Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson: Players

Drew Peterson: Army vet and ex-cop Peterson stands accused of murdering his third wife, following a media firestorm surrounding the disappearance of his fourth wife.
Carol Brown: Peterson’s first wife and high school sweetheart who divorced him in 1980 due to his infidelity.
Victoria Connolly: Peterson’s second wife, Connolly, was married to Peterson for ten years and in media interviews has said that their marriage was characterized by abuse, both of her and her daughter. Connolly stated further that Peterson would threaten to kill her and make it look like an accident. She also called Peterson “a legend in his own mind.” Like her predecessor, she divorced Peterson after learning of his infidelity.
Kathleen Savio: Peterson’s third wife and the alleged victim in the Illinois homicide case. In the last years of her life, police were called to the Peterson home 18 times on various domestic disturbance reports.
Stacy Ann Cales: Peterson’s fourth wife, who disappeared suddenly a few days before Halloween in 2007.
Joel Brodsky, Joe “The Shark” Lopez and Steve Greenberg: Together, these are the three powerhouse lawyers who comprise Peterson’s core defense team. Brodsky has been with Peterson since the beginning, while Lopez and Greenberg are well-known Chicago lawyers who have come down to lend a little starpower to the trial. Lopez, a flamboyant lawyer known for his aggressive style, has defended Chicago mobsters and Colombian drug cartels. Greenberg is a heavyweight federal lawyer who once criticized Brodsky’s work on this case on Fox News. They are assisted by several other legal bigwigs, including Lopez’s new wife, Lisa Lopez, who was admitted to the bar in 2012.
Edward Burmila: the judge who will be hearing Peterson’s case. Burmila once ran for the State Attorney, the job currently held by the attorney prosecuting the case.
James Glasgow: Will County State’s Attorney, the prosecutor in this case.
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Velma MacDonald says:

This man should be executed, not on prison!!


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