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Two former Peterson attorneys thrown off civil case for ‘deplorable behavior’

In the latest dramatic installment of the bickering attorney saga revolving around former Drew Peterson defense attorneys, a Cook County judge Wednesday dismissed former lead defense counsel Joel Brodsky and opposing counsel Michael Meschino from a civil case.

Judge Raymond Bell wrote in his order that both attorneys showed “deplorable behavior” and “proved impervious to reason and to a show of force.” A copy of the order was also sent to the state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

According to the order, there had been months of altercations between Brodksy and Meschino leading up to their removal. In one instance Meschino reportedly had to be escorted from the courtroom. After one hearing Meschino allegedly called Brodsky “little man” and “fat, bald and short” and threatened to assault him.

“Despite all of the admonitions and the repeated attempts to dissuade the attorneys from engaging in further misconduct, these attorneys have, to this day, continued to act wholly improperly,” Mitchell wrote.

The civil case involved a failed business deal.

Brodsky infamously engaged in similar bouts with former co-counsel Steven Greenberg, who called Brodsky a tyrant and blamed him for calling a crucial witness that he asserts may have cost Drew Peterson an acquittal. Brodsky is suing Greenberg and Tribune Co., among others, for libel.

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Madisongirl42 says:

These two deserve each other for defending that killer.

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Ha! This is how I would describe Bong hit Nurmi & possession of weed Willmott


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