Dr. Martin MacNeill

Watch the Martin MacNeill trial live stream

Watch the Martin MacNeill trial live stream The State of Utah v. Martin MacNeill – Former Utah physician Martin MacNeill stands accused of killing his wife via an overdose of prescription drugs. After authorities decided she died of an accidental overdose, the couple’s daughters began a five-year long investigation into their mother’s death, discovering that their father had lived a life of fraud and lies that eventually culminated in the ultimate crime: taking his wife’s life while making it look like an accident.

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Shari says:

It was mentioned that Michele had a white tank top on and a black long sleeve shirt on over that and nothing on below when found in the bath tub . It’s ridiculous to think that she would just forget to take ALL her clothes off.

Chuck biscuits says:

This defense guy is just droning on,talk about mono tone put you to sleep speech. a DOCTOR fixes his wifes meds so she can OD and drown,not hard to figure out. So cheating douchbags like Martin Macneill would rather murder his wife than be a man and ask for a divorce…..Martin Macneill, you are such a chicken $h!t murdering jerk-off! Hopefully you are found guilty and can rot in jail for life,all for some puffy lipped strange named Gypsy.


If Michele drowned in her bathtub, who turned off the water?

kari says:

That is a REALLY good question. Also where was Gypsy the day this happened?


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