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Police called as fighting continues between Drew Peterson’s lawyers

Drew Peterson’s former lead counsel Joel Brodsky called the police on his former defense co-counsel, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Brodsky reportedly filed a report with Chicago Police after receiving what he called a threatening email from Greenberg on Wednesday.

The email reportedly told Brodsky there would be “consequences” if he did not retract “false allegations” made in a filing last week. “This is clearly meant to threaten me, so I notified authorities,” Brodsky said Friday. Greenberg denies that any of the comments were a threat, though he did hint that legal action may be taken.

This is the just the latest incident in an increasingly acrimonious and public battle between Brodksy and attorney Steve Greenberg.

Following Peterson’s conviction for second-degree murder in the 2007 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, Brodsky accused Greenberg of failing to win crucial motions for the defense. Greenberg responded by publicly calling Brodsky a “tyrant”, accusing him of ethical violations, and telling the media that Brodsky single handedly lost the trial by his ineptitude in calling a key witness, Savio’s divorce attorney, whose testimony jurors later said may have changed the result of case.

Brodsky has since stepped down from Peterson’s defense team. Greenberg is assisting Peterson’s new defense team file an appeal of his murder conviction, part of which is an argument for ineffective assistance of counsel by Brodsky.

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