Marissa DeVault

Marissa DeVault

The Background:

An Arizona woman is accused of bludgeoning her husband of nine-years to death with a claw hammer in his sleep in order to collect on his life insurance policy, and her extramarital lover is expected to testify against her. State officials charged DeVault with first-degree murder and will seek the death penalty.

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Cate says:

Rosa, really. How can anyone say someone is ‘sweet’ knowing how manipulative and murderous and violent a person is? What you think she doesn’t understand how to pretend with people? You r a loon Rosa.

Gordo says:

Why hasn’t this trial been on continuously? Seems like they just started broadcasting yesterday.

masoncindy88 says:

This witness had child pornography on his computer and is facing life in prison. I wonder if some of those pictures were of Melissa’s children. I can’t shake the feeling that she was holding something over his head. Surely he didn’t pay 300,000 dollars just to have sex with her.

Pennie says:

I know at 1pm EST HLN will update on this trial. Vinnie just posted on facebook.

rosa says:

I was recently incarcerated with marrissa and she isjust a sweet girl I sat and ate with her everyday for 4 months

James says:

She must have found God while in the klinker. She’s so sweet, until she wants your

Candace says:

How can I find a live stream for the marissa devault trial? Is there anything in an archive?

TrudyLynn says:

I found some on You Tube but the Maricopa County Superior Court high profile cases, says her next appearance is tomorrow at 10:30

karen mashburn powell says:

thank you for info


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