Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

The Background:

An Arizona woman was found guilty of murdering her ex-boyfriend in a jealous rage. A jury of eight men and four women convicted Jodi Arias, 32, of first-degree murder on May 8, 2013 after a trial that lasted more than four months and became a media sensation capturing national headlines. However, the same jury was not able to reach a unanimous decision on whether the scorned lover turner killer should be put to death or receive life in prison. Prosecutors have stated they will continue to seek the death penalty and a second sentencing hearing, in front of a new jury, is likely to take place in late 2013 or early 2014. The next hearing is scheduled for September 16. If Arias receives the death penalty, it would earn her the dubious distinction as the fourth woman on Arizona’s death row.


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Kevin Johnson says:

The hell with the hung jury, I want a hung Jodi!!

William says:

Wow, Hung Jury….

Jimmybones11 says:

I’m thinking there will be a sur-rebuttal. The judge does not want to leave any door open for an appeal due to a non allowance of the request. I just don’t get why the defense after they already presented their case, and then rested after they felt that they had completely defended their client to the best of their abilities, get to basically say, “Judge the state has been afforded all the same time and info that we have, we both presented our cases, we the defense have rested our case after we felt that we had covered all aspects. Yet the prosecutor in his case, that he is still presenting, has made it very apparent that we didn’t cover every aspect, and now realize, that we might not have done as good of a job as we thought we did, and we would like another chance. That doesn’t seem quite right.

Simply1Star says:

They know they’re in trouble… They’ll do anything to save their necks, including purposefully trying to cause a mistrial.

MissPeggySue says:

Who pay the lawyers for Jodi Arias. Are they private lawyers? There was a hearing Fri 19, About?
Why does she have all those notebooks or papers? What does she do on them? Can she really profit for her journals or drawings while in jail?

javafixx says:

I am confused on one point. I understand that Jodi gets to preview the jury questions in advance because she is the defendant, does the jury know this or is this kept from them and they think she is hearing them for the first time? If the jurors arent aware of this, this is very deceptive thinking she didnt prepare her answers in advance.

Courtney Shalosky says:

I am praying they kill this wolf in sheeps clothing..not so much for how she murdered him 3 to 33 times over again to get him out of this life..not for bein more concerned over her future and not that she stole a beautifuls persons so untimely and not for the continuous half decade of lies carrying them to hand off to the jury straight from the stand BUT fortfortrying to murder him again after killing him by lying in front of his surviving family and friends and trying to slander this man..death..pls dont say beauty will save her a stay

courtney says:

Whose picture is next to my comment.not me.confused.

El1may says:

This girl is def a dangerous sociopath

Ashley says:

Maybe I missed it but why did she “visit” Travis to begin with? Did he “call” her over to his home? And she is saying that she shot him first but EXPERTS are saying he was stabbed 1st…she says she shot 1st. I think she stabbed him to stun him(hence her not having injuries from someone twice her size) then shot and finished himoff.

admin says:

We listened to you and created The Official Wild About Trial Forum so you can discuss your favorite trials at length. Please visit and create your free account. We will be closing our comments section in the apps and website. Thank you for all your great comments, we look forward to your participation in our forum.

Madea3 says:

My dad was drunk when he hit all nine of us. He was out of control. Mom was scared to do anything she doctored us up afterwards.
None of us have killed anyone. Jodi is full of horse crap and she is on a high horse. On my dads death bed he said to all 9 of us how sorry he was, and we all kissed him and he died a few hours later.

Madea3 says:

What annoys me a lot is when her mother and auntie laugh. I would be in silent prayer for Jodi and the mom has looked over at the family of Travis as tho they are a family from another planet. How can this mom feel no empathy for this family. Is this genetic or learned behavior??? She killed this man so viciously and she even dragged a wooden spoon In the this abuse BS. I have popped my granddaughter w/ a wooden spoon when they really were naughty!
Are they gonna cut heads off, no they are not i have never had to pop them since. They got the lesson right away. It hurt me more then them. They were sorry for being so naughty, I was in tears knowing my words were falling on deaf ears. They always want to stay the weekend w/me and papa.

