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Zimmerman’s defense attorney set to depose additional civilian witnesses

George Zimmerman’s defense team is set to interview several still-unnamed civilian witnesses, a private detective, as well as a Sanford Police Captain later this week, according to recently filed documents.

Zimmerman’s defense counsel Mark O’Mara has said that he plans on deposing between 50 and 75 witnesses as he prepares for his client’s second-degree murder case.

According to the documents O’Mara will depose five civilian witnesses on Thursday, identified only as W3, W12, W13, W19 and W21. On Friday he plans to depose three civilians – identified as John Wright, W2, and W1 – as well as Captain Bob O’Connor of the Sanford Police Department. (You can read the Notice of Taking Depositions here)

In a high publicity case the names of civilian witnesses are often not included in publicly available documents in order to protect their privacy as well as Zimmerman’s constitutional right to a fair trial.

Many of the dozens of civilian witnesses are neighbors of Zimmerman that saw or heard something, or spoke with Zimmerman, on the night of February 26 when the neighborhood watch leader shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

John Wight is the Sanford private investigator hired by the Martin family, although he has not elaborated on his involvement or any of his potential findings.

This trial has brought to the forefront Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” self-defense statute. The hearing on this defense is scheduled for April 26, 2013. Trial is currently set for June 10, 2013.

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