Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury: Players

Jodi Arias: The 32-year-old defendant, a young woman from Northern California, originally told investigators that she “never would” hurt her boyfriend, then claimed she did kill him, but did so in self-defense.
Travis Alexander: While friends and family describe the 30-year-old victim as a devout Mormon and a good man, the defense has argued that he was a violent, abusive sexual deviant who terrified Arias.
Judge Sherry Stephens: Maricopa County Superior Court Judge overseeing the Jodi Arias Murder Trial.
Juan M. Martinez: Maricopa County State Prosecutor.
Jennifer Willmott: Jodi Arias’ appointed defense attorney.
Kirk Nurmi: Jodi Arias’ defense attorney. He  promotes himself as Maricopa sex crimes attorney.
Detective Esteban Flores: Mesa homicide detective who was called by the prosecution to talk about a phone conversation he had with Jodi Arias after Travis Alexander’s Murder. He
Ryan Burns: A prosecution witness who testified about having a make-out session with Jodi Arias the day after Travis Alexander died, and said he noticed cuts on her hands during her visit.
Lisa Daidone:  A defense witness who testified that she dated Travis Alexander at the same time Jodi and he were also seeing each other.
Darryl Brewer: Witness who testified that he lived with Jodi Arias prior to and at the beginning of her relationship with Travis Alexander. He testified that Arias borrowed gas tanks from him before she took the trip during which she killed Travis Alexander. He asked that his face not be shown on camera
Sandy D. Arias: Jodi Arias’ mother who Jodi Arias accused of using physical disciplinary methods.
Lonnie Dworkin: Computer forensic examiner who worked on the case.
Dr. Richard M. Samuels: Clinical and forensic psychologist who is an expert on the defense’s witness list. Click here to see his Curriculum Vitae
Alyce Dunn LaViolette: Psychotherapist, consultant, teacher, community educator, and family counselor with over 30 years of experience who is an expert witness in this case. She has a Masters degree in Community-Clinical Psychology from California State University in Long Beach, CA. She is an expert on the defense’s witness list. Click here to see her Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Janeen DeMarte: Licensed Clinical psychologist who currently operates a private practice in Phoenix, Az. She completed master’s and Ph.D. at Michigan State University. She is an expert witness called by the prosecution.
Player Dr. Robert Geffner photo / APl Dr. Robert Geffner: Defense expert, a psychologist and founding president of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute in San Diego. His testimony aimed to counter a prosecution witness’s contention that Arias suffers from borderline personality disorder. He has testified as an expert in over 100 capital murder cases and has been a practicing psychologist for over 33 years.
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Pro 2:11 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:
Pro 2:12 To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things;
Pro 2:13 Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;
Pro 2:14 Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;
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Pro 2:18 For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead.
Pro 2:19 None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life.



Little Redhead says:

I’m new to this site, and was reading the tweets, and it keeps mentioning an Abe, Who is Abe?

CB says:

FYI Wild About Trial….You have a picture posted of her aunt saying it’s her mother…..

Shannon says:

Don’t you mean…”Pure PSYCHO”

Shannon says:

I wonder how many people would pay on “pay per view” to watch her get “the needle”?
$59.95…sign me up!!!

Dpran says:

I am glad the jury found her guilty in first degree. In fact I found myself in knots before it was read. I cannot get the picture of Travis out of my head (in the shower, before being butchered). Jodi is too odd to be out in society. No doubt her brain will be scanned. Let the tests conclude her psychopathy. I have read that psychopaths hate boredom. I personally would not give her life so she can continue her mad fascination of being televised. She needs to rot away and never be heard of again.

Paulie says:

Puh-lease! This case has been taken over the top by the Media simply because the perpetrator is an attractive woman. I think Travis was a user-weasel. That does not mean he deserved to be murdered, which i believed Jodi Arias committed. But he chose the wrong nut-job to toy with and he payed the ultimate price. Men, think twice the next time you want to be a player with a woman’s heart, she just might end up being so enraged she will stab you in yours!!



NICK says:

I gotta say….the more I read about this crap, the more I see that TA was thinking with his LITTLE head, instead of his big one. He simply COULDNOT pass up the chance to do the dirty….EVEN if the willing partner was a psycho.

