Drew Peterson

Quarrel continues between two of Drew Peterson’s former counsels

Drew Peterson’s former lead counsel Joel Brodsky filed a motion this week accusing rival defense attorney Steve Greenberg of having a “mental illness” and leaking documents to a reporter.

Brodsky made the accusations in a motion asking to withdraw as Peterson’s defense attorney in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Kathleen Savio, Peterson’s third wife, whom Peterson was convicted of killing in September.

Brodsky’s motion responded to a memorandum filed by Greenberg last week that Brodsky committed a “smorgasbord of ethical violations” in providing Peterson’s defense. Peterson is seeking to appeal his murder conviction in part by using an ineffective assistance of counsel argument.

Brodsky wrote that Greenberg “suffers from a severe mental illness known as pathological narcissism.” He also accused Greenberg of having an “intimate relationship” with a cable TV reporter “which he developed during the trial to get more attention for himself” in addition to leaking sealed documents from the Peterson murder case to a reporter.

Greenberg said the motion is nonsensical and that Brodsky “doesn’t understand the law.”

“We, unlike him, aren’t filing anything or doing anything to make the situation worse,” Greenberg said.
Brodsky included in his motion that Peterson is “like a man grasping straws” that is using “blatantly false and ill-considered allegations of misconduct” instead of more legitimate legal arguments.

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