister Rachel, she was a leader in the investigation into her mother’s death. She has worked tirelessly and passionately to uncover the truth and put her father away. She also fought and won custody of her three youngest sisters, after their father threatened to give them away.
player Rachel MacNeill -Player Gypsy Willis - WildAboutTrial.com Rachel MacNeill: The eldest of Martin and Michele MacNeill’s biological daughters, 33, and her sister Alexis, have led the charge to convict their father of killing their mother. Following the preliminary hearing where a judge ruled that Martin MacNeill would stand trial for murder, she wrote “My father, Martin MacNeill, is going to stand trial for the murder of our beloved mother, Michele MacNeill. At last he will be brought before a jury, and held accountable for his actions.” She testified at the preliminary hearing that her father brought her to temple only days after her mother passed away in order to pray for a nanny and introduced her to Gypsy Willis: “That’s the first time I realized something was wrong…The whole thing had been scripted.” Rachel created the memorial site michelemacneill.com in honor of her mother.
Player Linda Cluff -  WildAboutTrial.com Linda Cluff: Michele MacNeill’s sister, who along with her nieces Alexis and Rachel initiated the investigation into Martin MacNeill and currently runs the website and blog martinmacneill.info, dedicated to outing MacNeill and Willis.
Giselle: One of the MacNeill’s adopted daughters, whom MacNeill sent back to Ukraine while he and Gypsy tried to abscond with her identity.
player Ada MacNeill - WildAboutTrial.com Ada: The MacNeills’ youngest adopted daughter, who found Michele dead from a drug overdose.
Jeff Robinson: The Utah County investigator who compared Martin MacNeill’s life to the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” He believes MacNeill has spent a lifetime getting away with crime.
Randall Spencer: MacNeill’s attorney, who has described his client as an “odd man,” but maintains his client’s innocence. “He truly loved his wife,” Spencer has stated.
player Suzanne Gustin - WildAboutTrial.com Suzanne Gustin: MacNeill’s attorney, co-counsel with Randall Spencer. Gustin gave the opening statement for the defense October 17, during which she said the jury may believe her client is a “total jerk” and “disgusting” for cheating on his wife and inviting his mistress to her funeral, but that does not mean he’s a killer. She asked the jury not to let “emotion cloud [their] judgment” and to evaluate the facts of the case.
player Judge Derek Pullan - WildAboutTrial.com Judge Derek Pullan: The 4th District Court Judge presiding over the trial.
player Judge Samuel D. McVey  - WildAboutTrial.com Judge Samuel D. McVey: The 4th District Court judge that presided over the preliminary hearing.
player Dr. Scott Thompson - WildAboutTrial.com Dr. Scott Thompson: Michele MacNeill’s plastic surgeon that performed the facelift procedure eight days before Michele was found dead in her bathtub. Dr. Thompson testified October 17, on the first day of trial, that he prescribed higher than normal levels of painkiller Percocet and anxiety medication Valium for Michele at her husband’s request because Martin MacNeill was a fellow physician, was concerned about his wife’s pain tolerance, and “wanted to be prepared”. In total Dr. Thompson prescribed Michele seven medications including two pain medications, a sleeping pill, anti-nausea medication, valium and a steroid for swelling and an antibiotic.
player Dr. Von Welsch - WildAboutTrial.com Dr. Von Welsch: Utah physician that examined Michele MacNeill in the weeks prior to her death in order to clear her physically for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Welsch testified October 17, on the first day of trial, that Michele showed no signs of heart disease during a pre-operative exam on March 29, 2007, but she did have high blood pressure and told him she was depressed and stressed. He recommended that Michele postpone the procedure until she could lower her blood pressure, and he prescribed her Zoloft . According to Dr. Welsch Martin MacNeill’s disagreement with his opinion was “animated”. The procedure was performed as scheduled on April 3, 2007. Dr. Welsch said he was “shocked” to learn Michele had died “because at the time [he] examined her, she was healthy.” When asked his opinion of Martin MacNeill as a doctor, he testified that he believed the defendant had a tendency to overprescribe medication for his patients.