Christ, his FRIENDS instantly thought it was her when the body was found. HIS FRIENDS! Am I to beleive that TA couldn’t see through the thinly veiled attempt at sanity?? He should have distanced himself as soon as it became apparent she was a wack job…..but, he kept thinking about the freak she was in the sack……too bad.

Paulie says:

I so agree!!

Lisa says:

What I’m surprised about here is not the way the case is going but the absolute ignorance and illiteracy on this comment board. If the jury is anything like the posters here, then Jodi’s in big trouble.

NICK says:

This twat is selling tee shirts raising money for “victims of abuse”….. shes got some balls, ill thell ya….what the hell does SHE know about abuse?? If you are abused, you are gonna go across 2 states to be NEAR him??? Lyin beeotch…

Paulie says:

I think you have ZERO knowledge of abuse and how those who who have been affected by it act. In fact, I don’t just think it, I frikken KNOW it. I have both been educated in the subject as well as been subjected to it throughout my life. So stop spewing your disgusting ignorance, k?

NICK says:


Bye, bye enough time spent with you PAULIE…………

Rachel says:

LOL he said “i INVENTED Abuse” LMFAO… Any how everyone here that cant figure out what it is about this case that has them so obsessed with it needs to do me and themselves a huge favor ——– this word <> or go to Wikipedia and look it up. And then try to recall the text messages in which Travis was really upset with Jodi for being so selfish with herself and her life that she hadn’t yet read an email of importance in which he had sent her.. They never mentioned that email.. and go and look at the police report and the transcript of the “anonymous” email sent to Lisa Deidone that was suspected supposedly to been sent by Jodi/aka/stalker..yeah of course all these Mormons are pointing the finger directly at Jodi but did any one ever consider that maybe she felt like the detective was also a Mormon so when he promised her she was the person who was responsible and was not trying to hear about any one else being involved and she believed that no one would believe her besides she had stolen her grandparents gun ..but did you ever consider that gun was brought in response to Travis emails about what the bishop had planned for him and the ceremony/aka conference call that was set for his sacrificial offering of his eternal soul in which he was not ready to atone to. And so he seeked out the help of the only person that he could trust without worry of her saying anything to any one but in hope of her bringing him something he could use to protect himself and it was not going to be enough. Notice that details of tedious petty things were being asked just wasting time and completely being irrelevant to any thing that should have been heard and the witnesses involved should have been much more people and far less experts.. and the lawyers representing her sucked so bad but regardless of numerous request to be taken off her case the judge refused to release nurmi instead she offered him a very generous hourly rate and he couldnt refuse not that he is actually going to do any thing to help Jodi or even attempt to investigate her claims instead being a sex lawyer he says here is what you are going to do (being that he has defended so many abusers he figured he could go with what he knows) you gotta admit you did it because the evidense is pointing only to you jodi but you are going to claim that you did so in self defense im sure you would be able to walk away from all this if people see your pretty face they should believe you hell casey anthony got a not guilty verdict right? Casey anthony was not the one that searched the terms associated with kiddnapping and how to dispose of a body and that played out in the trial in the last few days while her mother was on the stand was on her mothers work computer that those search terms were cached and all the signs started pointing straight to the parents in regards to that trial and if you didnt watch it you couldnt have known unless you seen all the testimony and work of a lawyer who actually cared about the client and was not assigned by the courts and telling you what you gotta say or do to attempt to get out of it. Read the email that the anonymous person sent that was not brought up in front of the jury and you’ll see that email comes from someone in the church that is higher up than Travis but jealous of him. Maybe her(lisa’s) ‘future husband'(quoted from the email) who was never questioned and alot of witnesses that were in the police report never took the stand but shouldnt they have ?

