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John says:

Trayvon was a hood rat. Show a pic of him wearing a hoodie at seventeen, not a pic of him wearing a hoodie at ten years old.

fishergirl says:

Trayvon had a right to be where he was-walking home from the store. George Zimmerman did not identify himself as a neighborhood watch person, he looked like a stalker to Trayvon, who then had a right to defend himself against what he thought of as a stalker.
Did Trayvon ever know Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch rep or did he die thinking a stalker got him?

AB says:

I am sorry but I am for Zimmerman read the facts! he didn’t go out and hunt him down. Yes its sad that a teen died, 100% we all know that. But don’t judge on emotion judge on the FACTS!!! I am mother and sometimes we are blinded by our kids action, if I was getting my head smashed, or what ever you want to call it on the side walk or getting punched to the extent that Zimmerman did, 100% I would of reacted, and not depend on someone to help this is my life not anyone else.

Shy says:

Who cares what you think??? Are you on the Jury? In confused Asti how your opinion matters

Steph says:

My only hope is that the jurors remember and keep in their heads; is that a 17 year old boy went to the local store to purcahse candy and punch. While on his way back home he was hunted and shot to his death by a grown man for no apparent reason. Is this what America has come to. If so I am afraid for all our young sons.

John says:

Martin was a hood rat. I’m sick of them showing a picture of a ten year old trayvon wearing a hoodie – not the seventeen year old.

COCO says:

@Shouldabn, regardless whether or not he knew he was only 17. You still don’t shot no one, leave it to the police. When you are scared that’s when you have the most energy to fight for your life. Travon prints was not on his gun. Also he had no right to follow him,he not a police. I feel like he should be punished. You just can’t shoot someone black or white and get away with it.

tony montana says:

State is in such bad shape it brings in Defenses witnesses to try and steal the thunder.Won’t help…
prosecutor bad actor…
judge bias should be wearing bling and driving on 22’s .
O’Mara an unbelievable Genius

me says:

Free the Z

Shy says:

Correction: so we would not be having this conversation, he took his life, for no reason! Why did he even approach him, how could he feel threatened and HE had the gun, are people crazy? Why is this even being argued, deal with it he needs to go to jail!

Shy says:

That’s no excuse, if it were black on black crime the defendant would be convicted already skew would not be having this conversation, he killed a child, he needs to pay

Ed says:

I wonder if this were a black on black crime if we would even be on this site. People are murdered every day, black and white, what is it about this instance that is different?

Shy says:

I’d rather no one kills anyone in my name over things! I’d let the police handle it, again he murdered a child, pay the price, that’s it that’s all

steve says:


Shy says:


Shouldabn says:

At the time George didn’t know it was a 17 yr old. That child was beating the hell out of that man and George defended himself the best he could at the time. It’s true we all eventually get what we deserve. You have to ask yourself if your house got broke into and you felt violated in your own home would you feel better to know there was a neighborhood watching out for you ? That was the intent in the beginning. Not to murder !

Shy says:

Oh shut up, I hope you don’t have children bcz God has ways of showing you the errors if your ways I pray they stay safe if you do! Sometimes you have to be in someone’s shoes to understand!

Michael Campbell says:

GZ attorney nailed the 911 dispatch when he stated that he told GZ to “keep an eye on him and tell me if he does anything else”. That is why GZ began following TM.

Shy says:

You cheer and watch this just like a Roman peasant, you enjoy it as if it’s a sports game, this man killed a child if the courts don’t get him, god will, may he come day feel the pain he has inflicted on this family

John says:


Nancy says:

Zimmerman stream? is that a blog for all you racists to pat each other on the butt and spew bigoted comments????

parkside says:

No. It’s the video of the trial. Haven’t had picture yet.


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