Granny Got Her Gun

Trial for 74-year-old grandmother likely pushed back until 2013

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Denise Langford Morris pushed back the pretrial date for Sandra Layne, the 74-year-old grandmother accused of fatally shooting her grandson in her West Bloomfield home in May, after learning that the Michigan State Police crime lab has yet to process critical evidence like DNA, blood spatter or even fingerprints.

Defense attorney Jerome Sabbata appeared in court with his client on September 13 seeking an adjournment, stating that he needed the key forensic evidence from the lab in order to mount an effective defense. However, outside the courtroom, Sabbata said he likely won’t have enough time to review the evidence until after the end of the year, suggesting the trial won’t begin until sometime in 2013.

Layne is facing homicide charges in the fatal shooting of her grandson, Jonathan Hoffman, on May 18, while he pleaded for help in a 911 call. The defense has said she acted in self-defense following a heated argument over the boy’s drug use. Layne faces life in prison if convicted.

RYAN KERNS, Esq., Wild About Trial

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