Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

911 Call on The Day Travis Alexander was Found Dead

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SD says:

Whoever said that they feel sorry for Jodi needs to get their head examined. That psycho slut knew what she wanted to do to Travis when she went to his house. She had that man get in the shower where he was vulnerable then shot and slaughtered him like an animal. Who in their right mind would believe her lies. She is a threat to society and even to people in prison. I want justice for Travis Alexander and his family and they should get just that.

SD says:

I am completely horrified at the autopsy photos of Travis Alexander. No one deserves to die the way that poor guy did. My heart aches for him. I hope that psycho bitch gets what she deserves. Personally I would like to put the needle up her ass!!!!! And if not I hope she gets what she did to Travis done to her in prison. Die you BITCH!!!!

Laurie Smith says:

Jodis use of apps and technology to set Travis up is part of her premeditation that didnt get mentioned a lot. The E-mails and lettersJodi claimed Travis sent to her claiming pedaphelia were not admitted at trial and were thought to be lost until Juan Martinez at Penalty retrial said the letters were located and he wanted them admitted into evidence…Defense strongly objected but why?Why wouldnt they be extatic to have documentation of Travis confessions to Jody of his problem with sex and boys to prove Jodi Didnt make it up? Why doesnt defense want these letters now? Why does Juan Martinez want them admitted now? Such damning Letters to Traviss character and Jodi not lying about it. Hmmm….thinking….thinking some more….? Saw on a news program a couple years ago about these programs created for Internet trickery. All you need is access to a persons Computer or phone enter a code that links yours to theirs in some way that allows a person to access your email and text and sendOut letters or messages as if they are you writing and sending them. With this in mind I believe through investigation by technologyExperts at Juan Martinez request they had proof that Jodi falsified corispondence with Travis and made it all up in order to hurtTraviss reputation,and ruin him. The last phone conversation that Jodi recorded,she planned and directed that to. I wouldnt be surprised if she had faxed a outline with a basic dialogue for her Red Riding Hood Sex Video in the forest with Travis,and what we were really hearing was first rehearsal of her epic sex tape…? When Travis changed his mind and wasnt going to visit Jodi, No Video,No Shakesspear,No trip to Cancoon…Travis was on to her and he was done. It was over as far as he was concerned, and was prepared to prosecute Jodi for all she was doing and threatening to do. Jodi couldnt let that happen,so the plot became reality.When you find that only the nastiest of Traviss corispondence was written by Jodi and the only recorded phone conversation isOne of the last they had and I think she had help editing it from that sleezeball that gave her the phone for the recording capabilities.Also for the Video….I think somewhere out there is a memory card with recordings of that day she killed Travis. It will probablyTurn up after shes on Death Row…..and has nothing to lose …….will want a lot of $$$$ and some Creep will buy it.DEATH is the only right thing for Jodi Arias. The family and friends of Travis Alexander want her to face Death. Its the only placefor her. No human contact,no tweeting,no interviews, no selling of anything Jodi. We all need to forget her. DEATH ROW WILL HELPUS ALL FORGET HER AND THE EVIL SHE REPRESENTS…. R.I.P. Travis…..Bless all who have suffered his loss.Hearing was a rehearsal

Linda says:

can anyone shut up an ex Morman. NO!!!! I’ve never met one yet that won’t just shut up. Suck your own dead nuts you freak!

travis sucks says:

Mormons suck! He was a sick MF! His “religion” was supposed to be important, but it really wasn’t. I was an ex Mormon. I am no longer a MORON mormon! Travis suckS his dead nuts!

Diana Hill says:

O.K this is crazy, everyone needs to seriousley talke a look at the big picture here, a “woman scorned” that’s it,,, she was in a love triangle, another woman, she is the ex,, so called crazy”.. ..stalker. I am not saying she is the victom, I am saying that she had a bad relationship, she wanted more, like any other woman would expect after a long term relationship, the promise of marriage, she went to his home with the idea of revenge, , then tried to say it was self defence, Yes the Jury should have paid closer attention to the evidence and convicted her of this crime,…It all comes out to, If it didnt end badly it wouldnt end at all,,,,,,,that is my opionion…

mapolar says:

Travis was a handsome smart sexy sweet pasionate loving kind man who didn’t force this horney big hole psycho transformer manipulate gold digger lucifers dauther to crosspath with this beautifull angel something she has done along is use this and other poor man with the only thing she KNEW SICK SEX bcs I never hurt her say anything smart it felt as if she kill something inside of everybody in a evil bipolar people abuse people cancer patients travis family not to mention sweet travis. Crazy evil Nephomaniac thief Liar is what she is!!! and for the jury thank you for killing not only travis again but the hole family lady liberty and our belive for justcice and all bcs you to fell in this black widows web of lyes and got tooo exited over all that sextalk. But keep in mind that when she kills againd and might be your fam member next!! you gave her the rights to do so..and DEMON JODY JUST REMEBERR YOU DO HAVE FAMILY ASHAME OF BEING RELATED TO YOU AND PROBABLY WISHING YOU WOULD OF BEEN ABORTED BCS THEY WILL BE PANISH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND ALL BCS YOU WANTED ATTENTION AND YOUR 5 MIN FAME WILL COUSE THEM A LIFE TIME OF PAIN AND SUFFERING….NOT THAT YOU CARE BCS YOU WILL KILL THEM ALSO BUT SLOOOWLLY JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT!! BUT WHO CARES YOU WIIL BE TO BUSY PLANNIN YOUR NEXT VICTIM DEATH AND PLEASING YOUR SICK SELF. I AM SOOO THANKFULL FOR NOT BEING RELATED TO YOU IN ANYWAYS…HODY ANIAS……AND FOR TRAVIS FAMILY DONT WORRY YOU WILL REUNITE IN THE FUTURE AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US DEEP INSIDE OUR HEARTS AND HIS LOVING MEMORIES WILL ALWAYS EXIST INSIDE ALL UNITED STATES..MAY GOD KEEP HIM UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN..AND DONT LET HODY ANIAS KILL YOU TOO GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE TRAVIS WOULD OF WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY..IN REMEBERANCE OF TRAVIS ALEXANDER WE LOVE YOU TRAVIS AND FAMILY

Travis tompkins says:

I totally agree with what you have said. You have great way with words and also rest in peace TRAVIS

tjburnett says:

Jodi went there to kill him. she already knew he wasn’t takinng her to cancun but she gave it one last try with a marathon of sex. when that didn’t pan out she went ahead with her plan to kill him. they both were sexual deviants. If he was wrestling with between his religion and sexual prowess he should have stopped seeing her period and got away from her but they both loved the “game of sex” they had together,, but no way was he ever going to marry her and she knew that. what I don’t understand is if he had no intentions of being with her forever then what had he planned for his future to marry a decent woman? was he going to keep jodi around on the side for sexual games after he married someone else? He caused his own death by being with this woman. what more did it take for him to know she was dangerous? slashing his tires, hacking his bank acct., his email and facebook acct.
weren’t enough? I guess I will never understand men, they just can’t resist sex no matter what. they always think with the wrong head. can you imagine what a horrible death he went through, he should have ran as far away as he could from her.

JJ says:

I only got to watch a couple of days of the trial but the day she testified about their “role playing sex”. She said he took her to the woods and tied her arms and legs around a tree and had anal sex. When asked what the point of that was she said “he wanted to pretend I was Little Red Riding Hood”, I’m sorry but I could not help but laugh out loud! I don’t know what the point was for her telling that story, he could not have done that unless she wanted him to. She really is a LOONEY TOON!
There is NOTHING FUNNY about what she did to him and Hell ain’t hot enough for her!

Shirley Annalee Louise Henry says:

I think the investigation has focused on one option. Things are not adding up correctly to some extent. I think they should have investigated this case further.

Dissatisfaction, poor investigation. May god be with everyone.

dottie says:


dottie says:

It’s so easy to say whatever you want to about this stupid broad JODI / Many want her to go to prison. Look at it this way, then ask yourself if you still want her to go to prison. “what if this had been your baby brother;or your only child….would you still want her to just go to prison?” I have gone on my computer and typed in TRAVIS ALEXANDER’S AUTOPSY PICTURES, and if that doesn”t change your mind, then nothing would… I do know one thing tho she will have to stand befor GOD for this terible act..The jury should never had taken the oath to except that challenge to do what it calls for: They should have told the judge to get off that responsibility. O they heard what JODI”S lawyer said that THEY would be taking her life… Now let them see the faces of the Alexander”s family”s
and see what they DID to them///////

mapolar says:

Okay but what if it would of been your only son or brother or father actually if you get your wish she might kill you or whom ever you love the most or some other jody bcs after all they will be out in no time this is the mesage is been given NOW WATCH HOW MANY DEATHS THERE WILL BE BCS NO JURY WILL CONVICT THEM JUST PLAY A JODYS NUMBER AND TALK SEX THROUGH OUT THE HOLE TRIAL AND YOU WILL BE FREE NICE MSG WATCH OUT THIS IS ONLY THE BIGGINING IF HER LEGACY…

ashley says:

Jodi arias is disgusting and had no real excuse to kill Travis. wow he used her for sex and led her on and supposedly abused her so that gives her the right to stab Travis as much as she did??! seriously if any of you think what she did was right you need help just as much as she does that’s just sick.

Anne says:

Being a 83 yr. old senior, my solution for justice is to put her in a cell with someone capable of killing her the same she did Travis
First she needs to be naked and then be sliced, stabbed and shot . Then give her murderer a medal.
..May God have mercy on her soul …

Edward says:

You said it bro, this bitch needs to die.

Lily says:

how was she able to kill him? he didnt even defend himself????

Edward says:

She shot in the head first, da

Paula. says:

look I know Jodi she is a sick person to have done this to Travis and his family and he had suffherd a bad death my hart goes out to him and his family.And she is guilty yes and I do understand why she thought she had to do this but at the time she was not thingking at all she was in love with him and she did all she could to show him she love him but he turned his back on her and cuntenyoued to having sex with her and his family tool him to stay away from her and he did not but he kept on using her why .why did he keep on hurting her becauses some men do not care and then he was having sex with other girls to I geuss Jodi thought she would just show him how much she love him by just putting up with it all tell she snaped I thingk there is a lot we do not know what really happen in there life but he used her I she was nothing and that was sad I know she did love him.and I know in my hart I know what Jodi went throw I know I did not kill my man and would not have done that but some people are different and I geuss she snaped .I do not thingk she was a bad person I do belave Travis did not respect her at all and and she needed that any woman would and some people are week that any way do not think that I say that what she did to Travis was right in gods name no.but some men think that is the way you treet wemen he could have broke it off with her and some time this is what you can get out of a no respect for each other.I do not thing Jodi should get the death it is not for us to do this we then become Jodi Aris yes we are all better at what she did but she well suffer in jail trust me I know you want her to pay for what she has done to Travis and the family god bless them and bring peace to them and to Travis.But please do not buy her to death god bless you all and my hart goes out to you all.and please my selling is not good and I do not mean to afend anyone by saying what I sid.

anonoymous1 says:

For those of you talking about bipolar… you need to get your facts straight…someone close to me has bipolar and yes ive seen them go into manic episodes and depression…you don’t just snap…there are cycles..and warning signs…and usually after an extreme manic you go into a depression..this lady has shown absolutely no remorse of depression from her actions…not to mention you do not suffer memory loss…so y did she lie in the first place..woman are mistreated and abused sadly everyday in many ways by many types of people but they don’t kill them they get away or continue being abused…this woman is a sociopath… and when she has been interviewed and hears the descriptions of what happened she shows no emotion. she doesn’t even cringe…if something like that happened to someone I knew..if I had to replay the descriptive awful scenario in my head id be devastated …

Wendyjo says:

I agree with you that Jodi Arias does not of Bipolar Disorder. I’m a long time psych nurse who has cared for many bipolar persons: both in clinical in-patient and out-patient settings.

Unlike someone with bipolar disorder, Arias exhibited extreme mood changes in a relatively short amount of time. She escalated and de-escalated within a few minutes or hours and did so frequently. That’s Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and I’ve felt, since a few months of the murder, that she had BPD.

But the millions of persons with BPD do not typically kill others and their crimes (if any) typically involve substance abuse, theft, shoplifting or other, mostly misdemeanor offences. This fact, and the evidence of her prior behaviors and those she carried out when murdering Travis Alexander do strongly suggest she is a sociopath.

Arias has been found guilty of an extremely cruel, 1st degree, premeditated murder. The State of Arizona (where the murder was committed) has the death penalty and she certainly qualifies for that sentence. The Alexander family want her put to death. Additionally, no community, including imprisoned group of women would be safe around her. She is a manipulative murderer, a sociopath. She should be sentenced to death.

