Aaron Hernandez

NFL Star charged with First-Degree Murder in Massachusetts.


Albrecht Muth

Elderly, fashionable Washington D.C. socialite Viola Drath was found dead.


Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox may once more stand trial in front of an Italian court for the brutal murder of her roommate.


American Sniper Trial

In a case where movie magic collides with the harsh realities veterans face when they return from war zones, a Texas veteran stands accused of murdering the “American Sniper” depicted in the hit film and New York Times bestselling memoir.


Amish Beard-Cutting Case

Twelve members of an Amish cult convicted with hate crimes in Ohio, for cutting the beards and hair of members in their community.

Andrea Sneiderman convicted of 9 counts  

Andrea Sneiderman

A Georgia widow convicted to 5 years in prison for lying to police during her husband's investigation.


Baby Gabriel Case

The disappearance of seven-month-old Baby Gabriel horrified a community in Arizona.

Jonathan Holt guilty -  

Barista Murder

Jonathan Holt is the primary suspect in the murder of 21-year-old Whitney Heichel.

Robert Rizo guilty  

Bell 8 Scandal

The ultimate “Fat Cat” politician, Bell city Manager Robert Rizzo is charged.


Bengals Cheerleader Case

High school English teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage student.


Canadian Cannibal

Luka "Rocco" Magnotta is the primary suspect in the body parts mailing case.

Gilberto-Valle convicted -  

Cannibal Cop

NYC policeman planned to cook and eat a woman, authorities say.


Clark Rockefeller

His story inspired a Lifetime movie. The man who once posed as a Rockefeller heir faces homicide charges.


Clayton Whittemore

Campus hockey star Clayton Whittemore charged with the murder of his girlfriend, 18-year-old Alexandra Kogut.

Ariel castro guilty  

Cleveland Kidnappings

3 missing women rescued in Cleveland; a former school bus driver pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years.


Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

12 are dead, 38 wounded, in a mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater.

Martin MacNeill convicted  

Dr. Martin MacNeill

Following an investigation started by his own daughters, Utah physician Martin MacNeill was charged with killing his wife.


Drew Peterson

The former Illinois police sergeant convicted of killing his ex-wife and a suspect in the disappearance of Stacy Ann Cales, his fourth wife.


Etan Patz - The Face on the Milk Carton

Child went missing, more than 30 years later a man confesses to his abduction and murder.

George Zimmerman Acquitted -  

George Zimmerman

Florida teen was gunned down by a volunteer neighborhood watchman.


Glacier Park Murder

Montana newlywed charged with murder after allegedly pushing her husband of 8 days off a cliff after a heated argument.


Granny Got Her Gun

A Michigan grandmother shot her grandson to death following an argument over his drug use.

James 'Whitey' Bulger convicted August 2013  

James "Whitey" Bulger

Man convicted from his years of organized crime in Boston.

Jared Loughner-Guilty-small  

Jared Loughner

Responsible for six dead and 14 wounded, including Gabrielle Giffords.


Jerry Sandusky

A former Penn State football assistant coach was convicted of sexually assaulting young boys; Other university officials currently facing lawsuits related to the case.

Austin Sigg Guilty -  

Jessica Ridgeway Murder

Missing girl's body was found dismembered in an open field; Austin Reed Sigg, 17, confessed to her killing.

Jodi Arias convicted May 2013  

Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

A California woman killed, shot and stabbed her ex-lover in Arizona; She was convicted in May 2013 and is now awaiting sentencing, which may include the death penalty


John Edwards

Following a scandalous affair, former presidential candidate John Edwards was indicted on counts of campaign fraud.


Justin Ross Harris

The father of a toddler who died when left in a hot car


Kelly Thomas Police Beating

Police Officers charged with murder and manslaughter after beating homeless man

Yoselyn Ortega, Lulu Krim Photo /  Source:  

Krim Family Murders

Two children die of multiple stabs allegedly at the hands of deranged Nanny.


Levi Aron

A shy, withdrawn loner confessed to the dismembering and murder of 8-year-old leiby Kletzky.


Maine Zumba Madam

29-year-old fitness instructor was indicted on over 100 counts of prostitution in the posh resort town of Kennebunkport.


Marissa DeVault

An Arizona woman is accused of bludgeoning her husband of nine-years to death with a claw hammer in his sleep in order to collect on his life insurance policy, and her extramarital lover is expected to testify against her. State officials charged DeVault with first-degree murder and will seek the death penalty.


Michael Dunn

A 45-year-old Florida man is charged with first degree murder for opening fire on an SUV with four African American teenagers inside because they were playing their rap music too loud.


New Mexico Family Killings

New Mexico boy confesses to the killing of his parents and 3 younger siblings with military-grade assault rifles.


Ohio School Shooting

17-year-old boy walked into the high school cafeteria and opened fire killing three fellow students.


Renisha McBride Murder

A Michigan man is charged with second-degree murder for shooting an unarmed African-American teenager on his front porch.

Bryan Stow and kids Photo / AP - Provided by Stow Family  

SF Giants Fan Attack

A paramedic and father of two, was brutally beaten in a post-game attack outside the Dodgers Stadium.


Soccer Mom Madam

Anna Gristina was a suburban mother of four by day, Upper East Side Madam by night.


Sterling Probate Trial

The Sterlings and the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers


Steubenville Rape

Unconscious girl gang raped by football players in small town Ohio, allege prosecutors.


Tim Lambesis

Lead singer of a Christian hard rock band is charged with hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife


Travis Funke

Boyfriend allegedly confessed to bludgeoning Kelly Armstrong with a hammer.