Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky


Jerry Sandusky is driven from the Centre County Courthouse after being sentenced in Bellefonte PaTuesday Oct..9,-2012The allegations that Jerry Sandusky, a former football coach for the Penn State University team, sexually assaulted young boys under the indifferent eye of the Penn State football program captured the nation’s attention.

The defense rested their case after a mere two and a half days of witnesses, as compared to the week of testimony from the prosecution. Most of those witnesses testified as to Sandusky’s good character and selfless nature; however, some attempted to undermine the credibility of key prosecution witnesses like Mike McQueary.

Once the prosecution started to put on its case, the testimony grew more disturbing by the day. Alleged victims took the stand and recalled that the former football coach molested them in his basement and bribed them with candy and gifts to stay quiet. Colleague Mike McQueary gave chilling testimony of the now infamous shower scene between Sandusky and a young boy. While the defense tried to attack the credibility of the witnesses, the sordid details kept coming out. Jurors were spotted weeping during the emotional testimony of some of the alleged victims.

After 20 hours of deliberation, one sequestered night and two conferences with the judge to review the evidence, the jury returned its verdict: Jerry Sandusky is guilty of sexual abuse of ten young boys he was mentoring through his charity program.

Now that Sandusky has been tried and convicted of 45 counts of sexual assault against Pennsylvania children, the integrity that once defined the Penn State football program is once again in doubt.

Jerry Sandusky was sentenced Tuesday, October 9, 2012, to at least 30 years in prison — effectively a life sentence. During the sentencing hearing Sandusky continued to profess his innocence while three of his victims spoke about the devastation caused by his attacks.

According to defense attorney Joe Amendola, Sandusky will appeal his conviction by arguing that the prosecution rushed into trial, and the defense did not have adequate time to prepare.

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Muriel Cavanaugh says:

Please since 1st shower with a minor, until A D A Gricar’s investigation. No-one said a word . By then everyone Hushed As Gerry walked into a room. However Gricar,couldn’t hide his abuse at that moment, Mr.Gricar walked away from his own life.So let’s just say HOW LONG HOW MANY THESE ARE NOT TOYS..

James says:

Has anyone seem my little boy?

James Ginn says:

No punishment is too harsh for pedophiles.

Cynthia says:

Really? You can’t believe this happened to him?? One if my closest friends of almost 20 yrs and behind bars for the next 50 for doing the same thing and as much as that blows because I really miss him and as well was a fantastic guy, but I also work with kids and know how much one act can really hurt a child for the rest of their lives and impact their ability to form relationships later in life…and they didn’t ask for it. He is a married man who was with selfish and did what HE wanted regardless of the impact on the other person which means he and derived pleasure from it. Its unfortunate, and it’s hard to see the big picture when you are the one in the picture, but really?!?

KAMM says:

The depth of betrayal of this person is Unfathomable. To his victims each and every one of them, my heart goes out to you. To his other victims, his wife, children ,colleagues, his parents, his siblings, nieces, nephews perhaps grandchildren. I know personally when you are forced to face these kinds of facts of a man you never doubted, always trusted, loved beyond measure. Believed you would grow ancient together and in the end be laid to rest side by side. Suddenly that ideal is literally pulled out from you. Unless you have been threw it you cannot come close to Understanding his betrayal!

Jeff Peters says:

I can’t believe this happened to him he is a great guy I used to hang out with him.


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