Ohio School Shooting

Ohio School Shooting

The Background:

In a serene suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, a 17-year-old boy walked into the high school cafeteria early on a Monday morning and opened fire. Three boys were killed, three other children were wounded. The shooter, T.J. Lane, was arrested, charged with homicide and has been added to the grim roster of school shooters alongside the Virginia Tech and Columbine killers.

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Bulmaro says:

I was wondering that same thing this mnonirg, Elissa01. It would seem since this is a new witness for the defense the guy has not interviewed JA before so how could he be ready when all the other experts spent so much time with her. I suppose, like Willmott had Dr. D do, he could just look at all the test results and testify on that. I did see on Tuesday’s thread that TT had posted a review for this guy’s latest book and the he was not a credible witness and has had testimony thrown out before. Surely, JM is on that and that should be the best reason not to waste the courts time. I know we all hope the defense does not get to call this guy. Keeping fingers crossed


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