Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

PTSD argument targeted in Arizona murder trial

PHOENIX (AP) – A prosecutor in Jodi Arias’ murder trial is targeting a defense expert’s credibility and the psychologist’s diagnoses that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez questioned psychologist Richard Samuels’ credibility during a heated exchange Monday, leading to repeated objections from defense attorneys.

Samuels has spent two days on the witness stand describing how Arias suffers from amnesia and PTSD. He said it was the reason why she can’t remember much from the day she says she killed her lover in self-defense.

“Amnesia is not necessarily a fake or made-up kind of occurrence,” Samuels told jurors. “It is not as if amnesia can only be made up to cover up something.”

Samuels said he met with Arias a dozen times for more than 30 hours over three years before eventually diagnosing her with PTSD and amnesia. He resumed his testimony Tuesday.


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betty says:

Samuel’s is a messed up shrink and I really think he has a thing for Jodi. Too bad he doesn’t or didn’t get sufficient free time with he so she would have come out as the true killer. Let him analyze that. now that he really knows her. He is probably scared s–tless of her now or maybe he is still getting off on her.

betty says:

I have seen more emotion and life behind the eyes of a dead fish. This woman would scare the hell out of Hannibal Lector (sp) She should get the needle no break for her.

Jon says:

Arias would make an amazing politician the way she lies and dodges questions, never owns up to anything, always leaves everything open-ended. I sorta miss her being on the stand

priscillarobledo says:

i think they should just sh

your a waste of time jodi u lost give it up go back 2 your hell hole bitch u 3 whole wonder.

priscillarobledo says:

juan m. is the best shes going down thank u juan. priscilla robledo all the way from cali

LudwigVan says:

Amnesia from an unexpected, traumatic, life-threatening event is much more likely to occur when you are the victim and not the perpetrator.
C’est la vie!
P.S. Please inform Mr. Martinez.

freebie214 says:

Juan Martinez for President….The man single handedly destroyed Dr. Samuels and the entire concocted defense, and he’s not done with them. Stay tuned for Day 2.
Go JM Go!

priscillarobledo says:

dr.samuels is a joke the defence payed him alot of money for what again?ya 2 say anything

freebie214 says:

Yes Priscilla, Dr. Samuels is no better then a paid streetwalker, he sells his services to the lowest of the low. Btw, Jodi’s lawyer, the BIG boy NimRod, is a defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes so he defends pedophiles for a living, can’t get lower then that.

Santee says:

Santee says:
03/18/2013 at 8:21 am
Withstanding Perjury?! Arias testified under oath that she believes she was the one who killed Travis based solely on logic, not memory. My question to her on that point would be. What then does she base her affirmation of self defense for the killing of Travis? On memory; or on logic? If memory is the answer; she contradicts herself. Memory of the circumstance leading to the action infers recollection of the action. If logic is the answer; her defense is nullified. A defense is made and constructed on recollection of the circumstance leading to that action. Yet again contradicting her sworn testimony. There is no foundation for either declaration without acknowledging the inseparable relationship of both factors.. Therefore, perjury stands as the only logical conclusion. Catch 22 situation.

freebie214 says:

Rick and all, when you get a chance revisit the Medical Examiners finding on utube, I believe it’s the 4th full day of testimony. Arias not only stabbed and shot Travis, but there was blunt force trauma to parts of his body from a beating. I reviewed it last night and was stunned.


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