Jailhouse Informants:

Real names are not used in open court in order to protect the identities of the jailhouse informants. The witnesses are identified by an inmate number provided only for this trial.

Inmate #1: Jailhouse informant who testified November 6 as a State’s witness. He is a 38-year-old man sentenced to incarceration in federal prison beginning in 2007, with his sentence ending in 201, for charges of possession of a substance with a cocaine base and the intent to distribute as well as possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking. The informant testified that he knew MacNeill for approximately six months while they were incarcerated together and placed in the same computer class. According to his testimony he spoke to MacNeill in class and also occasionally outside of class in the lunch area or outside.

Key points in his testimony involve various conversations he allegedly had with MacNeill about his wife after seeing (but not hearing) a few moments of a Nancy Grace segment on TV about the MacNeill murder trial. The first conversation took place at breakfast the morning after he initially watched the Nancy Grace special. The informant testified that MacNeill told him they were just playing the special because his “girlfriend” (Gypsy) was about to be released from custody. A few weeks later Inmate #1 saw another TV special and asked MacNeill again if he saw it, to which MacNeill responded “They can’t prove anything, so I don’t know why they keep running it on TV.” Again, a few weeks later while on the playground, the informant testified he had another conversation with MacNeill, during which “Doc” (the prison nickname for MacNeill) opened up, telling him he gave his wife some oxy and some sleeping pills. He said MacNeill told him that he “helped [Michele MacNeill] out” by assisting his wife into the bathtub and holding her head under the water. The informant further testified as to motive, telling the court that MacNeill said his wife “was in the way” and wanted both the house and the kids.

Inmate #2: Jailhouse informant who testified November 5 as a State’s witness. According to his testimony he was convicted of one felony for conspiracy involving cocaine and marijuana. He was Martin MacNeill’s cell-mate for approximately two years. Key points of his testimony include MacNeill’s physical health, in particular that he exercised regularly but also had a limp on occasion although he did not know the cause. He testified that MacNeill told him he had a wife who was alive, and he saw that she sent him letters (referring to Gypsy). After learning that MacNeill was accused of killing his wife, he asked him if it was true, and MacNeill allegedly told him that “they can’t prove it.” There was no cross-examination.
Inmate #3: Jailhouse informant who testified November 5 as a State’s witness. He was imprisoned for one felony relating to drugs, was currently 14-years into a 27-year sentence, and testified that he was incarcerated with Dr. Martin MacNeill. Key points of his testimony include MacNeill’s physical health, in particular that he exercised regularly including running four-five miles per day, lifting weights, running sprints, and that “Doc” (as MacNeill was called by other inmates) appeared strong. Inmate further testified that he had seen television coverage of the Martin MacNeill case and approached a law enforcement contact to discuss his conversations with “Doc”. These discussions included asking MacNeill if he killed his wife, to which MacNeill purportedly responded only that police did not have any evidence. Defense attorneys impeached the witness on cross-examination by eliciting testimony that Inmate #3 had previously fabricated an elaborate story about an inmate named “Thompson” in 2002. In an effort to receive a transfer out of the cell block, Inmate #3 said that the knicked himself with a razor and then accused inmate “Thompson” of stabbing him while convincing other inmates to corroborate his story. He testified that he has not received any special treatment or promises for a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony from State or Federal prosecutors.
Inmate #4: Jailhouse informant who testified November 5 as a State’s witness. According to his testimony he was convicted of multiple felony drug offenses. Key points of his testimony include MacNeill’s physical health, in particular that MacNeill was in good shape and ran wind sprints every day. When asked about his wife, MacNeill reportedly told him that his wife was in prison (referring to Gypsy). After learning that MacNeill was accused of killing his wife, inmate #4 asked MacNeill how his wife died, and MacNeill responded: “Bitch drowned.” On cross-examination Inmate #4 admitted that MacNeill never told him that he killed his wife. Law enforcement sought out his testimony, not the other way around. He did not receive special treatment or promises for a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony. When asked if he received anything for testifying he responded: “A death sentence for telling on him.” He also testified that he has never had any conflict with MacNeill, “I really hope he didn’t do it to be honest.”
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