George Zimmerman

State asks court to decide: Is George Zimmerman claiming immunity under Florida’s stand your ground law?

Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder case filed a motion this week asking Circuit Judge Debra Nelson to determine whether the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012 plans to claim immunity from prosecution under Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara initially stated publicly that Zimmerman planned to claim self-defense and would request a hearing before trial to determine whether he was immune from prosecution, wrote Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda in the motion. However, O’Mara recently told the court that he would not need the two weeks set aside for the hearing.

De la Rionda now asks that the court conduct a “full inquiry” of Zimmerman. The State does not want to combine the “stand your ground” hearing and the trial and also wants to preclude Zimmerman from claiming immunity after a trial.

The motion will likely be addressed at a hearing next week.

The state also filed notice that they had deposed Zimmerman’s family members including his parents and his controversial brother, who has gained notoriety recently for Twitter posts comparing Trayvon Martin to a black teen in Georgia accused of shooting an infant.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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Gotta ask says:

Sounds like the prosecution has some issues with truthfulness guess we shall see

Our rights says:

Now come on innocent until provin guilty,let him have his day in court…everyone has this right

Mandelbaum says:

IT’S ABOUT T I M E ! GZ needs to be tried, CONVITED and sent to prison for the rest of his life! He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. And his even more mentally deranged brother will hopefully soon join him!

It’ll be interesting to see IF Osterman, Taffee, Grace Zimmerman, & possibly someone else goes down with GZ. There’s more to this story than is being told.

And we’ll see if the City of Sandford settles out of court for $$$$ with TM’s parents for covering up for GZ & trying to allow TM’s MURDER to go in investigated. We shall see.

Mandelbaum says:

Oooops! I meant ….UNinvestigated.

IF GZ doesn’t PLEA OUT first, we’re all gonna have a good ole time watching HYSTERICALLY as GZ’s less than accomplished life is unfurled for ALL the WORLD to laugh at!

jfjinca says:

Fry his azzzz, he’s guilty.


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