Regina says:

Why don’t you people leave that girl alone. He was overkilled she had a lot of rage . Why don’t they bring out the phone records. She did not kill him like that for no reason.. That girl he was taking to Cancun didn’t even like him like that……

Madea3 says:

Travis’s coffin is smaller then Jodi’s cell, what a smart ass

SSW says:

I think I have this figured out. She has already said that after the murder she “thought her life was about over and became suicidal.” She also said when she “nicked her wrist ” in a trial attempt, it was”too painful and put that idea on the back burner for now.”
I believe she knows there is no way she will get away with this, is just sparing to drag it out, and knows it will be another 10 – 15 years on appeals before she faces a painless leathal injection.

Steve says:


Sandy says:

LOL……….thats funny………ask her to marry u………………i agree if these other 2 morons won their case……….Jodie may too

Steve says:

Jodi will win this case.After all all moron O.J. won his case,and Casey
Anthony was guilty as sin,but she won.The prosecutor in this case is
only talking about sex.Am surprised he didn’t ask Jodi if travis was hung
like a horse

Killips says:

well here we go about 20 min then Live tv Hope she brought her Lunch today. yesterday was something else, JM I felt for him, this girl is round and round and says its him, My Dogs Listen better then her, lets bsee how she does today, she is bound to crack, I feel like her Attorneys are like well we lost this one. she stated yesterday that she even lied to them. Well lets just hope the Jury see through all her I’m a good girl acts, and I was abused Bull. well here we go

barbiedoll71 says:

I don’t know if I’m watching the same trial as the rest of you from your comments. If I were a juror her attitude with the prosecutor would be a
negative for her. It is clear she is avoiding answering the questions trufully.
She never wrote or said a BAD word about Travis until she faced
being found guilty of first degree murder and then she spends 8 days defaming him. The judge should warn her about her sparring
with the prosecutor.

sonoma95446 says:

This is going to result in a hung jury. Fortunately the mistakes the prosecution made by letting this heathens lawer go on and on will not be made the second time around. Relevance is the key. 90% of what was said during direct was irrelevant to the character of the departed. Even her own testimony was many times hearsay. The prosecution gave the jury credit for being halfway intelligent. With our lousy schools and dumbed down world, a couple of double digit jurors will screw up 90% of even the most blatant of crimes. Notice how the defense is talking soooo sloooow. It’s so the morons will retain this like the Pavlov dogs some of them probably are. I was on a Jury in a civil case where the evidence was overwhelmingly exonerating the party in question. I was picked by the attorney suing as I was a long time motorcyclist and this was a bike wreck case. The guy who was barfly injured was lying through his teeth and claimed to be an expert bike driver. I requested the DMV motorcycle manual to go over the proper braking procedures as I knew it was in there and was given the manual. This proved to the jury during deliberations that his braking style was the sole cause of the accident yet there was 1 holdout who I happened to eat lunch with every day. A nice guy but unmovable. If you ride a motorcycle and use only your back brake, you can expect to skid into the first car that gets in your way. 2/3s front 1/3 rear. Point being, this bus driver knew nothing about riding. After the case we found he had 2 other cases pending with similar issues. The world biggest coincidence, I think not. In closing, shes guilty of hell, the prosecution in a sane world would have prevailed but wed do not live in a sane world. Conspiracy based minds are abundant and many simply ignore the truth to get empowered by their actions.

sherry c. says:

the evidence shows that arias didnt have much money..he was letting her borrow money and was depositing it into her acct..he also was paying her to clean his house and she was making payments to him for the car.

