Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Prosecutor: Jodi Arias is a manipulative liar

Jodi-Arias-May-1-2013-PhotoAP-The-Arizona-Republic-Mark-Henle-PoolPHOENIX (AP) – Jodi Arias wept and looked away from jurors Thursday as the prosecutor in her murder trial concluded closing arguments by displaying a gruesome photo of the victim’s back, covered in stab wounds, while describing her as a manipulative liar who meticulously planned the savage attack on her one-time boyfriend.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez pounded his hand on a table, raising his voice occasionally but largely speaking in an almost whisper-like tone.

He explained how Arias lied from the start and is still lying. He said she is hoping to fool the jury into believing she is the victim.

“That’s what she wants you to believe,” Martinez said, the photo of Travis Alexander’s dead body displayed on a large screen behind him. “But actually, in reality, it’s this,” he said, motioning toward the autopsy picture.

Arias, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in Alexander’s June 2008 death at his suburban Phoenix home. The case has become a tabloid and cable TV sensation with its graphic tales of sex and lies and has attracted spectators from around the country who line up as early as 2 a.m. for a chance to score a few open seats in the courtroom.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Arias faces a potential death sentence or life in prison. Jurors also have the option of finding her guilty of second-degree murder if they don’t believe she planned the attack, but instead think it occurred in the heat of the moment. If convicted on that charge, she could face up to 25 years in prison. A manslaughter conviction carries a sentence of seven to 21 years.

The images displayed Thursday, one after another, of Alexander’s decomposed body covered in stab wounds, of his bruised face with a gunshot wound above the forehead, of the bloody scene of the killing, were too much to look at for Alexander’s friends and family members. They sobbed and buried their faces in their hands.

Gasps could be heard as Martinez displayed a photo of Alexander’s deeply cut throat.

“This was a strike to kill, right at the neck,” Martinez said.

Authorities say Arias planned the attack on Alexander after he wanted to end their relationship and prepared for a trip to Mexico with another woman. Arias initially denied any involvement then later blamed it on masked intruders. Two years after her arrest, she said she killed him in self-defense when he attacked her after a day of sex.

Defense lawyers will present their closing arguments Friday.

“This is an individual who will stop at nothing, and who will continue to be manipulative and will lie at every turn,” Martinez told jurors.

Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot in the head, and had his throat slit. Arias’ palm print was found in blood at the scene, along with nude photos of her and the victim from the day of the killing.

Arias said Alexander grew physically abusive in the months before she killed him, but there was no evidence or testimony during the trial to corroborate her allegations.

The defense has portrayed Alexander as a cheating womanizer who used Arias for sex and abused her physically and emotionally.

Prosecutors depicted Arias as an obsessed ex-girlfriend who couldn’t come to grips with the ending relationship.

Martinez told jurors that Arias had been stalking Alexander and arrived unannounced on the day she killed him, sneaking into his home at about 4 a.m. The two went to sleep together, then awoke and had sex.

At some point, Martinez said, Arias decided it was time to carry out her murderous plan.

Martinez displayed text messages that Alexander and Arias exchanged about a week before the killing.

“I want you to understand how evil I think you are,” Alexander wrote to her.

The key to a first-degree murder conviction lies with intent, and Martinez said repeatedly that Arias planned the killing well in advance.

Arias’ grandparents had reported a .25 caliber handgun stolen from their Northern California home about a week before Alexander’s death – the same caliber used to shoot him. Arias was staying with them at the time, and the burglary occurred two days after the text messages that indicated Alexander no longer wanted anything to do with her.

Arias said she recalls Alexander attacking her in a fury on the day he died. She said she ran into his closet to retrieve a gun he kept on a shelf and fired in self-defense but has no memory of stabbing him. There has been no evidence presented that Alexander owned a gun, and the weapons used in the killing have never been found. Arias said she disposed of the gun in the desert.

“This is a meticulous approach to premeditation,” Martinez told jurors. “This is a meticulous approach to killing.”

Arias’ demeanor changed as the day went on. She began unemotionally scribbling notes with a pencil, even flashing a smirk as the prosecutor described her apparently faking an orgasm on a phone sex chat with Alexander that was played for jurors. She gently shook her head on another occasion. But once Martinez got to the photos, Arias was in tears.

