SF Giants Fan Attack

Pretrial hearing for SF Giants fan attackers

LOS ANGELES — A pretrial hearing was held today for Marvin Norwood and Louis Sanchez, the two charged with the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow on opening day at Dodger Stadium last year.

The court appointed public defenders to the pair. During a fairly uneventful hearing, the defense stated that in light of further investigation, there was more discovery to review and Superior Court Judge George G. Lemoli scheduled another pretrial hearing for September 18th to give the parties time to exchange discovery. When asked if they agree to this date, 20 days out from the start of their trial, Norwood and Sanchez, sitting adjacent to their attorneys in handcuffs and “Dodger blue” county jail clothes, concurred.

Norwood and Sanchez are accused of beating Bryan Stow into a coma outside of Dodger Stadium last spring. The defendants could each face a maximum 9 and 11 years in prison if convicted. Another man whom police had initially arrested for the crime is now suing the LAPD for defamation.

Stow’s family has filed a 50 million dollar civil suit against the Dodgers to cover future medical costs, as he is expected to need living assistance for the rest of his life.

Aashiq Nazim, Wild About Trial

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