Etan Patz - The Face on the Milk Carton

Etan Patz – The Face on the Milk Carton

The Background:

Over 30 years since Etan Patz, a six-year-old Manhattan child, went missing, a man confesses to his abduction and murder. Etan Patz’s disappearance sparked national bedlam about missing children and led to that iconic symbol of the 1980’s: the face on the milk carton. Now Pedro Hernandez, a 51-year-old mentally ill man, says he lured the child into his convenience store with the promise of a soda before strangling the child and disposing of his body.

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Mandylou says:

I’m sure many of the generation before knows about this 30 year old cold case. I told my mom and she said she remembers this case. Imagine your child being lured, kidnapped, and killed and 30 years passes and your parents are buried not even knowing what really happened to him… ‪#‎EtanPatz‬

Madalene Greco says:

Once again, though old news, my child was the same age as EP when he disappeared. If only this madman would say what he did with the child’s body – where he disposed of it – perhaps a new search if applicable would produce his remains. If he dumped him in a dumpster, then I’m pretty sure this game is OVER. RIP little Etan. You are in our hearts and souls!

admin says:

Thank you for your comment Madalene, yes it is an old case but still very deep in every mother’s heart.

Mandylou says:

It’s not old news if it’s a cold case. I’m sometimes apathetic when it comes to children and having them etc, but what you said about this case was uncalled for and sad.


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