Dana says:

What was her car rental contract agreement. Was she Going to see him with the hopes on taking the trip with him. I feel like she had plans to kill Him if he still planed on taking someone else on the trip with him instead of her. She cut him the way she did to destroy the body that he worked so hard on for the trip. He had gone on a diet and had been working out for the trip. She felt like if she couldn’t have him no one else could.

killipsd says:

2/21 well today is the day, lets see how she worms her way today, I DONT REMEMBER is not going to fly with the state, I hope he Drills her, she will not get the chance to me chatty, it will be yes or not, thats not what I asked you, Just answer the question, I hope the jury will not buy all her crap,lies. She needs to to AZ 4th women on death row…… if this is not a death row case I dont know what would be. well let the day begain cant wait about 50 min. till its Live….. lets goooo hang on folks it could get sticky today…

Avaenthia says:

i cannot wait to see her squirm on the stand, its gona b epic

killipsd says:

2/21 well today is the day we have all waitted for, lets see how she dodges Today, I do hope the Jury is not buying her lies…. hope the state keep its cool, and just hands her,her own rope, she cant explain all the lies to the state the state is not going tojust let her talk and rambal on like her attorney did I hope he Drills her, and put the photo’s in her face. well let the day begain…… cant wait, about 50 min to go

tina says:

In today’s (2/20) testimony when Jodi was going over the details on how she shot Travis (which of course, was another lie) that they fell on each other and the gun just went off)….HA….NOT, I saw one tear come from that one eye of her that tears come from (her right). Again, don’t people cry from both eyes? I believe this had been mentioned previously on another comment. 1) Of course, the the DA didn’t ask her WHY she stabbed him so many times. When he went on to the next topic of her leaving, her once “low & shakey voice” all of a sudden turned into the usual “I’m speaking to the jury” clear voice. Sociapath!!! I know it’s bad for someone to wish another dead, but in this case, I truly believe an eye for an eye would be appropriate but if the cost of executing is too expensive, chunk her disgusting self into a filled tub & I’ll donate a $10 toaster to throw in.

silvy says:

I thought an abuser was someone who forces someone else to do something they did NOT wanted to do. According to the sex tape, not once does she says NO, I don’t want to do this or that. Instead she participates and encourages him. So much for abuse. As for the picture of the little boy in underwear, where are these pictures??? I’m sure his appartement has been searched, why is the defense not showing any evidences? Maybe because they exist only in Jodi’s imagination?
The reason why her old boyfriends are still alive is because she is the one that decided to leave them not the other way around. She could not stand that Travis didn’t want her so she used sex in the hope that it would change his mind. He didn’t and he paid the price.

CuriousCourt says:

I don’t understand all the defense attorneys and women’s advocates that are jumping on the crucify Jodi bandwagon who are usually front and center defending women that are emotionally, mentally and or physically battered. They are really hypocrits and their responses to this case is making me lose respect for many of them.

AquariousinAZ says:

The issue with women’s advocates not supporting Jodi Arias is because she isn’t being truthful. She is using domestic violence as a cover for her self-defense argument, when you can obviously see from the overkill in this case that it could hardly have been just self-defense. It was a crime of passion. Yes, there might have been abuse involved but I doubt that this was the primary reason for her actions. She seems very calculating and callous. At least she creeps me out with her smirks in court. They seem highly inappropriate.

Anyway, in a self-defense situation, you strike to disable your opponent quickly and then you get the heck out of Dodge. You don’t stab them 27 times, slit their throat – almost decapitating them, and then shoot them in the head. It would waste precious time and the risk of being overpowered is just too high.

To be quite honest, I’m still at a loss as to how she managed to overpower him in the first place but I don’t recall whether or not they were able to run a tox screen on the victim, nor whether they could tell if she had shot him first, since the decomposition was so advanced.