“It’s like a field of lies that has sprouted up around her as she sat on the witness stand,” Martinez said of Arias’ 18 days testifying. “Every time she spat something out, another lie.”


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venta de consoladores says:

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Patricia Nelson says:

Hell yes I could be on a jury like this and it would not be in her favor!

Anne says:

It will be interesting to see how long deliberation goes for. In the OJ Simpson trial, jurors deliberated for 3 hours; for Casey Anthony, 3. Right now they’re at 7 and a half hours.

I couldn’t be on a jury like this. Could you?

Opal Black says:

In most civilized countries, the death penalty has been abolished. It is much easier for a juror to convict people like Jodi Arias and keep them off the streets for life, if they don’t end up with blood on their own hands as a result. Murder is murder. I believe she is guilty, but I don’t believe Jesus Christ would have stuck a needle in her arm. Sorry to all the torchbearers baying for blood, but that’s the way I see it.

Anandared says:

Seriously Mari?? The knife wounds show she was scared to death because he continued to come at her and she “was” defending herself.??? Most of the 29 knife wounds were in a cluster on his BACK! If they were in a struggle and he was naked as we know he was his sensitive parts were right there for her to kick and stop him , If they were in a struggle and she was swinging the knife at him those wounds would not be IN HIS BACK. Was he continuing to threaten her by “coming at her” doing the Michael Jackson Moonwalk?? Forensics is a SCIENCE . It does not lie like Jodi does. It tells the truth of his final moments and it tells that he was trying to escape and she attacked him from behind and then at the end of the hall when he was finally down on the ground she slit his throat EAR TO EAR DOWN TO THE SPINE NEARLY DECAPITATING HIM . Then she drags the body back instead of leaving it where it lay and deletes pictures and cleans up and phone calls to make an alibi and continues to manufacture evidence. In this massive struggle she claims why does she have NO absolutely NO wounds on her except for the small slice on her finger which she had multiple stories for and if her finger was broken as she claimed why can she write and draw non stop each day in court as she does with no pain to her hand. The entire world is not as stupid as Jodi wishes they were.

xboxmomma says:

You guys are posting she doesn’t deserve to fry, no one does????? Well no one deserves to have 29 stab wounds, slit throat, and gut shot to the head!!!!!!!!

xboxmomma says:

It amazes me, that the sick people who actually believe her lies. If she were being abused, her claim the gun shot to the head, should have been enough for her to get out. I don’t believe that lie. Travis said it himself, she only cries for herself and she proved that yesterday by starting out laughing. then when he shows the photos, she cries because she is worried they will convict her.
When he text her saying that she was evil, she knew that if she didn’t change his mind that day she was going to kill him. I have no doubt in that. I pray for his family today as they have to listen to more lies about their brother.

MLW says:

I am always impressed by the wack jobs that support Jodi, my guess is their support is because they think if she gets off they have a chance at a kinky sexual encounter!! JM did a excellent, especially when he broke down the Murder 1 charge piece by piece following the jury instructions. Now we get to watch wormi bs his way through a reason why a man deserved to be killed three times…..but it is no surprise that wormi loves this case, his entire career revolves around sexual deviants and child molesters. Then Juan will sum it all up at the end. Prayers for Justice!!

Makecia Whitfield says:

Are you guys serious?? His closing was a constant ramble! Showing pictures and making everyone cry is just a tactic to get emotion from the jury. If anything, she’ll get manslaughter if the jury has REALLY followed the judge’s admonishment about staying away from media resources and the court of tainted public opinion. No one know what happened that day and you CANNOT convict someone by using VARIOUS stories! Yes, what happened to Travis was horrible but his treatment of Jodi was horrible, also. He was NOT stalked! You don’t willingly have sex with stalkers….you are RAPED by stalkers and he was not. There is no proof she slashed his tires and if he thought she did he should have left her alone. If he was frightened of her he should have ceased ALL communication with her. His stories were told to cover his behavior of a being dishonest to the various women he was dealing with.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where women don’t stand beside one another in anything. Research the fact that prosecutors CRINGE at choosing women for rape cases because we ALWAYS think the woman somehow provoked or enticed the man and had it coming. Hopefully, the men will prevail on the jury the way they seem to prevail in society and lead to her being found guilty of manslaughter or acquitted!