TP says:

Life in Prison with parole

wow says:

After reading several of this murderer supporters comments, i’m disgusted on how you all see any reason to excuse this terrible crime. That psycho just need to be put down, an eye for an eye regardless of gender, simply there’s just no no no! ……… excuse. FYI, Opinions as some put it reflects on ones personality, so we might have some psychos here too.

Maureen Ohearn says:

How can anyone look at those gruesome
pictures of Travis and not give her life is
beyond me. They cant reach a decision.

Linda says:

watching her yesterday made me sick.its all about her now what about the poor guy and his family?They are suffering so much.And that shirt made me sick.she really thinks she can help inmates in prison what a laugh.on she wants to help lock of love.i wouldnt belive her in anything she says or do.Please give her death.

Samantha says:

But I don’t know Travis and Jodi much so I don’t have to worry about it because what God says that death is better for Jodi or life is better for her if she gets death that is the best she gets whats she gets what she deserves.

Samantha says:

Jodi Arias is guilty for killing Travis Alexander I been watching it all this month to see what happens and seeing Travis’s family crying and so sad and seeing Jodi’s family doing the same thing crying and sad but we don’t know yet if she is going to get life or death

Samantha says:

So I am thinking she will get life but she might get death in prison probably death because of the terrible murder Jodi Arias has done when she killed Travis it is kinda sad to see that Jodi killed Travis and that he is dead. If I was Travis’s friend but expectally if I was his sister I will be crying a lot.

Jo Ann Durand says:

Jodi should have to pay for this horrible murder. This was down and out slaughter. Would you want your son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother killed in this manner. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but something has to be done to someone who premeditates ending someone’s life in this manner. Society has to speak about this horrible crime but God will be the one to pass judgment, in the end.

Crank says:

cool it people….a murderer iz a murderer…..regardless of gender, color,religion etc

Quin says:

First I would like to say I’m appalled at the behavior of some of you, sorry. We’re all human beings & unless we’re Jodi Arias, we need to respect each other and realize we can agree that we can’t all agree, aye? Especially those of us who are women!

I hope they don’t put Jodi to death. Too easy & what she wants? Is that really what she wants? Can you really tell with this dippy chic? Some things we know for sure, she didn’t just murder Travis Alexander…she made him suffer for every single second while she screamed or said who knows what. She’s the biggest green loop in a package of Fruit Loops…she was pissed & jealous. If it wasn’t Travis Alexander, I fully believe it would have been some other man in her future life who dumped her. Really. She is, at least, a functioning psychopath. She functions in the world just fine, until something gets in the way of what she wants (ie her relationship with her mother, mom attempted to stop her from doing things as a child/teen so they didn’t get along). I bet there was some rip roaring fights in the Arias house when Jodi was a teen.

Travis was moving along with his life just fine without her and Jodi was not going to allow this. He didn’t deserve this. I’m not buying her story. You aren’t either. She’s sly but when one digs deep enough they see the lies. Sheesh, even her own attorneys don’t want to be with her 1 second longer!

I’m hoping for life without parole but it’s all dependent upon what’s said in court. Everyone on HLN is juggling around the word ‘remorse’. Jodi doesn’t have the capacity to feel remorse. Should she speak of anything remotely sounds like remorse while those crocodile tears fall, I bet she won’t get death. Come on Jodi, you can do it!!

Doris Enstrom says:

I think Jodie should get life in prison without pro. and her wall should be papered with all of Travis pictures for her to look at 24/7. Then we can see if she can make up lies about him then.

Lynn says:

For those of you who think JA, the Psychopath/Sociopath would suffer in the LEAST in a prison cell….She is NOT normal, she will not suffer, even if was forced to see a picture of Travis for the rest of her life..She is a narcissist, doesn’t have normal human emotions as we do, so, put her to DEATH! It’s the ultimate penalty for taking the life of Travis! Not giving her the opportunity to create another fan club in prison, write books, sell her fake artwork, have visits from her family!!! Think about it,, She should be removed from our Earth and not share the oxygen with the good people who live their lives without murdering someone in a very brutal, sadistic fashion..I get sick of hearing people suggest she would suffer more in prison…No way…Only normal people with remorse and true emotions would not like living in a cell..

marie says:

point blank this chick is a freaken moron…..!!!!!

