Dr. Martin MacNeill

Dr. Martin MacNeill

The Background:

Dr. Martin MacNeill Booking Photo / AP -  Utah County Sheriff's Dept. After an investigation that spanned the country and even went as far as Ukraine, Utah County prosecutors charged Martin MacNeill, a noted local physician, in the murder of his wife, Michele. MacNeill allegedly killed his wife via an overdose of prescription medications following a facelift. In the days and weeks after her death, MacNeill shocked his adult children by introducing his younger mistress as the new nanny and sending one of the couple’s adopted daughters back to Ukraine. The adult children, along with their mother’s sister, began their own investigation into their mother’s death, uncovering what they call MacNeill’s “web of lies” that spanned his entire life.

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Carol Benita says:

Hum, those who say “he’s a good guy”? Well, good guys don’t sexually attempt thier children, they don’t display hostile manners (but I guess behind closed doors who cares right); they don’t leave thier children $1 from thier will, what the hay, give it all to the mistress. And lastly, ship off any adopted back to UK. Really, really nice guy all the way around. Whatever!

Maureen Jazylo says:

Was the jury sequested during macneill’s trial?

Diane Eleveld says:

Still say he’s a good guy, Paul? (Nov 7, 2013)

margaret says:

great coverage, Thank you.

joanne says:

Why was Michelle so submissive to her husband. Didn’t she have a mind of her own. Why would she let him give her all those pill?

paul says:

Doc is a good guy. I know him personally and I havent ever seen him behAve as such.Keep fight for your freedom and justice.

lauren says:

am i the only one annoyed with this judges interruptions?

rita ann loose says:

Is the jury in the Dr. Martin MacNeill murder trial sequestered?

Leslie says:

I can’t get anything at all … ??

ditzy27 says:

I’ve got sound all the way up and can barely hear the testimony. Can Wild About Trials do something to get louder sound??

Leslie says:

Maybe no live feed for jury selection?

kathy says:

Trial begins Thursday!

Deb says:

I am in Massachusetts what time is it in Utah I understand it starts at 8:30 your time it is 11:18 my time

Linda says:

Hi, Trials starts @08:30 on 10/15.

Pam says:

Yes, there will be a live feed….anyone know what time?

Kathy says:

Doesn’t MacNeill trial start Tuesday?

Janice says:

Have you been able to find the link to the Dr. Martin MacNeill trial?

jenkoj says:

Trial hopefully will start on time. With it being on Mountain time it will be same as Jodi Arias

jenkoj says:

@cathy I totally agree with you. Been there done that and still alive thank God.

pam says:

will macneill trial be live streamed or covered live?

c.maskell says:

There’s a free android app called streaming justice that you can download if you have not found it already.

Cathy says:

Women need to start listening to their inner bitch, before its too late

Burn1 says:

Yep, for sure

Kitty says:

Lol, what she said <


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