Jodi Arias: Hell Hath No Fury

Witness in Jodi Arias trial tells Dr. Drew what he couldn’t say on the witness stand

Gus Searcy, sometime described as Jodi Arias’ mentor, gave an interview with Dr. Drew On Call to discuss some of the things he couldn’t say on the witness stand.

He said at one point Jodi called him hysterically after having a fight with Alexander, and that coincidentally he was in Vegas so he told her to drive an hour to see him.

While Arias was in Vegas, Searcy said that he “experienced [Alexander] calling her, him cussing at her.” He said that they would not let him talk about these details on the witness stand. “But when he cussed at her, she ducked, almost winced like she was ducking a bullet.”

When asked for his opinion as to why Jodi would go back to Alexander, Searcy said he believed Arias was “addicted” to Alexander.

The Jodi Arias trial was delayed Thursday due to the judge’s illness, but will resume Tuesday. You can watch the trial live from inside the courtroom on Wild About trial.

Ryan Kerns ,Esq., Wild About Trial

Source: AP

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maria says:

How can that psychologist be so sure about his conclusions of Jodi after all he based them on what she told him of her symptoms 4 times a year over 3 years. She the liar.
Furthermore he said she was suicidal. Really” A little nick with Ladyshik if that;s true and she did not go further? How much did she really want to kill herself? Did she try other methods if a razor proved to be too painful?
and one more thing everyone who expriences a traumatic event has post traumatic stress (nervousnouss, lack of sleep, nightmares), and this PTS can happen whether the it’s in self-defense or a cold blooded murder!!! And even pst does not create permanent memory loss after all how does the defense Dr. know it’s permanent? Is he God? And if memory loss does occur druing these type of stressful events, how come Jodi had detailed recollection of the alleged” strangulasation attemp by travis and all the other incidents she mentioned where allegedly he kicked her ribs, etc. etc.?” what a crock of s…t!!!!

kristen says:

I hope she rots in hell for what she did. She needs to be asked basic things such as Jodi, who hit who first how did it began etc, because that would throw he off her game. I am so upset with the judicial system right now, and as a Criminal Justice student I know what is right and wrong and she is WRONG! I hope to God this jury sees the evil lying within her and OH did I mention she brought the gun to his house DUHHHH PREMEDITATION. You don’t just carry a gun for fun and games there is a purpose..Being jealous gets you no where at all so please give her the death penalty Jury!

Nanny K says:

Each time you read about a horrible relationship gone worse, read on and you will most likely find that the two were not married. How can anyone take a relationship seriously if it is only based on bed hopping! Couples move in together just for whatever ego-boosting they might get from each other, not for love. Another case in point, Pistorious/Steenkamp. If there is love, there is respect. Even good marriages go bad at times, but most married couples TRY to make it work.

CuriousCourt says:

Lots of married people kill each other too. Some of them still bedhop with other people. A piece of paper saying the union is official is no guarantee that trouble will not happen. If anything, I think sometimes the fact that people are married may lead to a more violent outcome. It might be easier for someone that is not married to walk away. Some of the marriages have messy divorces especially when money and kids are involved. Love is a highly over rated form of mental illness.

charlie says:

shes a good liar she deserves what she gets and i hope its death

MassCentral says:

As for the perception that women who murder their husbands are treated harshly by the justice system, Dr. Mann found that few female domestic homicide offenders receive prison sentences, and that those who do rarely serve more than four or five years. Justice Department sources, report that women who kill their husbands were acquitted in 12.9% of the cases, while husbands who kill their wives were acquitted only 1.4% of the time. In addition, women convicted of killing their husbands receive an average sentence of only 6 years, while male spousal killers got 17 years.

If we are to solve the problem of uncontrolled violence against women or men, then the underlying causes must be isolated. For many years, a husband who found his wife en flagrante delicto could not be found guilty of murder for killing her. The current domestic violence laws are based to some extent on incidents in which the wife was flagrantly unfaithful, and killed as a result, so the law has reversed course.

Anyone who believes men are more violent than women should read The Gentler Sex with more than 150 pages of incredible acts of violence, rape, torture, murder, etc., all perpetrated by women. Or the horrifying examples of the murder and mayhem done by women documented in Patricia Pearson’s two books, When She Was Bad.

While the The Gentler Sex examines news reports of women who kill and abuse from many other places in the United States and the world, the cases tabulated here are mainly drawn from Colorado. No doubt similar tabulations can be made for other states.

The good news is that in the United States homicides by intimates has been decreasing steadily along with all other crimes. According to Bureau of Justice statistics there has been a steady decline in homicide of intimates during the 1990’s, especially male victims. Intimates are defined to include spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Read more at:

MassCentral says:

“Lynn Herndon Kent was asleep in bed four years ago when her husband Lamar put a pistol to the back of her head and blew her brains out. Shortly before, he had taken a life insurance policy out on her. Now, with her blood soaking into the pillow, he called a friend to have him hide the gun, then called the police and explained tearfully that Lynn had been killed in a robbery. They didn’t buy it, Kent confessed, and a judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison and 15 on probation. But now Kent is free, because Florida Governor Lawton Chiles has granted him clemency.”