SANDRA says:


eric says:

Wow. You just showed that a woman will make an excuse for another woman’s actions. She stabbed him 27 time shot him and nearly cut his head off. And you say she’s the victim. You talk about religion. What she did was evil.

Lynn says:

Get herself right with God? seriously!! IT’s way past that now. JA deserves just punishment for brutally murdering Travis..Let God deal with her, judge her, she will not go to Heaven anyway..Where is the righteous anger here for all she’s done, the harm she’s caused his family, the life he will NEVER have to live, become successful as he was doing, write his book he had started just before being slaughtered..Travis will never have a wife or children, which he so desired either..And, you are concerned about JA getting right with God? She’s pure evil, and the Bible teaches us to HATE evil…..our Justice System says she is eligible for the Death Penalty, and let’s hope the Jury gives it to her…She SOOO deserves this….

holly says:

check it, she is just as much of a freak as she claimed he was if not more. If someone is treating you bad or hurting you, you get the hell out when you find the chance..
This is coming from a women that has walked in those shoes.
You don’t stab a man 27 times, shoot him and proceed to decapitate him..
If she was really in fear for her life she would have just shot him and emptied the gun in him.. I don’t feel sorry for the cold bitch, and I hope she does get death just so all us taxpayers don’t have to pay to house this stupid little girl that has gotten away with everything she has ever done her whole life… Well I hope not this time Jodie. what you did was brutal, sick and weather you go under the needle or god forbid you spend the rest of your meaningless life on death row, just remember you will rot in hell. Mainly because you have absolutely no remorse for what you did.. You are no hero and your artwork sux…Enjoy the needle, to bad its not old sparky so we could watch your eyes pop out of your head…Did I mention that I don’t even know either of these people. She should have let him live and die and old miserable man, and if he did to her what she claims he did, he would have had to deal with his maker in the end…

cheryl says:

are you all there?? do you really believe that God will choose to be a part of anything this evil woman has done to Travis? keep religion out of this horrific tragedy! she should not be awarded one more single day on this earth!

D the Man says:

Listen you crazy women out there . . . your vagina is NOT made of GOLD ! You are NOT taken advantage of sexually unless you participate AND you are ALSO using the man for pleasure too . .so what ? You BOTH had sex you BOTH enjoyed it and when its over ok . .no biggie ! GET OVER IT !! You body is not a lottery prize ok . . woman use men too for their own pleasure . . it is a two way street.

christine says:

uhhh seriously sandra.? lol. a man can make a woman go crazy. but not crazy enough to stab him in the heart, shoot him in the head, stab his back 27 times, slit his throat from ear to ear, slit through his nipples on his chest and so on.!!!!! she is sick in the head and obviously so are you.! omg..can’t believe i read your comment. do me a favor..look up travis alexander autopsy photos on google images and then see if you still stick up for her. they won’t show the greusome pictures on tv. for the trial, but they are on google and now i am completely disgusted and tears came to my eyes. look at those pictures lady, and imagine it to be your brother, or son, or whoever.! you are an idiot..

Mike M says:

you are a God loving/fearing nut bag, God did not make this animal do what she did, and just because he was a man who liked sex does not mean he abused her, she is a homicidal maniac who didn’t get her way and she acted on it…..there is no God and this bitch is simply a jealous lunatic that needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

Wendyjo says:

You seriously think the murderous woman believes in GOD?
Although not raised in a church going family, she was Catholic until meeting Alexander and converting to his church; for the purpose of manipulating him.

When being interviewed by the detective, after Travis’ murder, she claimed she believed in the ’10 commandments,’ and ‘though shall not kill.’ She said if she’d murdered him she’d beg for the death penalty. She also said “No jury will convict me.”

Two years later she finally admitted that she did murder Travis Alexander and when found guilty of the pre-meditated, extremely cruel 1st degree murder, she begged the jury to spare her life.

Everything and anything Jodi Arias says should be ignored as untruthful. Rather, people should focus on the evidence that clearly shows she committed the murder and qualifies for the death penalty. She obviously did commit the murder and should be sentenced to death – even if it is overturned 20 or more years later, keeping her away from the public should be a priority. She is a dangerous psychopath.