In any case, if you have ever been a domestic violence or an abuse victim, you would know that women like Jodi Arias make it increasingly difficult for women, whom are actually victims and survivors of domestic violence, to get through the court processes in one piece because they are not taken seriously. Women like Jodi Arias crying wolf leads to many women being treated with doubt in family court. This is especially true when it comes to female judges. They are the worst offenders when it comes to re-victimizing a domestic violence survivor of their own sex. That’s at least what it looks like from my perspective and experience.

CuriousCourt says:

98 seconds? I don’t understand how she did this all herself in 98 seconds. Something smells fishy here.

CuriousCourt says:

From what I have heard so far, I do not think it was self defense but we have not heard her story of what happened that day. Travis was not a nice person. Did he deserve to die? No. I do think he used and abused her, it is a shame she did not have it in her to stay away. If Jodi had not killed Travis then all these TV attorneys and advocates for women would be claiming Travis used and abused her. I think the prosecution is over charging, charging the wrong charge. I think the defense is using the wrong defense. These two issues might play a part in her getting away with this.

AquariousinAZ says:

Well, from what I heard today, 2/19, I would have to say that there’s definitely evidence of an abusive relationship. Certainly, as you have stated it isn’t reason for murder. It does explain some of it, though. I guess, I was pre-judging the situation because I despise it when women whom haven’t gone through DV use it as their defense. Yet, some of what she described today makes sense. Could she have been coached on it? Sure, that’s possible. I will have to wait and see what the prosecutor does with her. There are still too many unexplained things in my mind and I am waiting to hear how she explains them away tomorrow.

joellpulley says:

Travis was getting Angry with Jodi because She was Stalking Him. I think Jodi was trembling nit out of fear but Anger. They say Hell has no fury like a woman Scorned!!

CuriousCourt says:

She freakin’ moved away from him. How can you say she was stalking him? She even said on the tape played in court yesterday that they would both go on to marry other people. There is enough evidence to prove that Travis pursued her. There are pages and pages and pages of text messages and phone calls that were initiated by Travis. He was only after her for sex and money but none the less, he was still after her.

Susan619 says:

Please please let Juan Martinez at her!

AquariousinAZ says:

Yeah, I can’t wait for that. The defense attorney is driving me out of my mind. The pace of the trial is excruciatingly slow. I hope Martinez has a better and more dynamic pace. I don’t know much about him. I only watched him on a “Snapped” episode of an Arizona murder once.

Melissa Collins says:

I keep hearing that the only thing the defense can do for Jodi is explain why she brought the knife and the gun. There has been a constant thread of testimony and even a recorded phone call that mentions Travis’ Fantasies. Jodi admits going along with them willingly. She even testifies to being the one who would bring all the supplies for what have been called their “Photo Shoots”. Maybe the defense will claim that she brought the knife, the rope and the gun by Travis’ request. That is why they were there when things got out of hand.

CuriousCourt says:

There are so many pictures of them posing together on their “vacations”, and Jodi has a big smile in almost every one of them. I did not see the same big smile on her face in the naked pictures that Travis took of her that day. Not only did Jodi pay her share for all the trips they took, she also lent him large sums of money. Travis was the one with the “good job” and big house and lots of roommates to help him pay the mortgage and the bills. Where was all his money going? Travis used Jodi for sex and for money.

CuriousCourt says:

Maybe the gun was part of the “Park Ranger” outfit that Travis wanted to use. The gun Jodi bought was in the rental car and not the same gun that killed him.

AquariousinAZ says:

To my knowledge, the gun was never found. At least that’s the last thing I heard. So where is this information about it being in the rental car come from?

CuriousCourt says:

Jodi bought a 9mm and had left it in a rental car. Detectives searched the car and did not find it, not the brightest detectives. The 9mm was found later by the rental car company. It was not the gun that killed Travis, that gun was never found. The 25 auto that was taken from her grandparent’s house was never found either. It could be the gun that was used on June 4th.
I still do not understand how she did all this all by herself in 98 seconds. Travis was being killed around 5:35pm and the room mate got home at 6pm. The crime scene was altered, someone attempted to clean up some of it, bed stripped, clothes washer ran. All this in 98 seconds and the room mate saw nothing? Doesn’t sound right to me.

