Ohio School Shooting

T.J. Lane’s family testifies on his behalf

Accused Chardon High School Shooter was back in court Wednesday morning and waving to family members as they testified for the defense.

T.J. Lane, now 18-years-old, is accused of opening fire in his high school cafeteria Feb. 27, killing three students and wounding three others. According to defense attorneys Lane suffered a psychotic break and has a history of suffering auditory and visual hallucinations.

Wednesday’s testimony is part of defense counsel’s attempt to exclude statements made by Lane’s family at the Chardon Police Department following the shooting. Lane’s family testified Wednesday that they had no idea they were being video recorded.

Prosecutors responded that the family members had no expectation of privacy in the police station.

Lane reportedly waved to his mother, sister, and grandmother as they testified and nodded to his father and grandfather as they took their turn on the stand.

Last week Judge David Fuhry held that statements made by T.J. Lane himself shortly after the shooting are admissible. In the next week he will now determine whether the statements made by the family will be admissible.

Trial is currently scheduled for January 14.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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