Casey says:

jodi is guilty to all of you that dont know that

Gigi Call says:

Is Travis’s grandmother still living? We have heard how she took in the children to raise them, I am wondering if this poor lady had to endure this horrific wait and trial, or has she been reunited with Travis. God Bless this family.

Wendyjo says:

No, the grandmother who raised Travis Alexander died shortly before Jury selection; the end of last year. Both of his parents are also dead due to substance abuse. His only surviving family are his siblings.

jade s. says:

horrible ordeal! justice served. now what about pistorius? how come we haven’t heard from him anymore? is it because he is a star and jodi isn’t?

milena says:

she’s so bipolar … and everyone is blind and soo stupid.

Wendyjo says:

Jodi Arias isn’t bipolar, doesn’t exhibit signs/symptoms of the disorder, and has been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder); as well as psychopathy. Even her defense experts have not labeled her as bipolar.

milena says:

I am against the death penalty for so many reasons … just let the woman in jail for christ’s sake

Laura says:

And if this was a man murdering his girlfriend, it would just be another Saturday night. Face it, the only reason it’s SOOO compelling is because a woman did it. People wouldn’t be screeching like harpies for them to “die die die!!” They wouldn’t be going over every death photo and autopsy photo and snarling that she better get the death penalty. It would just be another in a long list of women murdered by their partner.


I agree with laura, if this was a male killing his girlfriend, her name would be added to the long list of women killed by their husbands and boyfriends, just watch 48 hours or dateline and your 6 pm news and you will see all the women that die everyday at the hands of their male partners and most don’t get the death penalty, usually 20 years in prison, there is definitely something wrong with this society that a womans life is not worth as much as Travis Alexanders life just because he is male

Anonymous says:

We aren’t making it a big deal because she is a woman it is because of the way she killed him and then said it was self defense at least when men commit murder it isn’t as horrific and men don’t say it was self defense when the victim has defense wounds, twenty stab wounds, a slit throat and a gun shot to the head AFTER they were dead. If that is considered self defense then half the people in prison should just walk free. That is just flat out bull shit she committed MURDER.

Wendyjo says:

The reason photos of Travis’ murder are available is because Arias took them. The reason those photos and the Autopsy pictures are available and shown in court is because she murdered him – and all murder trials show the available photo evidence: Whether the defendant is male or female.

Daniel says:

JC! Have you seen the photos of Travis? Don`t they affect you? They should. They certainly affect me. I think about that poor guy every day.

Stop excusing her, just because she is a woman. She is a monster.

SuSu59 says:

A? suicide???? come on.

DEBBIE says:

she is a she-devil!!! a female CHARLES MANSON. Let her fry!!!!

Laura says:

No, actually, she’s not. She did not have a bunch of stoned hippies willing to murder for her, she hadn’t done time in prison and she wasn’t out murdering people that she didn’t get along with. Not to mention that no one was calling her Jesus, and she wasn’t carving an X into her forehead. And oh, yeah—she’s female.
You sure do call for blood easily, huh? What is it that the Christian God said? Judge not? Something along those lines? You should maybe check into that blood lust thing you have going. It’s kinda scary.

Wendyjo says:

She is a murderous, manipulative sociopath and that makes her comparable to Charles Manson.

Lee says:

When you stab someone 29 times during the course of a murder, the knife tends to slip and causes injuries to your own hands.

I disagree that she needs help. Jodi Arias is a violent sociopath with borderline personality disorder. Borderlines do not respond to therapy. She believes every lie she tells.

katherinm says:


marilyn s. says:

I truly believe that Jodi is bi-polar and she snapped when he told her he was going to another woman on a trip. I in now way condone her actions but being bi-polar i have had fits of rage and not remember all of what i did. They wanted to make a big deal about her not remembering every stab wound. I dont think she did remember everyone one, but she would have remembered the beginning of it. I hope she gets the death penalty because even if she is bi-polar she knows right from wrong and after seeing the photos of his neck wound , I was horrified.

mark1 says:

you may believe she is bi-polar but don’t forget her mom and her friends mention that too but no one ever got her help. i doubt she is bi-polar and being in a fit of rage and not remembering it all later is not even a symptom of a bi-polar person. I too am bi-polar and i remember everything i do bad and good. im also schezophrenic and still i remember everything to detail when it comes to me getting in a rage… there is a huge difference between being in a rage and murdering someone. How many bi-polar murderers are there that have been convicted??? How many bi-polar attempted murderers are out there??? Seriously, you can actually look it up and see actual numbers… Using a bi-polar defense for murder wont stand… You being bi-polar, have you committed murder? I doubt it. Have you thought of it? Mabe so but so do hundreds of thousands of others in this world and that deff don’t make them all bi-polar… Seriously, look it up… You’ll learn a thing or two……

Alex says:

You do realize that bi-polar disorder doesn’t make you a murderous psychopath right?

