Granny Got Her Gun

Sandra Layne murder trial scheduled for March 4

Sandra Layne, the 74-year-old grandma accused of shooting and killing her grandson, will likely stand trial in March. Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Denise Langford Morris set a tentative trial date of March 4, with a final pre-trial hearing date set for February 28.

Layne appeared in court Thursday for the pre-trial conference dressed in the standard orange jail garb, in belly chains and shackled to other prisoners. Her attorney, Jerome Sabbata, said jail is having a deteriorating effect on his client’s health.

“It’s pretty clear jail is wearing on her — she loved him and is devastated by this,” said Sabbota. “She became mother and father to him … she got herself into a bad situation. Sabbota continued, saying that “[her grandson] was not, let’s say, the All-American boy. He had issues.”

Sabbata said he is still waiting on blood spatter analysis from the Michigan State Police lab before he can determine where at the scene the shootings took place.

The West Bloomfield Township grandmother is charged with the first-degree premeditated murder for the May 18 shooting death of her grandson, Jonathan Hoffman. She is accused of shooting him several times with a gun she recently purchased, but Sabbata says she acted in self-defense. According to Sabbata, Hoffman had a long history of drug problems and tested positive for the synthetic drug K2 at a meeting with his probation officer earlier that same day.

According to West Bloomfield Police, much of the struggle is recorded on a 911 call Hoffman made during which he said his grandmother shot him, and he was going to die. Sabbata maintains that there was a struggle for the gun, and it went off. Layne can be heard on the recording saying “let go, let go.” When police arrived at the Maple Place Villas condo, Layne was holding the gun and admitted shooting her grandson.

Layne faces up to life in prison if convicted, even though she is 74-years-old.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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