Ohio School Shooting

Ohio School Shooting: Players

T.J. Lane – The alleged killer, 17, lived with his grandparents following his parents divorce and his father’s incarceration for assault.  Other students describe him as quiet but normal, with a fascination for posting pictures of guns on his Twitter account.
Daniel Parmertor – Parmertor, 16, was the first fatality after the attack. That morning he was waiting at the cafeteria for a school bus to take him to Auburn Career Center, where he studied computer science.
Russell King, Jr. – King, 17, died the day following the shooting at Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center. He was dually enrolled at Chardon High School and Auburn Career Center, where he studied alternative energy technology. Some student witnesses allege that King was the intended target of the attack because he had recently started dating the shooter’s former girlfriend.
Demetrius Hewlin – Hewlin, 16, also died on the day following the attack.  He liked to work out and was hoping to make the school football team.  Phyllis Ferguson, the boy’s mother, said in an interview with ABC News, “He wasn’t a morning person, and he was late for school.  But that one day he wasn’t late.  We were running a little late, but we weren’t late enough.  But it’s okay.  It’s in God’s hands.  Let His will be done.”  His mother also told the media that Hewlin’s organs were donated, in one case saving the life of a child.
Nick Walczak – 17-year-old Walczak was shot several times.  One bullet was lodged in his cheek, and he was also shot in the arm, neck and back. He is currently undergoing therapy to restore feeling to his legs.
Joy Rickers – Rickers, 18, was released from Hillcrest Hospital on February 28, the day after the shooting.
Nate Mueller – Mueller was not hospitalized for his injury, a graze to the ear.  Along with Walczak, King and Parmertor, Mueller is a student at the Auburn Career Center.
Frank Hall – A teacher at Chardon High School, hailed as a hero by his students for his actions during the shootings.  Hall chased T.J. Lane down after the shooting, causing him to leave the school, ending the danger and leading to his arrest.
Joseph Ricci –  Also a teacher at Chardon High School, Ricci was starting his math class when shots rang out.  He ordered his students on “lockdown,” donned a bulletproof vest, and charged out into the fracas, where he rescued Nick Walczak.
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