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Trial set to begin for Alexis Wright’s alleged business partner

Trial is set to begin for the married 57-year-old man accused of being Alexis Wright’s business partner in a prostitution scandal that continues to capture national headlines.

Mark Strong, a former private investigator who now owns an insurance company, stated in a recent interview with “Nightline” that he had an affair with the 29-year-old Zumba instructor and helped bankroll her studio so she “could teach workout classes,” but denied any wrongdoing or knowledge of a prostitution ring. He said he never paid Wright for sex.

“I’m sorry for any dishonesty, for the intimate relationship that I had with Alexis Wright,” said strong. He concluded by saying that he will spend the rest of his life apologizing to his wife.

Wright is accused of running a one-woman prostitution service of out of her fitness studio in the upscale town of Kennebunk, Maine. Police say that Wright kept meticulous records of her more than 150 “John’s” including a list of every sexual act and that she videotaped her encounters without the consent of her “clients.”

According to authorities more than 100 hours of video evidence and photos have been recovered, including several from Strong’s computer. Strong denies knowledge of any of those files.

Strong is charged with 59 misdemeanor counts including promotion of prostitution and invasion of privacy. Wright is charged with 106 counts of prostitution, invasion of privacy, tax evasion and other charges.

Strong’s trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 22. ( View Maine v Mark Strong –  witness list)

Prosecutors plan to call approximately 50 witnesses according to their preliminary witness list filed with the court and statements made by state prosecutors. The preliminary witness list includes 30 names including police officers, Maine DEA agents, cell phone carrier representatives, a town building inspector, Wright’s former landlord, as well as an employee of Topping’s Pizza which is located next door to Wright’s Pura Vida dance studio.

In court Friday Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan said she also plans to add to her witness list each of the 18 men that pleaded guilty or no contest to engaging a prostitute in the Alexis Wright investigation.

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