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More names released Zumba Madam Scandal

On Friday Prosecutors released the names of 18 more “Johns” listed as members of Alexis Wright’s alleged prostitution network. The Maine-based Zumba instructor is charged with 106 counts of prostitution and invasion of privacy for allegedly charging men for sex and then videotaping her encounters without their consent or knowledge.

The news of this prostitution scandal sent shockwaves through the small affluent town of Kennebunkport, Maine, where Wright’s studio was located. The names of the over 100 men are being released in batches as the prosecution continues to gather evidence.

The new list does not appear to have any names of note, and none of the men have addresses in Kennebunkport. Only five of the new names listed are from the same county, with two of the accused from Saco, Maine, two from New Hampshire, and four from Scarborough, Maine. The ages of the new group range from 29-66 years old. The first list included an ex-mayor of South Portland, James Soule, and Donald Hill, the head hockey coach at Kennebuck High School.

Reportedly the names of the accused Johns are being released in small groups because it takes time for the police to interview the men and review the devices confiscated from Wright such as cell phones and computers that may contain documentation of encounters with the Zumba Madam. Prosecutors have said it may take over seven weeks to finish gathering evidence, and no definitive timetable has been set for the release of the next batch of names.

Wright’s venture was reportedly very profitable, and according to documents, Wright brought in around $150,000 from her prostitution business.

Source: AP

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