Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Theater shooting prosecutors object to expert

James Holmes June 4, 2013 Photo / AP - The Denver Post, Andy Cross PoolCENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — 10:45 a.m. (MDT)

Prosecutors in the Colorado theater shooting are questioning whether one of the defense’s most important witnesses — a psychiatrist who interviewed James Holmes — should be considered an expert.

Jonathan Woodcock is an assistant professor of neurology and psychiatry at the University of Colorado’s medical campus, the school where James Holmes was studying before the July 2012 attack. He didn’t treat Holmes before the attack; the defense asked him to interview Holmes after.

Under questioning by District Attorney George Brauchler, Woodcock acknowledged that he had only testified in one criminal case involving an insanity plea in the past 15 years. He took the stand in that 2011 murder case at the request of one of the public defenders who is representing Holmes, Daniel King.

9:30 a.m. (MDT)

Attorneys for Colorado theater shooter James Holmes have begun presenting their case aimed at showing he was legally insane when he opened fire on a packed movie premiere, killing 12 people and wounding 70.

The defense’s first witness Thursday was a nurse, Jason Frank, who was working in the jail in November 2012, when Holmes ran head first into walls and fell backward on his bed. They showed a video of Holmes falling to ground and lying there for several minutes.

In questioning by a prosecutor, Frank said Holmes acted normally in other interactions before and after that video was made and noted that his cell has always been very neat.

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