Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

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Sue Crestlawn says:

The trouble with life in prison is that she will be up for parole in 26 years. Even if she is not paroled, she gets to live with the HOPE of release! I think she is deserving of life without parole in the least, or death.

skeet says:

I would like to actually see her executed. I think that’s reserved for the family only, though.Anyway, she deserves it and I think the state of Arizona should have a pay per view so they can get some of their money back for paying to defend this lieing piece of crap.

Veronica says:

I could not agree with you more. You took the words out of my mouth.

Veronica says:

She is a lair and deserves to die for what she did to Travis and his family!

Unidentified says:

I don’t believe for a SECOND that it was self defense. For a few reasons actually…..but stabbing multiple times, shooting, AND slitting his throat…..get real. That’s vicious cold blooded MURDER. Not being a supporter of the death sentence, I hope she gets life in prison, a terrible prison, without parole, And without the luxury of college courses, tv, air conditioning,being able to sell her art, and without the luxuries of visits from family, and to never See sunlight again. Just like Travis will never have these things again here on earth.

Unidentified says:

I do however hope she can get a Bible I hope she reads it every day and I hope she surrenders her life to God because it appears that she has not at this point

Susan Devine Cruz says:

Like they said during the trail, the devil is in the details and the evidence speaks for itself. Jodi planned and carried out Travis’s execution. She is the one who drove all the way to see him. Yes, Travis is guilty of making bad choices in getting mixed up with her, but he didn’t deserve to be slaughtered like that. Then during the trail, having the facts of their so called relationship, embelished upon. His name was dragged through the mud time and again in front of his family and friends. Jodi deserves the death penalty for premeditated muder. The audasity of not only lying non stop everytime she opened her mouth in court, but the filthiness she spewed just to try and win the jury over!

Lisa says:

I love Jodi.for one no one has said any thing about his comments that they had proof of. Number one his text messages that were out of the world an then sex tapes ..u remind me of a 12 year old sick he was he wasn’t perfect by far

Jessica Melton says:

Thanks for the coverage!

Lin says:

Can they gey her a granny chain for those glasses??????

Jeff Bauer says:

Experts, schexperts. Look I have the same question almost *every* male in the country has: Why why why didn’t Jodi keep her hair blonde for the trial? Have you een her photos? As a blonde she looked so *HOT* that any juror would just find her innocent for looking so sweet, innocent and cute. But with that dark hair she just looks sneaky, suspicious and guilty. Bad play defense lawyers, bad play.

So in regards to the defense strategy, keep it simple! Its time to stop all the domestic victim BS nonsense and skip all the pointless hoopla with goofy character witnesses… Bleach her hair and bring back the hot blonde Jodi and she’ll be acquitted for sure! Heck they won’t even need a closing argument. All she’ll have to do is strut into court in a bikini and tada!! She’ll be free with a toss of her blonde hair and a smile.

Lin says:

Wild, Thanks for keeping us up dated!

boo says:

Troy..your an idiot

tina says:

I’m so glad I’m not Martinez, I’d have to b**tch slap her. When a question begins with “isn’t it true”, the answer should be a yes or no? Correct? GRRRRRR She’s still so smug and it’s too bad that in itself isn’t punishable by lethal injection. She wears me out (and I’m not even in the court room) with how she’s dodging the quetions with stupid-a** comments/answers.

trudy says:

i agree…..the more she goes on and on the more martinez has to work with….i can’t believe anyone who can’t answer a yes or no question, she’s trying to hide or cover tracks……..YES OR NO….very very simple

Anonymous says:

Another thought, if TA got so pissed at her almost dropping his $1500 camera, why would he body slam the person holding it?

Anonymous says:

Didn’t Jodi say that Travis never kept his gun loaded? Why reach of an unloaded gun? Or are you telling me that she outran him and had time to load the gun? Okay, that’s believable.

ConnieStrout says:

does anyone else notice how her neck muscles tense up everytime Mr. Martinez turns around and grabs another piece of evidence to show her? Love it!

troy says:

I believe her i believe she git fed up his abuse and gave him what he deserved

ConnieStrout says:

so let me get this straight you think that because of what he did or supposedly did he deserved to be butchered and left to rot in a shower stall? She could have walked away from the “relationship” and hooked up with any number of other men- she never seemed to have trouble with that

tina says:

Troy, maybe you have “Jodi’s” mentality too…the world revolves around “me-itis”.

trudy says:

i have been in an abusive relationship where bones have been broken, where verbal abuse shut me down…..guess what……….he’s still alive………so what your saying is that its ok for 2 wrongs to make a right…..

Anonymous says:

So, in keeping with the theory of the defense, could anyone heinously kill their mate, claim it was love and that they were “battered”, make up crap about their partners character (like pedophilia) and get away with murder? It’s the perfect crime, all they have on his character is her word and she’s a liar!

Debbie says:

used the power of sex to control Travis. She had one last fling with him just to show him who was in control and then made sure he knew who was killing him because if she couldn’t have him, no one could. She knew the power of sex on a man and used it to her advantage. Travis didn’t want her for a wife, but he sure liked the sex which was taboo in his Mormon circles. Jodi knew that and used sex to stay in his life.

ConnieStrout says:

funny how she can’t remember dates and/or times on cross examination…..

conniestrout says:

I don’t understand why Martinez doesn’t talk about the fact that he was stabbed first- this right here blows her whole “he came after me like a linebacker” lie apart!

Maryann says:

Nah she’s sitting there lying over and over again with that smirk on her face I want to slap off. The jury along with the whole world knows she’s a sociopath who will do and say anything so she looks like she’s innocent. I love the part where she was on the phone and sais she felt like a goddess and the frigging most beautiful woman in the world lol what a clown she is. Imagine the danger she would cause if she was let out into society again

moosetrackz says:

Jodie is holding up well under cross and prosecutor looks like he’s about to have a stroke!

Brewster says:

we the jury are hopelessly deadlocked

Augie73 says:

Vinnie Politan,
rem she said she was quilty, give me a break yes she is quilty and yes it might have been in self defense ,there is only two people that only know what happened the victim and the Killer and God , On Tru Tv they have Jodi the worst person on earth ,The courts have justice vinny and justice will prevail that is why there is a jury .. Life in prison not death did u ever think she maybe telling the truth?

hardinfv says:

Funny to me that she can remember what flavors coffee she ordered for them so many years ago, but can’t seem to remember if they discussed his request for the boys shorts by phone or text

Karol0209 says:

Love this app!! Now I can stay informed with the Jodi Arias’s trial anywhere. Although they won’t get to the day of the murder already!!

Audrey says:

Why do I always see Jodi’s family members smirking and whispering to each other…

ciara wimberley says:

Man this evil girl makes me sick to my stomach..she continues to lie and think nothing of it it comes a point when u just stop and face up to reality..I hope she gets the come on she got her g.e.d in prison so how did she take any college classes..give it up evil troll looking LIAR…….

Shanaanaa13 says:

GED good enough diploma!! And from the ADOC! IMPRESSIVE ha

This WITCH had been planning this since the break up!

Yesterday when she mentioned the song “You oughta know,” I got chills!

Terry says:

This is awesome thank you guys for the coverage!


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