AquariousinAZ says:

OK. I didn’t know about the gun found in the rental car.

Yeah, the roommate thing doesn’t add up. I didn’t hear anything about the dog. I wondered what happened to him and why when things escalated he wouldn’t have defended his master, etc.

I wonder whether tomorrow, 2/20, will shed any light on things. I am curious to see how she explains how this all went down and how he ended up with a gun shot wound without her possessing a gun as they repeatedly emphasized in court today.

CuriousCourt says:

The 9mm was not found in the rental car she drove to Arizona, it was found in another rental car after that. They did find ammo and knives when they searched the car and the rental company found the gun weeks later. The receipt for the gun was found at the house.

Jason Johnson says:

I agree with Anette, she does look down when she lies. Why do we never see any tears rolling down her face? She wipes her nose enough to make it appear red and that she is crying , she fakes crying good but I see no real tears.

Jason Johnson says:

I wonder if Jodi is convinced her lies will get her off? I noticed 2 deputies in court room today. Does anyone else think she will freak out if jury comes back with a guilty verdict ? They do have a stun belt on her.

annette toto says:

wow what drama every time she talks shes lying she looks down every time she lies she cant look up because she knows its not true who says she is really beliveing what she says its her word against travies i dont belive a word she is a murderer its that simple thnk you for the coverage

Firefox506 says:

We all know when Martinez starts to question her about the murder shes gonna have amnesia. Im hoping she will be asked to re-enact TAs attack upon her. Martinez can help her out by playing TAs role. I say put the camera in her hand and let the show begin!.

srxxx says:

Does anyone know roughly when the state will start to question this liar? She has to crumble soon!

AquariousinAZ says:

It should be this week 2/21-2/22, if the court stays in session through Friday. It looks like the defense will wrap it up within the next two days but then again…Nurmi has been moving at a snail’s pace.

killipsd says:

today is the day.

AuntiS says:

Thank You Thank YOU!! I have been looking for a site like this to discuss, chat, and comment Live at the moment!! I am a fan for life, and will tell all my friends who are life long up to the minute trial followers!!! I have a feeling that this site will become my only “homepage” and constantly on my screen!!!

kitkat says:

why did hte prosecution not object the abuse word. Punishment is not abuse. It has yet to be proven she was abused. She stated when she did something wrong her parents would hit her. Hit meaning spank, this needs clarification because she stated with a belt. IT is not illegal for a parent to discipline a child with a belt or use a wooden spoon for spanking. She even stated there were no marks/bruises left. She stated it hurt. NO DUH! Is punishment suppose to make you joyful? NO! It is suppose to hurt, idiot. So there is no abuse proven or even grounded. THe prosecution needs to foil that crap. She was not abused she was punished. Maybe she was a badas* kid who would not follow rules and did not do what she was suppose to and that is why she is in the predicament she is in. I mean she did not finish high school, moved in with a boy when she was under 17 years old. This is a very wild child and with all the boyfriends and escapes she is testifying to, her wild sex lives with how many guys??? I think we know why she is where she is and it is not because she was “abused”. She is just a mean as* girl who is a murderer and can’t take no for answer when her boyfriend no longer wants her. So she stalks him, slashes his tires and kills him. DEATH PENATLY is exactly what she deserves but NO abuse is the reason, some girls are just plain mean and she is the poster child for mean.

Tina says:

Is the trial really not resuming until Feb. 11 (as it states on the upper right hand side of this page)? Really NV court system, what’s the hold-up? I didn’t catch the last part of yesterday’s trial, so maybe they said why it was (if indeed it is) going to delayed until Feb. 11.

admin says:

Yes Tina, trial will resume with Jodi on the stand on Monday, Feb 11. This court case is in Arizona not Nevada and typically court does not happen on Fridays in AZ, however the Judge also said trial would not resume today (Thursday) but there will be a private hearing at some point today that is not open to the public.

