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Zimmerman wants Jury to know about Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana use

Trayvon Martin photo - Source - Gerome HortonORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — An attorney for the neighborhood watch leader charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is asking a judge to deny prosecutors’ request that the teen’s marijuana use be off limits.

George Zimmerman’s attorney filed a motion Monday claiming that Martin likely was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his death in February 2012. Attorney Don West says that could be relevant to a jury evaluating Martin’s actions the night he was shot.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting Martin during a confrontation at the gated community in Sanford where he lived. His trial is scheduled to start next month.

Zimmerman is pleading not guilty, claiming self-defense.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to not allow Martin’s drug use or other personal matters from being used at trial.

Source: AP

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Matt says:

From his phone records, Trayvon was A. Trying to obtain a gun B. Kicked out of school for hitting a teacher C. In NUMEROUS FIGHTS in and out of school D. An avid smoker of Mary Jane.

Quite a different picture of him than what the media wants us to see. On his phone was also a picture of him smoking about blowing out smoke flicking off the camera. I’m sorry, but all the jury needs is a shred of tangible doubt. I think they have it EASILY with all of this.

Rae says:

And for that Matt he should be killed. Hope you’ve raised your children to be absolute angels, in school. Because, if someone should murder them on their way home from the store, their life could have some value, worth living.

Pandoraspocks says:

COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!! It’s utterly disgraceful that that young man was accosted and shot dead bc some idiot vigilante WANNA-BE-COP made a decision based on bigotry instead of the facts!
Wouldn’t it be great if these murderers could die IN THE EXACT SAME WAY THAT THEY CHOSE TO TAKE THE LIFE OF THEIR VICTIMS? Jodi Arias and Zimmerman are two perfect examples of ppl that have shown ZERO REMORSE- self defence MY @SS!!

MamaSharon says:

What do you mean “likely” to have been under the influence of marijuana? I say Bullcrap! Just let the facts stand, he was a child of 17,minding his own business, walking back from the corner store with candy and a drink when he was accosted by a strange man who suspected him of being an evil person out to steal something because he was black. He (Trayvon), tried to protect himself and was screaming for help when confronted by said strange man (Zimmerman). I believe with all my heart that Trayvon was afraid, but also got a good punch in to Zimmerman, which I’m glad he did!! Zimmerman was very anxious to prove himself “a big man”, a protector of his neighborhood, a ‘wanna-be cop’, who in his own mind was the neighborhood wonder boy. What an asshole!! He shot a kid, (be he black or white or green for that matter), he shot a child whose only mistake was walking to the store after dark. What is the argument? Why twist the truth, no one has to twist the truth as far as Trayvon is concerned, he was doing nothing wrong, except in Zimmermans mind Trayvon looked guilty!! He was black and was wearing a hoodie, my child is black, an honor student, elected student of the year for our city then student of the year for our county. She excels at everything she does, and no matter where she goes or what she is wearing, she and all her friends are always wearing their hoodies. As a matter of fact so do I!! We live in a predominantly white city, maybe 5 black students in the whole school district and I’m sure she would stand out in any neighborhood in our city. Seeing what happened to Trayvon scares me to death, someone could shoot my baby too?? There is NO excuse for what Zimmerman did to Trayvon, NONE!! Don’t allow him to use what ifs and maybes and could haves or LIKELY’s, just state the darn truth, it’s simple, YOU SHOT A CHILD, WHO WAS DOING NOTHING WRONG!! I don’t care what Trayvon did the day before, or the week before or the year before he was KILLED by Zimmerman, the fact is Zimmerman, at that moment, at that second shot and killed Trayvon! Please don’t let him use assumptions to hide the true facts of the story. Don’t let him get away with this!!! A concerned mother of a black child, who also wears hoodies!!!


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