Andrea Sneiderman

Andrea Sneiderman

The Background:

Andrea Sneiderman Aug 5, 2013 Photo / AP - Atlanta Journal Constitution, Kent D. JohnsonRusty Sneiderman was shot and killed outside a Dunwoody daycare in Nov. 2010. Despite her vehement denial of any involvement in Sneiderman’s death, his wife Andrea then stood charged with his murder, as well as numerous charges of perjury and giving false statements to law enforcement.

DeKalb County, Georgia prosecutors allege that she arranged for her boss — with whom she may have been having an affair — to gun down her husband outside of their son’s preschool in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Just before jury selection, prosecutors dropped the murder charges and after a full trial, a jury convicted Sneiderman of four counts of perjury, hindering the apprehension of a criminal, concealment of material facts, and three counts of giving false statements. She was found not guilty of three counts of perjury and one count of giving a false statement.

Andrea Sneiderman was sentenced to 5 years in prison on August, 20 2013, but will be allowed to redeem time served.

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sallyjs says:

I hope one day Hemy Neuman will talk.

jclair says:

Sallyjc… That is exactly what I was going to say…can you imagine Her face when she hears what he has to say…hope it is soon!

Grethen Keng says:

Defense is presenting its case, and I must say, doing a good job. Yet to learn if Andrea will take the stand, again–I don’t think so. It doesn’t seem as if there is enough to convict her.

debimarie says:

Dateline did a f/up story to this last week and showed the prosecutor dropping all charges for lack of evidence.

A Darley says:

So many commercials on HLN it is impossible to follow trials. I try to find live streaming and usually can.

Noreen says:

The Castro trial is over. Maybe now she will be on. I’m new on this one, looks like she is guilty so far.

bonnielovesthelaw says:

she has to be the most obnoxious person i have ever seen. i will watch this trial with great interest if, for nothing else, to see if she’s managed to redeem herself at all.

nance says:

will the andrea sneiderman trial be on HLN TV? I keep turning the TV on to HLN and I see nothing about this trial and I can’t find out anywhere if this will be shown on TV. I just see other stuff like the murdered boy trial and now the imprisoned girls hearing. Does anybody know if the Sneiderman trial will be shown?

Jackie says:

HLN said opening statements are starting today so where is the coverage??? Are they just leading us on so we will keep watching all day for nothing??

Mary Gutsmeidl says:

HLN will not be televising the Andrew Sneiderman trial because the state dropped the murder charges.

JesseByNight says:

Yeah, I also watched the Hemy Neuman trial. (Of all the people, people who were her superiors, why him? Ugh. Trying not to judge here; really I am trying so hard.) The only reason I can think of a reason that she would choose him to drag along is control. Just like Rusty, she could control Neuman (shivers). I really don’t think she came out and told or Hemy Neuman to take out Rusty. JMOO, Neuman just assumed their affair meant more to him than it did to her. She probably did mention a tidbit or three about life insurance, bank accounts, whatever in private and intimate conversations. But, dude, the girl could not just shut-up on the stand, could she? I agree with @Cathy above, her affect/behavior were classic. Up thread, who’s pablo? Why is he commenting if he’s not contributing or in agreement? There are so many other cases ……. **IMO they dropped the murder charges FOR NOW because if she gets on the stand (?) she walk herself right back into them.

Colleen says:

11Alive will air the hearing on WIZ TV and will live stream the proceeding starting at 1:30p.m. here on

Colleen says:

Sneidermans trial is at 1:30 p.m. today. Live Stream on 11alive

Bonnie Nelson says:

So this is live stream at 11:00 PST, today?

sharplle says:

I do believe it is Jury selection starting today.

vickey puckett says:

What’s the next trial? And when?

Joany says:

Thought she was very defensive and cocky on the stand…..

asalle says:

@lee c fairfax….. Did you happen to watch the Hemmy Nueman trial??????? The way someone is guilty of murder by making their boss do it is by conspiring with them. They were having an affair. Many witnesses testified to this on the stand. They went on long trips together and they had people who saw them, friends who were told about the affair, etc……. She is not “normal” she is a crazy and that was seen during her testimony in the Neuman trial as well is when the judge had to ban her from the courtroom for threatening witnesses. I would advise you watch the trial before making comments that are absurd.


When will this trial begin, and will it be live streamed by WAT?


daria says:

Will there be a live blog during the trial where people can post comments?

pablo vang says:

Obssesed sheep, all of you are stupid,

Jenascia johnson says:

This trial will be aired on HLN starting July 29.

Brenda Nelson says:

I followed the Hemy Neuman trial and believe Andrea Sneiderman was responsible in planning her husband’s murder…conspiracy.

Sue G says:

IS the Sneiderman trial being aired on live steaming? Do we know yet?

lee c fairfax says:

I think she’s not guilty. I don’t see how she can be responsible for what her nutcase boss/lover did. As to her personality and mannerisms. I grew up in NYC and did a year at Brandise and, frankly, she is normal for many of the young women I knew there. Even if she outright asked him to kill her husband, (which I doubt, especially as it happened at the school) He didn’t have to and should never have considered doing it. So they had an affair. Lots of people do today. I dated a guy who took it upon himself to beat up another guy I was dating. Crazy but not my fault.

Catherine says:

Obviously it wasn’t on a spelling scholarship to BRANDEIS!

Jodi says:

I was very up on tyhe Hemy Neuman trial. Sneiderman is a liar and was behind the entire murder of her husband Rusty. Wait & see.. she will burn in hell for this one!

debimarie says:

I saw this story on 48 Hours and this lady was so cocky. She should have never took the stand as a witness. She ruined her own credibility and made for prosecutors to look further into her liability. I hope she rots in prison. Poor kids.

Joanne says:

Where is trial going to be aired?

Cathy says:

I watched hemy Neumann trial and she is guilty. Her affect and behavior throughout was insight to who she is and that is a sociopath

donna garves says:

I think she’s guilty of having an affair with the guy that was convicted of murder and I think she used his mental illness to get him to kill her husband.


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