Rachel says:

they erased the word from my post maybe if i write it differently it wont disappear ???how weird is that ? B L double o d At -one me n t

Rachel says: this word or go to Wikipedia and look it up. ((in the was the word blood atonement but when I posted it disappeared lets see if it happens this time

Dreamz says:

I, too, was abused growing up and by my youngest son’s father. I escaped after 12 years while he was at work. I didn’t want my young son thinking this was how a woman should be treated. I never regretted the decision. My son is a fine, young man of almost 25. I raised him alone for the past 20 years. I have to disagree with your assumption that all who cry foul are innocent. There was so much evidence against Arias coupled with all the horrendous lies, the lack of remorse. She never lived with Travis, they were only dating for approximately 5 months. Men have always been a stepping stone to her for a better life and when Travis made it clear he would never marry her, she put plan B into action. How dare he not want to be in her life after she gave him such great and diverse sex. No, she is guilty as charged and justice prevailed.



NICK says:

She is going free………unfortunately. why?

Well, number one, shes a women….and will play victim to the hilt, as she has…victim of parental abuse, victim of boyfriend abuse, victim of this abuse and that abuse.

And two, we live in a “victim” culture. Mcdonalds coffee is to hot. Spanking is abuse. Being stern is mental and emotional abuse. EVERYONE is a victim. And todays citizen sits on jurys. And as soon as they here this woman was spanked (OMG) and had a difficult, stressful job (OMG) and her boyfriend didn’t love her (OH, the emotional abuse!)
these jurors SEE someone who had life not go her way. Where generations past ACCEPT that life is unfair at times, todays doesn’t. Everythings “not fair”. Where past generations didnt see lifes hardships as VALID reasons to break the law, not so with todays americans. “Oh, she’s had a tough life, shes a VICTIM in many ways, lets not pile on and send her to jail…..she DESERVESSSSSSS another chance!”

Paulie says:

You are an ass.

katherinm says:


viola says:

Sadly I. believe Jodi tortured Travis it keeps me up at nite thinking of how scared he was knowing he was dieing..she needs to b on death row alone in a cell all day long ..
I hope this jury gets this one right and don’t buy into the lies…

daren says:

And….To think that there are Naive’ and Sheltered people on the jury that may fall for some of this Garbage and all the while Travis is Gone! a little freaky or not…He was obviously doing well in life considering his upbringing and did not deserve to meet this Freak/Psycho Killer!

P says:

He was obvioulsy hiding things from his family and friends….There was no good relationship with his family (mother)..Why would he lie about being a virgin ? Dont you question the other girlfriend who testified that he was seeing them both? What kind of so called man would do that ? And isnt it funny that most the deviate sexual offenders OFTEN hide their little dirty secrets behind the so called
Faith the believe in…..I think everyone has their own opion but at same time have no real idea of what a REAL domestic abuse is. The only
way you can really find out and understand is to be in one…Yes it was a brutal attack but sorry you just dont turn on people like that unless there is a GOOD reason to do so…..and all the things they are saying about her well hell we all are stalkers then and we all have borderline personalities….stop and think about it !!!…Yes he was doing well by lying about being a virgin and lying to multiple woman about their relationships….just in the comments of the sex tape You scream like a little 12yr old….yea he was doing good….Sorry I dont believe he was all that inoccent…..I do believe she will get off on lesser charge….most dont believe the domestic abuse and thats probably
because they have no knowledge of what it really is……I do !!!! and yes sorry to say he was just as twisted as Travis….of course it embarrassing to his family , they had no way of preparing for what they found out…’s up to them to believe it or not….you just dont know what goes on behind close doors until something happens just like this…..

smarter then you! says:

your going to defend that lying b****! she’s done nothing but lie through her teeth! Travis may of had some issues (that I think she brought with her) but remember she has a hell of a lot also, oh yeah don’t forget SHES A MURDERER!!!!!

jean says:

please… an abused innocent would not have premeditated this – that individual would be staying away and not running after him.. my mother was abused my daughter is in the process of divorce from an abuser. I have a pretty good handle on what abused people do. Jodi was angry… she wasn’t getting her way. She cooked-up the elaborate “perfect” murder to get even. Her plan went awry. There was more to the great “plan”. He got his last chance. You can bet she let him know exactly what she was going to do to him before she struck the first blow – makes little difference if it was a shot or a stab.

jean says:

cont. We are all very aware how proud she is of her verbiage. I know she had to get some words in. This waste of humanity did this to herself. Her tears are of frustration and self-pity – she even threw her parents to the wolves I hope she can somehow make her peace with her god and with herself. She needs to remain locked up. No more drama please. I for one won’t be watching any movie or reading any book about Jodi Arias



