Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Jodi Arias Trial: Watch the Live Stream

Watch the Jodi Arias Trial Live

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Jake mason says:

I can’t watch!! It tells me to enable cookies on my ipad and they are! Still don’t work

Laurie Smith says:

I am having a cookie problem too! I have an brand new iPad that’s supposed to do everything….is it WAT?

Joe says:


Timmy says:

WTF? Listen, TA did not deserve the outcome of this relationship, but to glorify him as some sort of naive, saint is simply a gesture if denial. As a guy and having been his age with life experiences that were similar, he was as much as an abuser as she was a psycho. A bad combination, to say the least, but I believe he provoked the wrong women and sadly paid the price. jA is guilty of nothing more than the heat of passion!

Kyle says:

If all the lying was to protect Travis’s reputation. Why didn’t she plead guilty to murder 1 instead of destroying his character. Her slander and reviling of his character in this trial is deserving of stoning in my opinion.

Dolplu says:

They keep saying JA had a broken finger is there any real evidence that it was broken ?? Like an X-ray
I think she cut a tendon in that finger during the MURDER !! And it healed short , I think if they did a X-ray they would find out for sure !!

Jodi says:

Jodi is crazy. However she knew exactly what she was doing! Please Juan help the Alexander family get justice. No one deserves to die so tragically. Whoever thinks she’s innocent was born yesterday!

ShadowBlue says:

Has Anyone Managed to watch The Live Stream on Their Iphone, all I Have gotten is They are having Technical Difficulities. Gotten that message for Days, looks as if the trial will be over before they finally get it fixed. If anyone knows the secret please let Me know, Thanks….

Bonnie Shaw says:

No live feed for the trial;(

Rntlunn says:

I watch on my iPhone either here on wild about trial or on my skyfite app.

BeanZ says:

Just got this app and I am so GLAD I’m not the ONLY one having issues!! Thought it was something wrong with my connection or something.

ShadowBlue says:

She Still Has a Right to A Fair Trial, But No Matter the Outcome The Good Lord Will Be the True Judge in The Long Run….

Esther says:

For those of you who believe JA ,would you think it is OK if she slaughtered you in that way once you broke up with her? I dont believe she was abused but lets say she was, why not shoot him. Do you think consentual sex though abusive warrants this? Lets be rational if all murderers got off when they pleade self defense they would all be out. THINK

India says:

JA was and is a sex pervert. The thought that TA could and most likely would have had and enjoyed vanilla sex with another woman, obviously drove her insane. And after a day of sex and photos, TA planned to go without JA was the last straw. This is not abuse, it’s called “breaking up.”

Michele says:

Ive been watching all of the trial. Where did she get the money to make bank deposits on her road trip after the murder? Maybe from Travis’s wallet?

Tara Donahue says:

I believe she is guilty.. That was a brutal murder, too brutal to claim self defense.. Maybe if Jodi would have just shot him, and didn’t stab him 27 times, her claim of self defense would be more believable.. Anyone who commits a murder like that deserves the death penalty..

Carmen says:

I would think that being alive to have to live and think about what she did for the rest of her life,and spend the rest of her young life in prison would be worse than death, death would be the end of it . I would rather die than live my life locked up all day with my thoughts

Jodi says:

I think she should spend the rest of her poor pathetic life in a 6×8 cell without any books, reading materials, and seeing the light of day

Kyle says:

Your not a narcasitic. Justice should be swift that makes us the good guys. However they will prolly allow her multiple appeals over the next decade in which time she will find religion and repent then they will kill her. I Russia they used to take you back to you sell after sentencing and put a bullet in your head.

who_knew says:

A sociopath like arias would love reliving the horrors she did to Travis each and ever day of her worthless existence, should she be given life. The only way to punish a monster such as arias is to give her the needle.

Wendy says:

Jodi is a SOCIOPATH w/out feelings and got excited only when she planned to & executed her jealous rage upon Travis for having the nerve to leave her & go on vacation with another woman!!

The jurors must understand a sociopaths thinking!! Hopefully Martinez will have somebody explain that because without it they may not understand that someone can actually do what she did! She actually took the knife and the gun and planned to butcher this man!!!

She is EVIL And should never ever ever be released from prison and I believe this should be put on death row!!

Crose6871 says:

“IT”/ JA, Deserves whatever shes got coming to her,” IT” has no remorse and enjoyed Killing and mutilating TRAVIS ALEXANDER,IT/ JA had no GOD givin RIGHT to DO SO ..”IT” is the Devils SPAWN ,”IT” / JA dances with the DEVIL!!!JUSTICE4TRAVISALEXANDER, BLESSINGS to his Family with you!!

Cake4days says:

That bitch gonna die..she did that..and thought she was going to get away with it..guess what she got caught and she gonna pay…WATCH!!!

brandy says:

I hope she doesn’t get the death penalty! I believe her even though she lied in the beginning

Marlo says:

We have all been in a [Not equal]
Emotional relationship…
I can see going back and fourth, until the fat lady sings, cows come home… BUT, when she finally sings! Split, book, just fricken leave and don’t look back! She was vendictive and cunning & plotted to distro!

Marlo says:

She is a BAD person!

Téya says:

What part of what she says do you believe? Once a liar always a liar, you can’t believe pathological liars. She is a Narsissist and a Sociopath. I know and I know all the trades of this mental disorder. So what part of the trial didn’t you get or understand?…oh, I know…Jodi said, oh excuse me Travis I am a very jealous person and stocking you because I CAN’t take rejection so now I am going to BUTCHER YOU!!!…because YOU deserve it Travis. If I can’t have you, nobody can…so my excuse is…oh I was sooo abused, snick,snick, so me butchering you is all excused and justified!!

Eve says:

You really “believe” that you need to shoot someone in the head, stab them 27 times, and cut their throat in order to defend yourself? Really? You must be as delusional as Jodi!

Jodi says:

We’re u born yesterday?

athene says:

i was wondering about travis’s car.. i know he was selling her his car, but when she was moving she blew it up moving it on the uhall. how much was her payments for his BMW? is that why she killed him she didnt want to pay him for a car that blew up, that was not her fault? did this keep some kind of control over her because she owed him?.. I want to know his mentality over his car? she did his death was over something shallow… how shallow is car payments she didnt want to pay says:

She killed him because he didn’t want her and he was moving on. She stalked him and killed him..plain and simple.

ragdoll316 says:

In my opinion, she loved that the car payment still linked them together. She could never even come up with a real amount that she was paying for it. She wanted anything that would link them, the money was incidental. She wasn’t paying him anyway.

Jodi says:

I concur. She also loved the fact it wads Beemer… A car she could never afford on her own

trialmaniac says:

Interesting theory there was something brought up about the checks for the car and not cashing them…. It’s really hard to tell in a mind like Jodi ‘s though…. But one thing is for sure she had to figure out an excuse to get herself through the door….. The car could have been that excuse….

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linda says:

who is paying jodi lawyers?

Tsing says:

If you live in Arizona, you are!