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Two more names released in Zumba prostitution scandal

Authorities released the names of two more men charged with soliciting Alexis Wright in the Zumba Madame prostitution scandal.

The Kennebunk Police Department has charged Jay P. Sanborn, 46, and Ricky J. Dewitt, 49, with engaging a prostitute.

Wright, 29, is accused of running a one-woman prostitution service out of her dance studio, Pura Vida, and a nearby apartment, in the upscale town of Kennebunk, Maine. According to authorities she kept meticulous records of all of her clients and the sexual acts they engaged in, and she recorded her encounters without the consent of the men.

Kennebunk Police have been releasing the names of the “Johns” in batches on their bi-weekly blotter. Lt. Tony Bean Burpee said the names are being released as enough evidence is gathered to charge each defendant.

At least 64 men have been charged with soliciting the former Zumba instructor. Wright has pleaded not guilty to more than 106 counts including prostitution, invasion of privacy and tax evasion.

Ryan Kerns, Esq., Wild About Trial

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