Charlesistheman says:

Who did he lie to about being a virgin? None of his friends said they actually came out and asked him if he was a virgin and why would they. Who openly discusses their sexual escapades besides men who are trying to impress their friends and in that case they are still little boys. He was teased about being a virgin but like witness said he never said he was he would change the subject because at the time he was sleeping with her and she was before Jodi. He also went to the Bishop and confessed that he was having sex with the other girlfriend and as she said they stopped once that was done. HIs friends assumed he was a virgin because of his religion but you know what they say about assume. It makes an ass out u and me.

daren says:

It’s a little hard to understand the fact that even tho she “admitted” to nearly decapitating him she is legally allowed such a costly defense! I hope the backlash for Wilmott is just as extreme as it was to laviolette! This stuff is almost unbelievable at time’s!

daren says:

Jennifer Wilmott Should Rot in Hell with Jodi for Adamantly defending the Psycho!

Charlesistheman says:

Don’t forget about Kirk Nurmi. He should be right beside the two of them and should probably burn more because he at first wouldn’t take Jodi’s case and then when they offered him more money because he went into private practice he took the case. Money is the root to all evil.

angie says:

Did anyone see on Nancy Grace tonight when Juan show pictures of Travis cut throat that dam spawn of Satan worthless bitch look at her Mom an they were laughing what the hell one of Travis good friends seen this why did the judge not do anything Satan spawn is getting by with to much saying bullshit to Juan behind his back flipping people off in court I just seen Travis crime seen pictures hell is to good for this sorry excuse for a human they need to hang her and let people come to watch the old law should be used in this trial. God bless Travis an his dear Family



cg says:

Maybe Laviolette needs to return again because the defense ‘opened’ the door with statements that she is not a stalker and now maybe the Judge is allowing the “too damning ” stalker evidence to come in. i hope so. the jury deserves and needs the entire picture.

jean says:

Jurors questions seem like a negative for the defense. Is this their final witness? JM has rebuttal next? LaViolette and Samuels now victimized. Makes them look like babes in the woods – stepped in Jodi’s pile of lies and wiles and probably have ended their careers. Am depressed just thinking about how much needless pain this sociopath has caused.

jean says:

Thur., Apr. 11, Looking forward to JW wrapping up the clean up with Laviollette. Can’t wait to hear jurors questions. I’m guessing this poor abused woman will wear a soft pastel color or white. Her hair will softly frame her face and she will be less active with her writing and whispering. She has looked somewhat aggressive the past few days. Too active and in charge. Won’t do. Must look weaker and more vulnerable – I think pigtails. whoops!

callie says:

I think she attacked him as he was getting up from the sitting position from the wet shower floor- remember the last photo was of Travis siiting down on the shower floor looking into the camera… sitting down on a wet shower floor with the water running is a very vunerable position even if you are a man, because at some point in time you will have to attempt to stand back up. What will you grab onto to help yourself up???? All you have for support will be the slippery shower walls. As he was attempting to get up from the sitting position she attacked him

SRE says:

That’s not Jodi’s mother. You have the wrong picture. Way to go Wild About Trial. What else do you have wrong??

Angela Maresma says:

Jules…: I like your version of the murder. Just a couple more thoughts. How about after she dropped camera he gets out of the shower, hunches down to check it and she grabs knife (left there earlier) and stabs him in the back (See autopsy photos for the angle of the stab wounds.) He inadvertently takes the photo of the ceiling. He rises and turns to stop her, gets defensive wounds while protecting his face and she stabs him with the fatal blow to the chest. He grabs the sink, spitting and leaking blood. He turns and stumbles down the hallway all the while she is stabbing him all over. At the end of the hall, she slashes his throat and uses the sheet to drag him back to the bathroom, hits camera and takes 2nd photo. Shoots him ( had gun in pocket) and stuffs him in the shower. I tested this theory and it took about 60 seconds to do it all. What do you think?

Lara Martinez says:

The picture labeled “Sandy D. Arias” is actually her twin sister. Arias’ mother has the darker hair.

Dana says:

You’re right. Noticed that as well.

