Bengals Cheerleader Case

Trial continues in ex-Bengals cheerleader lawsuit

Sarah Jones July 30 2012 Photo / AP - The Enquirer - Patrick Reddy, FileCOVINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader suing a gossip website for alleged defamation was expected to continue testimony for a second day in her lawsuit’s retrial.

A January trial in Sarah Jones’ federal lawsuit in Covington, Ky. resulted in a hung jury. Jones told jurors Monday that posts on website humiliated her.

Jones is suing for damages over two 2009 posts on the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based website she says were false and malicious. One alleged she had sex with every Bengals player. Another said she probably had two sexually transmitted diseases.

The website operator’s attorney says his client is not guilty of malice for posting the anonymous submissions.

The posts were unrelated to the former high school teacher’s 2012 guilty plea to charges she had sex with an underage ex-student.


Source: AP

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Ron says:

Be fair, it’s different between what she did and already found guilty and this trial that she is suing for.

Amanda says:

I have no sympathy. She should have thought about that before having sex with a child. A student in high school. She should be humiliated.


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