Gary says:

Be sure you warn other people that you are bi-polar … give them a fighting chance

Wendyjo says:

She’s not bipolar and didn’t “snap.” Not even her defense has claimed that she has bipolar disorder. What the State of Arizona proved was that the murder was premeditated. She carefully planned the murder and took a gun with her to it carry out. Then she shot and stabbed him to death, and to be certain he would die, she slit his throat. She is a murder with BPD and psychopathy – both are personality disorders but not mental illness.

rick says:

I can’t wait till jodi goes from county jail to death row. long after being found guilty for murder 1 waiting to die.
Sitting in a cell for 23hrs. Not being able to have her jail girl friend or the dog and pony show she has been putting on. after sitting on death row for awhile i believe she will get whats coming to her. There is nothing like death row to fix someones attitude.

deborah sherman says:

My personal opinion yes she should get off the face of this earth however life without parole is the way to go. To get death she will have appeals upon appeals plus the fact it has cost AZ a million @ this point. To go through all the appeals for death the cost will be as whack as she is. I so don’t want to hear of her in no fashion. I want her done slam the doors and throw away the key. This evil person is vile and makes me sic. I try to have empathy yet theres not a single bit. God bless Travis God Bless his family.

Wendyjo says:

If sentenced to life without parole, Arias would be exposed, daily, to other female inmates and prison staff. She would cause many of them harm through manipulation and possibly even commit another murder. I’m not willing to wait for the consequences of putting her with the general population. Give her death, let her do all her appeals, and pay the state for those services. Even if the sentence was over turned 20 or more years later, at the death penalty would prevent her from harming anyone else.

Laura says:

And how long were you on death row exactly?

andrea aey says:

Just saw photos. That poor man. She needs to go down. Trial is almost over and i think she feels bad because all the attention wont be on her. I pray the jury makes the right decision. God bless his family.

joyce l says:

I do not believe anything this nut says, it is all in her mind and her mind is not all there I want justice for Travis

Patricia Nelson says:

She is going to get murder one.

JM says:

This woman seems to believe that life is like the movies and she is the star. The ego alone is enough to make me shudder. Having dated a pathological liar and someone I honestly believe to exhibit the traits of a sociopath, it is absolutely terrifying to know all to well how people like this weave their lies so easily. I’m praying for this man’s family and hope the jury brings some sort of justice.

RJ says:

It was clearly suicide !

A says:

It was clearly suicide? He was stabbed 27 times, shot in the face and throat cut from ear to ear. How could he possibly do all of that to his self. He was obviously murdered by his jealous ex girlfriend.

VGuCa says:

How can you stab yourself, put a couple of bullets on you and cut your throat. OMG YOU ARE A GREAT DETECTIVE!!!!

ashley says:

at RJ stating “IT WAS CLEARLY SUICIDE ” that pretty stupid( well we know you a great investigator ) no one is able to have so many wounds anti quote “the stabbings in the back to be exact”if it was suicidal so your way off RJ maybe over looking the case will make you see clearly not suicide also i see a red flag just by the first lie acting as if she were not there then evidence was shown soo the next day she says another complete diff. story …burglars killed him” all evidence on my behalf is clearly proven to be this gorgeous sico path which you would not even expect her to hurt not even a fly but looks can be deceiving anything is possible ,on my behave i would think she deserves life in person not death penalty and i will tell you way i think death penalty will just end her misery to be honest thats not a good punishment if you ask me so let her rot in prison and face her whole life ahead of her behind bars let her serve the punishment she deserves .

Donni says:

was laid off recently so I have been following the coverage on TV. Wow. I can’t imagine how anyone would possibly believe Jodi Arias is innocent. So many lies-and she is so out of touch.

Cp says:

She should have went for insanity instead if self defense because she is freakin mental point blank

Teresa A. says: Omg. I just watched the 48 hours mystery, this woman is SICK. Poor guy and family.


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