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Preliminary hearing nears end in Canadian dismemberment case

The preliminary hearing for a Canadian man accused of murdering and dismembering Chinese national and Concordia University student Jun Lin and mailing body parts throughout Canada is expected to wrap up later this week.

Defense attorney Luc Leclair said that if Luka Magnotta’s case is sent to trial it should be on a charge of second-degree murder and not first-degree. Leclair is expected to give closing arguments this week.

At the conclusion of arguments, a Quebec judge will decide if there is sufficient evidence for the case to go to trial. If the court finds that the Crown has satisfied its burden, then the case will likely go to trial in front of a jury in 2014, according to the Canadian Press.

Magnotta is charged with murder in the first degree, defiling a corpse, using the Canadian mail system for delivering “obscene, indecent, immoral or scurrilous” material, and criminally harassing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as well as other government officials.

More than 30 witnesses have been heard so far at the preliminary hearing, although none of their statements or evidence presented can be released because of a publication ban.

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