Tina says:

Oops!! Sorry about the mess up NV v/s AZ but thanks for responding. I wish the comments would show the dates/times the actual comments were made. Does anyone know what the private hearing is about?

Sueb says:

Are cell phones allowed in the courtroom in Arizona? Saw woman on the back row using her phone.

admin says:

We’ve been using both cellphones and a laptop to do Live tweeting from the courtroom. But, of course it is inappropriate to use them to talk while court is in session.

virtualjuror says:

Habitual liars ALWAYS overtalk…jodi answers her atty’s questions with waaay too much unnecessary back stories. That is because she is thinking of what to say while she is talking (the frivilous details is just a liars way of “buying time”). I can hardly listen to her babble on about nothing!

luvmetender says:

How is the prosecution going to prove stalking if they won’t even allow the jury to know that Jody slit Travis’s tires TWICE!

Wanda says:

5 days a week 9-5 would REALLY be nice too ! Get this smug little snit put away. She stopped him from going to Mexico with someone else & that was her goal. It was REALLY creepy to see the first smile on her frozen face today when she was listening to the ex girlfriend talk about Travis cheating with Jodi. She’s just nasty. She is so much like Casey Anthony.

CuriousCourt says:

I have watched it numerous times and I do not see a smile or a smirk when the ex says she found out Travis was cheating on her with Jodi. The reaction Jodi had on her face looks like one of empathy, it looks like she thought ” I know how you feel, he did it to me too”. Vinnie Politan on HLN keeps saying Jodi had a smirk on her face when the ex mentioned Travis cheating, he obviously does not know what a smirk is. There is enough evidence to crucify the girl for killing Travis, there is no need to accuse her of things she did not do.

AquariousinAZ says:

I actually had the same reaction to this situation, i.e., I’m pretty sure she was smug and had a smirk on her face, too.

jenni says:

I agree. Although she’s guilty as sin for her charges she did look as if to say he cheated on her too. He’s single and has the right to date anyone he pleases until a ring us on the finger! If a girl has sex with a guy and there’s no ring then its her fault yo for risking that he may notcwsnt her after all and date someone else
That’s why God set rules for sex and marriage and ppl keep getting hurt because they think their way is better
I will go with no on that!

carverd says:

if you saw the testimony of Lisa Daidone, his ex-girlfriend, she was asked if she stated jodie was a stalker and she said yes, I did, that opens the door
if they remind them, they should be able to squeeze it in somehow, they can ask jodi herself if she was stalking him and others, and what she did in just the right way they can sneak it in, I think Martinez will find the way, I cannot wait til he gets his claws in her, I’m sure he has been waiting like a
vulture to get to her. she will not have rehearsed answers and he willl not allow her to give her life history everytime he asks her a question.
but being a sociopath that she is, she still thinks she can get away with it.
others have been abused, but did not turn out like that. she is not the only person ever to go thru what she says she did, she just brought her
problems on herself. she totally planned the whole thing, I think because as she says, once again, she was “lied to, cheated on, emotionally
abused and she was not going to let him get away, she wanted him dead than to leave her.

Diane says:

Just look at Jodi now as her lawyer speaks. She is looking up and watching him!! Never gave prosecutor or the jurors that benefit

Wanda says:

Geez, this court works so little it’s crazy!!!!!!! Get the trial done…9-5, whatever happened to that?

Julie says:

It’s on HLN now.

Motorcycle girl says:

Is the trial still going its not showing anything on my iPad help please in wa state

Tina says:

I thought court was to resume @ 3:30 EST?

CharC says:

What time do I watch this live in the UK ..? is it plus 4 hours ?

John F says:

The live trial coverage should begin around 5:30 pm UK time.

Janie says:

Is there no trial today? (From Texas)