Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Prosecution rests in Jodi Arias murder trial

After only about an hour of testimony Thursday the prosecution rested its case against the beauty accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, after which defense attorney’s immediately filed a motion to dismiss.

Once the jury was excused for the day, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi filed a motion asking for a dismissal of the premeditation charge. Nurmi alleged that prosecutors failed to present any evidence of premeditation and therefore a reasonable juror could not convict Arias on a premeditation charge.

The prosecution adamantly disagreed, citing evidence that Arias rented a car, allegedly stole a handgun, and brought a knife and rope to Alexander’s apartment.

If the motion is not granted, the murder trial of Jodi Arias is set to resume on the morning of January 29.

In the prosecution’s brief testimony Thursday, the court heard the conclusion of testimony from Detective Esteban Flores, testimony from a Sprint representative, and testimony from a Utah woman that spent time with Arias after Alexander’s murder.

Sprint representative Jeff Strohn was asked to discuss Arias’ phone records which included several phone calls to Alexander’s phone after he was murdered. One of those calls lasted sixteen minutes which Strohn testified likely indicates Arias was deleting messages from Alexander’s voicemail.

The final witness called by the prosecution was Leslie Udy who is an acquaintance of Arias and spent time with her in Utah shortly after Alexander’s murder and testified she saw cuts on Arias’ finger. Arias told her she cut herself on a broken glass, which is consistent with the story she told to a romantic interest, Ryan Burns, whom Arias saw while she was in Utah as well.

Udy testified that she met Arias in 2006, and Arias told her she feared Alexander was cheating on her. Then she met with Arias again in 2008 after Alexander’s murder and observed the cuts on her hands.

On cross-examination Udy did say that Arias seemed like a soft-spoken gentle person, an account the prosecution obviously disagreed with. On re-direct the prosecutor showed Udy naked photos of Arias, as well as one photo allegedly of Arias’ leg next to Alexander lying in a pool of blood, and asked her if she knew “that” side of Arias. Udy of course said she did not.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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