Are you outraged that such a thing could happen? Would you be less so were you to find out the names were switched, and that it was Lynn who did the killing and Lamar who did the dying? Yes, it was that which made the difference and why she was granted clemency.

The issue of domestic violence becomes bizarre when it is the woman who is accused. A seemingly invariable defense is that they were, in fact, the abused, and acted simply in self-defense. Consider the feminist mantras:

• For women, violence is a necessary resource for self-protection.

• In this country, women murder mainly as a means of survival.

• The majority of women are in prison because men abuse them.

• You’re innocent. You’re the victim.

Now compare these mantras with the facts. When it comes to the murder of intimates, as criminologist Coramae Richey Mann documented in her 1996 study of female killers, When Women Kill, murderesses are seldom helpless angels: 78% of the women in Mann’s study had prior arrest records and 55% a history of violence. Only 59% claimed self-defense.

In When She Was Bad, on page 7 Patricia Pearson points out that:

“Women commit the majority of child homicides in the United States, a greater share of physical child abuse, an equal rate of sibling violence and assaults on the elderly, about a quarter of child sexual abuse, an overwhelming share of the killings of newborns, and a fair preponderance of spousal assaults…The sole explanation offered by criminologists for violence committed by a woman is that it is involuntary, the rare result of provocation or mental illness, as if half the population of the globe consisted of saintly stoics who never succumbed to fury, frustration, or greed. Though the evidence may contradict the statement, the consensus runs deep. Women from all walks of life, at all levels of power — corporate, political, of familial, women in combat and on police forces — have no part in violence.

It is one of the most abiding myths of our time.”

Adana says:


Ciggerella says:

let that bother her to extremes because she now relizes travis just uses her as a tainted sex toy because thats how she reeled him in to begin with..she knowss she isnt good enough for him because he wants a “wholesome” wife and jodi will never be all boiled down to a classic case of if i cant have him no 1 will!!! it was cold calculated and premeditated i hope she rots along with her snowed followers!!! thx

Ciggerella says:

SHE rented a car..stole a gun..turned licence plate upside down..drove a 1000 miles…had 1 more good romp in the hay then killed in cold blood the man she was super obsessed with…ok those are FACTS…here is my theory…they continued to have arguments after she moved away, pronably mainly about the other woman/women he was seeing…she

allguilty101 says:

I have to get this off my chest….Jodi Arias is a cold blooded killer. She allowed Travis Alexander to use and abuse her (yes allowed) she could have walked away any time, to say he called her and controlled her is ridiculous,she proved this when she moved back home. Remember she drove over a thousand miles to his home and killed him, not the other way around, if she was so fearful of him for any reason she would have never done that no matter how much she loved him, fear should have been a motivation to stay away from him if it existed. As a woman I don’t believe Travis did anything to Jodi that she didn’t allow him and that they as a couple didn’t discuss as a “sexual fantasy”. Men and yes women have fantasies and some do try to push the envelope and if their partner allows they will continue and the cycle will continue as long as both are willing participants, and she was willing. She could have simply said NO. But at no time has she once during her 7 days of testimony said the word no to Travis. The fact that she has sex with him five days after they meet speaks volumes to the type of woman she is. Also it seems to me that in May Travis was trying to ignore Jodi as per her testimony about pages of texting that was from her but all of his responses were deleted. By whom and was this on both phones how convenient, I believe he was ignoring her, but I havent seen her texts to know for sure. I could go on but thats all for now thanks for listening

joellpulley says:

That is so true! Thank you for saying this, thats what I was thinking too. I also think that Jodi has had problems with athority from an early age. She said she ran away, I really dont believe her parents abused her. Jodi gets what Jodi wants. She wanted Travis if she couldnt have him no one else woukd. I believe the tape was manipulation on her part. She was determined to use it against him.

CuriousCourt says:

Who hires their “stalker” to come clean their house for $12.50 an hour? Travis was just as addicted to Jodi as Jodi was to Travis, no doubt. Travis may have lied to everyone and told them she was a stalker but he still kept seeing her. In his own words you heard him say he was taking a trip and going to see Jodi and she was ” first on his list”.

april says:

If Jodi called Gus that night after killing Travis (as Gus says she did) why isn’t there a record of the phone call? I don’t believe there was a record of the call on Jodi’s phone. Am I mistaken?

CuriousCourt says:

If Jodi called Gus that night and told him Travis was dead, why didn’t he tell anyone? He knew who Travis was, they worked for the same company.

Jonezy says:

Very good point

debra says:

and, Travis was dead in that shower for 5 days after she murdered him! Gus and Jodi are 2 peas in a pod……


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