Baby Gabriel Case

Baby Gabriel Case

The Background:

The disappearance of seven-month-old Baby Gabriel horrified the community of Tempe, Arizona. Even more shocking was the unsettling response from Baby Gabriel’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson, who allegedly took the child to San Antonio, Texas to be adopted before he disappeared. According to the prosecution, Baby Gabriel’s mom admits to suffocating Gabriel until he turned blue, stuffing him into a baby bag, and throwing him into the dumpster. Counsel for Ms. Johnson claimed that she is incompetent to stand trial, but the judge disagreed. The trial lasted eight days with six days of testimony, including 29 witnesses called by the prosecution and no witnesses called by the defense. On October 18, after less than two days of deliberations, the jury convicted Elizabeth Johnson of unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference, and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. They were unable to reach a verdict on kidnapping, the most serious of the charges against her.

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nicky lup says:

they should do exactly the same thing to her. What she did to that baby Gabriel. If she ever meets her maker.he will give her some real justice. five years. Gimme a break.. ;<((

Melody LaPier says:

Its my understanding that she wasn’t charged with murder because the state doesn’t have enough evidence yet. They didn’t want to try her on that charge and stand the chance that she’d be acquitted because they could never go back and try her again if and when they do have absolute proof. I don’t know what I believe right now. I was leaning toward murder but I’m now stuck on her selling him or just giving him away. I just don’t know.

Carolyn says:

yes you are correct! The issue at hand is the girl changed her story. She told the babys dad that she killed the baby but theres only her statement to him. She didnt confess…when she was arrested she said she gave the baby away. Then there’s the lady who already was tried and convicted for trying to illegally adopt the baby, which proves how horrible the girl is but it also proves she didnt want to harm the baby as she tried to give him away

madalene says:

OMG! Something is wrong with the jury system again! This girl admits to and how she killed this poor innocent child and STILL no murder verdict??? WTF!

403 says:

How can there be a murder verdict if there was never a murder charge?

Vbmg152 says:

How can such a young girl live with this secret? Guilt would overwhelm me & I’m twice her age plus some! What’s wrong with young people these days that they can just kill their kids, lie about it, get away with it &,go on with life as if nothing happened? I was a single Mom for a long time, it’s hard but, you don’t kill your kids! My God! Look at Casey Anthony, she got away with killing her daughter!

lee c fairfax says:

let me add…If you plan on a murder it seems to really help if you are an attractive young woman. Casey A, Jodi A and this one as well as the child- student molesting teacher, etc. If a man had taken his child and ‘lost’ him do you think he would get 4 years?

lee c fairfax says:

she got away with murder. Let that be a lesson… just keep saying you don’t know.

Murph says:

Crimes against children that result in either disappearance or death should result in the death penalty.

Vbmg152 says:

Absolutely right!

Vbmg152 says:

your absolutely right about that!

Madalene Greco says:

The thought of harming anyone, much less an innocent child makes me gag. The courts and this justice system needs to change so that these maniac murderers, and admitted murderers yet, get what is coming to them!

Cosmosmom says:

This bitch is just another Casey Anthony. This baby never stood a chance. I think they should sterilize her BEFORE she gets out of prison.

vlwhite1313 says:

The difference is Casey Anthony got away scott free with murder!

Cathy says:

What about baby Gabriel’s death? Why wasn’t she charged for murder of that baby? I don’t understand. Where is the baby now? In a landfill?

meshawn craddock says:

pathetic sentence,

meshawn craddock says:

i cant beleive she only got not even six yrs. thats pathetic,she will be out very soon,im in shock,

Jodi J. says:

I don’t understand how people can punish children for adult issues. Like the “dad” who blew up his house with himself and his 2 sons inside. Kill yourself, sure, but why the kids? I can’t imagine having THAT much hate. *smh*

Cathy says:

That much hate is more like arrogance. More like I made these kids, they’re mine, if I want to kill them it’s my choice because they re my kids. He was a psycho just like his dad. I have no doubt she’s dead and with josh gone the only way to find her is Josh’s dad Steve . He was obsessed with her, its only a matter of time before he’ll be able to go and ‘visit” with her. Follow him, find her. Tap his phones and double take his computer activities .

Betty says:

So sad for this baby just because she didn’t want him and didn’t want his father to have him, So many times a custody battle a child suffers one way or another, This woman she never see the light of day, They baby is most likely dead, They just don’t know where his little body is, When I watch this and the ones that was going to adopt him, Trying to keep him from his father, Its something God will take care of one day, Cause no one will lie to God or make excuses, God knows with the baby boy is, Most likely with the Angels in heaven, Thats a good thing because Elizabeth sure will not,

lunagrace says:

“Dito”Kathleen,well said!

kathleen says:

rot in hell bitch


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