KathyA says:

How do you know what happened anywhere is true? You just have Jodi’s word and you know how truthful she is… After JM got done yesterday I was waiting for the audience in the court room to give him a standing ovation because her deserved it. It was a GREAT closing and Juan Martinez spoke for Travis, someone who deserved to be heard. Jodi and her ?Defense? team have drug his name through the mud this entire trial and because Travis is not here to speak for himself Juan did it for him. I don’t know if she will get the death penalty but I am hoping that she gets found guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder and gets Life Without Parole. She has shown no remorse through out this entire trial, unless it was for herself, and then only when it would benefit her.

Opal Black says:

For Goodness’ sake – IT’S ‘DRAGGED’, NOT DRUG.

rose says:

Obviously you have not watched the whole trial, nor have you listened to any of it! When she was asked by her OWN attorney, Do you remember dragging Travis she said no she didn’t, she just knew she had to get away…Well, how do you expect to get away if your dragging a BODY!!! The ENTIRE story is a Lie and there is no need to discuss anything about details. None of what she said happened…NOTHING!!! Look at the photos. Every man watching this trial should be outraged!..because she is a female we need to give her more credability..if that was a man on trial, this case would of been over and he would of been convicted of 1st degree murder and how outraged you would have been that he brutally murdered someone. You need to get past your feminism and judge on the case, not by gender!!

Mari says:

JM did not prove that she planned it in his closing arguments. He merely slammed her about lying and even that the only proof that she lied was at the beginning when she denied killing him and when she said two intruders did it, other then that …its just hearsay. The statement “she killed him three times over” is not something to be weighed as evidence …. its called “grand standing” on JM. The only thing that matters is the first “blow” …the shot to the head. The knife wounds show she was scared to death because he continued to come at her and she “was” defending herself. As for the shot in the head that DR. Horn said FIRST that the bullet did not penetrate the brain and then after one of the jurors asked him to clarify the statement on his report, he says Now that it was typo. That alone is enough for me to say this autopsy report was sloppy to say the least, so I could not dismiss the fact that TA was not incapacitated when the bullet hit him. This case all smells of “cover-up” as far as the trying to keep TA true secret life to protect the Mormon church; starting with TA’s friends the Hughes (I believe) that retracted their emails warning JA about TA’s mistreatment of women.

tee says:

Please I pray the jury will see through her lies. The family of TA has been through so much pain let them get justice! I want to see her sit in a cell 23 hr’s a day for yr’s waiting to die.

Winnson says:

If she doesn’t deserve to fry, no one does

Tanya says:

JM was awesome today,justice for Travis!!!

Patricia Nelson says:


Patricia Nelson says:


Barb manning says:

I was very impressed with JM’s closing argument!!!!! Hoping for pre mediated murder….death for JA.

Patricia Nelson says:

The defense will not come back on this , SHE IS DONE, NO ANYTHING THEY SAY

Patricia Nelson says:


LoveBunny says:

I sure hope the jury doesn’t help Jodi carry those gas cans! . . . Once again, Juan Martinez knocks it out of the ball park.

Jay says:

Again, there are no actual tears there!!

Patricia Nelson says:

I am watching the closing and am shaking, she looks calm and distant. I thought her glasses fake all along.

Sue says:

Now Jodi can get rid of the glasses that are not prescription glasses! They just put them on her so she would look like some innocent, old maid that was so abused so much during her life!

tommy says:

What a moron

TracyinRI1969 says:

Not to stereo-type men in general but I think Travis just like a lot of men got caught up in the sex with Jodi who would do and say anything to sexually please him. A lot of men would have fell for this kind of behavior. I dont think for a second that Travis hit or abused this girl. Their sex life was 50 shades of sexy and everything in between. I hope defense has a big huge sorry for throwing TA name threw the mud and explains it is just the trial process and what they had to do for their client.


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