CuriousCourt says:

They found small cut pieces of the rope at the scene. There was a rope. Jodi claims she took it with her and tossed it in a dumpster. She probably used it to tie up the sheet when she had the sheet wrapped around him. Maybe she was planning on taking the body with her and changed her mind or maybe she just used the sheet to move the body. The pic of her foot and the body looks like his throat had not been cut yet. It looks like the throat was cut at the end of the hallway.

Dreamz says:

If you look closer at the picture you can see his slit throat. It’s sickening what she did to him and then left him to rot. R.I.P. Travis, your justice is coming soon.

Rachel says:

in that picture supposedly of jodis foot it is showing that the foot is behind the shoulders at the nape of the neck and the head is resting onto the persons leg but my question is does anyone else notice that there is not a bare foot it is a persons slipper black shoe the kind that people where around the house nd the size of it is obviously very big when you measure it is far too large to be her foot it is the foot of a man . BUT DID THEY WANNA make note of that in comparison with the placement and the shoulders and back ..whom size does matter that is not jodis foot! and you will notice the foot at top of image that is lit in the light is actually travis’

julesincharge says:

I believe she did it all alone. Once she stabbed him in the heart, and from what the autopsy states, several more in the torso, I believe he was in shock both from the injury and the fact that she would even do such a thing. His first concern was probably saving himself, trying to get away from her, which is how he ended up at the sink. She kept stabbing him in the back as he bent over the sink, then slit his throat. Pulled him with all the water she used to flood the area, making him easier to drag, into the shower, then shot him for one final hoorah! She is a psychopathic habitual liar and deserves the death penalty. Everyone that knew her said she had empty eyes, evil aura. I don’t even know Travis, but after all of this I feel I do and know his friendship would have been welcomed. As for Jodi, she is someone I would have stayed clear of – she clearly has a Narcissistic personality disorder. Having been a foster parent, I know kids that were severley abused as children, but they haven’t become murderer. She can’t use that as a defense; it doesn’t excuse what she did – kill a man who didn’t want her.

Madea3 says:

Well done Jules…I can see it just that way it makes complete and accurate sense:)

jean says:

somehow it is all about the shower. Gunshot first makes more sense but forensics not 100% clear. Different opinions. That shower was very important. Stuffing him back in there would have been very difficult lots harder than dragging him back. She had a reason . I think she intended to dismember him. If they can prove that intent, her case is way down the tubes. Jodi has a little secret. Why bring a knife to a gunfight? To cut something.

giggly64 says:

what about the tons of blood in the hallway and bedroom…you didnt explain that part of the killing

jean says:

she didn’t expect him to survive the shot to the head. Didn’t plan on all that blood. Out damned spot!

Madea3 says:

100 ?’s from the jury and nurmnut is done… Thank God!!!

stevem says:

Why dosent the live feed work

PJustice says:

I look at the pictures and read the extent of what this sociopath did to this man and wonder how. I just can’t imaging this woman being able to cause this much damage to him with the amount of defensive wounds he had on his hands and not be able to over power her and protect himself without her having help.

Jarvis says:

Hell hath no fury…….. Pure rage

J Bolton says:

Jodi was in a narcissistic rage cause by his final rejection after her use of gross sex to lure him into taking her on the trip. I also believe she stabbed him in the chest near his heart while he was still sitting. He tired to escape while she continued stabbing him, but she caught up to him at the bathroon door and slit his throat.

Don’t let the amount of damage fool you- any mental health professional or any police officer can tell you how unstoppable mentally deranged people can be. I’m not saying she is legally insane, just a major borderline with narcissistic tendencies.

Paulie says:

Narsissistic personality disorder arises from severe abuse and neglect in childhood. Too many people throw that accusation around like it just means you are a selfish person. It is a very sad place to be and these folks deserve our compassion and support, not ignorance and insults!

debimarie says:

I’m wondering if jodi had a 2nd person help over power him? I just think that she may of had help
yes, I think she’s a sociopath who planned this horrific event. What a tragedy!

stpgrffn says:

I am in shock that she could do such a thing. She looks so sweet and innocent.

Shannon says:

Maybe those are the ones to keep an eye on.


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